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My first time with a grown man

this is a bit unusual. i was a sexually precocious youngster. i knew what i wanted by the age 11 when this happened.
my mother had divorced my biological father when i was a baby and remarried a few years later. my mother's husband was a very strict domineering person.
as a brickmason, he had formed a partnership with another brickmason and started a construction company. during this time, he began construction on our home. it was in a valley and the closest neighbor was at least 2 miles away.
one saturday we began working. he, his partner and i. it was a hot summer day and everyone was in the least amount of clothing they could get away with. that was when i found my attraction to big, thick, hairy men. james, the partner, was about 5-6 weighing in at around 275. thick arms, thick legs and hair all over his belly, back, hell his entire body.
just after lunch, my mother's husband noticed we were running out of some materials. james said he should go into town, a 45 minuite drive one way, and restock. he said he and i would use up all the remaining materials then clean up for the day and we could start again the following day.
as the laborer for the both of them, it was my job to clean up the site. i was washing down the mortor boards when james ask me to wash him down.
i complied. i watered down his front then went to his hairy back while he was trying to get the dust and grit off his front. after about three circles around him he seemed dirt free but i went behind him and watered him down some more just so i could run my hands through the hair on his back.
i started at his shoulders going from side to side and without stopping went into his cut-off shorts and rubbed his ass while he was bent over. i took my hand from his cut-offs and saw his balls dangling and grasp them gently in my hand.
he turned his face toward me and said "careful son, you might get more than you expect."
i replied that i had seen his dick all day and knew what he had and i would love to see it up close and personal.
he instructed me to go in and get a towel so he could dry off, which i did. when i came back to the front door, there he was, totally nude and wanting the towel.
after i handed him the towel he started drying himself off and i started playing with his uncut cock. it began to grow into a nice thick piece of manmeat and the head just peaked out of the foreskin.
after playing with it for a while, without his objections, i decided that it was time and went down on him.
it was my first time on a grown man's cock. i didn't think my mouth would or could handle it all, but somehow i got his cock in all the way to his hairy balls and stayed there. then i noticed that i could breathe and began to lick the underside.
he gently took my head and moved me up and down on his thick cock moaning and groaning all the time. it seemed it didn't take long before he said he was going to cum.
i had no idea what he ment, but i took his instructions to start swallowing seriously when i noticed a hot wetness in my mouth and his cock pulsing.
i swallowed and swallowed, enjoying the taste. after a few he lifted my head off his cock, took it in his hand and squeezed a drop or two out of it which he told me to clean up. i gladly obliged.
just then the phone rang, it was my mother's husband. i put james on the phone and they spoke for a while.
after he hung up the phone, he said that we were to go into town and have supper with my f****y and his wife would meet us for dinner.
that was the beginning of a 15 year relationship until his untimely death in an automobile accident.
yes we continued to play, even his wife was ok with the situation. but that is another story for another time.

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