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Free lessons part 1

It was the week after my s*******nth birthday. And I was waiting in the house to get picked up for my second driving lesson. There was a beep from the front of the house, I looked out the window and it was my instructor John.

"How are you?", He asked as I was pulling on my seat belt. I told him I was OK, and he said, "OK, slip the car into gear and lets go". I pressed the clutch, put it into first, released the hand break and gently released the clutch while pressing the accelerator. The car moved forward, I jerked my left foot very slightly, losing the biting point, and the car stalled.

"Fuck!", I screamed, I have a temper at the best of times, and it had taken half an hour to get started on my first lesson, and once I got it I had hoped I wouldn't have to experience that frustration ever again. "It's OK", John assured my. "it happens to everyone for the first couple of weeks, just relax, and do it again, and remember, smoothly does it".

I tried again, and again the car stalled. And again, and on my fourth attempt the car finally got going. I got to the top of the street and stopped at the junction while the traffic passed. And when I tried to start stalled it again. I was growing more and more frustrated with every minute, which was making things harder.

"It's just a question of practice" John told me, you'll get there eventually. But this was little comfort, as the lessons were costing £25 an hour, and I only had three hundred pounds birthday money. And my second lesson was slipping by quick, and I hadn't even got out of the street.

"Some people choose to start their lessons with a crash course" John said, "£250, and we go out every day for a couple of hours, really helps with mastering the basics".

I had managed to get the car moving again, and as I drove along I told him I couldn't afford to do that. "maybe we could come to some arrangement" he said. There was something about the way he said it, that made me feel uneasy.

"Like what?" I asked, not sure I wanted to know. He took his hand and put it on the inside of my knee and started moving it along my leg, "use your imagination" he said. I almost veered into the path of an oncoming bus. I stopped the car right in the middle of the road, taking his hand and pulling it from my knee.

"What the fuck are you doing?" I demanded. "Offering you an alternative payment method" he said. "You don't have to take it. But, you wouldn't have to do anything, just let me suck your dick after every lesson."

I had already undone my seat belt and was half way out of the car. "go and fuck yourself you degenerate faggot" I shouted, "you're lucky I don't knock you out". I slammed the door, and started walking away, traffic had built up behind us, and a man got out of the car behind and started walking at me. "what the fuck do you think you're doing asshole?" he shouted, while squaring up to me. Something inside snapped, and I grabbed him by his shirt and headbutt him, knocking him to the ground, his nose pouring with bl**d. I started walking home.

I couldn't think about anything else for the rest of the day. Even as I lay in bed later I kept replaying the incident in my mind. I just couldn't believe he thought I would be willing to do that. Or that he actually had the audacity to ask me. I wonder if he ever done that before?, I asked myself. I thought about it for a minute, and considered how casually he had done it, and decided that yes, he had done it before, and had probably got what he wanted.

"Who the fuck would do that?" I asked myself? And almost immediately thought "Blowjobs and saving £250, what asshole would say no?" I'd only ever had a blowjob a handful of times, while on a f****y holiday in Spain about a year and a half earlier. From a German girl who was staying in the same resort. I often thought of her while I was masturbating (which at s*******n I can assure you was often), and after a year and a half the memory was starting to seem like it had happened in another life time. The prospect of getting another blowjob would have been tempting no matter who offered it.

I started thinking about it. I decided that even if I wanted to I probably wouldn't even be able to get it up, and he would then just not show up for any further lessons, and I'd of degraded myself for nothing. I was sure of it. I'm not gay, it couldn't possibly work. I was so sure I started playing it out in my mind, imagining being parked up somewhere secluded with John sucking my dick. John, ha!, he had to be pushing fifty, I thought... then, he's in pretty good shape for his age though.

I was shocked to realize I was rock hard. And extremely excited by the prospect of John blowing me. I reached onto my bedside cabinet for my phone, unlocked it, locked it again, and put it back. Lifted it again, unlocking it, re locking it and putting it back. I must have repeated this five times, before finally calling John's mobile. It rang five times and then went to the answering machine.

I put my phone back on the bedside cabinet, a bit disappointed, but also relieved, thinking, it's probably for the best, I'll wake up horrified by the thought of it in the cold light of day. I closed my eyes and rolled over. My phone started vibrating, I picked it up, glad, excited.

I told him I had reconsidered and if the offer still stood, I would like to take him up on it. He told me I wouldn't regret it, and arranged to pick me up the next day. I changed my mind fifty times, between then and him picking me up the following day, but when he showed up I didn't hesitate.

When I got into the car I could barely turn the key in the ignition I was so nervous. John noticed, "we can get the other business out of the way first, if that would make you feel more comfortable". I thought about it for a minute, and agreed. We swapped seats and John drove to the top of the street. We can find somewhere to park up, or, if you like we could go to my house, which is near by, either way it's up to you.

The thought of doing it in the car was more exciting, but I was worried about being seen, and didn't want to wait to find somewhere secluded enough. Lets go to your house I said.

Ten minutes later I found myself awkwardly standing in John's living room. "Sit down and make yourself comfortable" he said. I sat down on the sofa, and John sat next to me. "Have you ever been with another man?" He asked. "No" I replied sheepishly. "I thought not, but have you thought about it?", "No", I said, "not before yesterday anyway".

He took his hand and started rubbing my balls through my jeans. "And when you think about it now, what do you think?" He asked. I could feel my cock stiffening quick. "I... think, I..."

"I think I can guess. You're nervous" he said, yes?" I nodded. He started unbuttoning my jeans. "You're also turned on, yes?" I couldn't even think by this time. He started rubbing my cock through my boxers. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes, breathing heavily. He had my cock out and was gently wanking it.

He stood up, and got down on the floor in front of me. I opened my eyes and watched, as he put his lips together and kissed the tip of cock gently, parting his lips along the head, and down the shaft right to the base, then back to the tip, and back and forth in a gentle rhythm. It felt so good as his lips were passing from the head to the shaft, and his tongue ran back and forth over the tip. After a few minutes, I breathed heavily, and closed my eyes, sure I was about to come with the next pass of the head.

But it never came, and neither did I. John was standing up, "OK, he said, "lets go". "Lets go fucking where?" I demanded. "your lesson" He replied. "But what about..." I said. "What, You want me to finish you off?". In the state I was in I didn't think I would be able to learn anything."Well, yeah." I said.

"That wasn't part of the deal" He said, "the deal was I get to blow you and you get some free lessons. I've blown you as much as I wanted today. If you want more, you're gonna have to do something more for me. You aren't the only one wants to get off".

I'm not gonna suck your fucking dick, I'm not a faggot. I said, getting up, ready to leave. "of course not" John replied. "and who said anything about sucking it, a simple handjob would do, it's just that sucking your dick got me so hot under the collar, I need a release, and you know, I really do want to finish what I started".

I was going to leave, but the last bit of that sentence got me. "OK" I said. "How do you want to do this?". I'll sit down, and you can either sit beside me, or you can kneel in front of me.

"I'm not gonna kneel" I said. "well, I guess that means we should sit down then". John sat down and I sat on the left of him. He stood up and took off his jeans, and then his boxers, and sat back down. I looked at his cock, it was only half hard, it was six or seven inches long. John took my hand and placed it on his cock, and started my hand off. I could feel him stiffening quickly. His balls were huge, and when fully hard his cock was pretty big too, eight inches I guess, and thick, it was smooth and pink, and as I stroked it I couldn't help by notice that it was nice.

It was strange, I was doing something I had done to myself thousands of times. But trying to do it one someone sitting beside me was quite difficult, I didn't think I was doing a very good job of it. For some reason, this annoyed me... I wanted it to be good.

"I can't really get a good rhythm going John, I'm gonna get on my knees and do it" I said. "It is a lot easier that way", John said. I kneeled in between his legs and began to jerk him off, his balls were really impressive head on, I found it much easier to get a rhythm going like that, and based on John's groaning I knew I was doing a much better job. I realized that I was rock hard again myself, and feeling hornier than I'd ever felt before up to that point. His dick looked really good from the angle I Was at, I was about to lean forward and lick it, when John groaned, and said, "I'm coming, before I could think a thick stream of cum hit me in the face, followed almost immediately by another.

I thought I was going to come in my pants, I leaned forward and put my mouth around the head, catching another stream of cum as I did, John looked at me like I had never been looked at before, another stream of cum filled my mouth, I started bobbing on his still hard cock, gagging at the base. It felt so good in my mouth, I tugged on his balls while bobbing. I had lost interest in being blown for the time being, and was completely engrossed in the experience of having John's hard dick in my mouth.

I tried to replicate John's technique as best I could. But I always struggled to get right to the base. "Take your time", He advised. "Just try to enjoy it, and you'll do fine". I shortened my strokes, and focused on the head, running my lips back and forth over the ridges. "You're a natural" John said. Every now and then I took it out and looked at it for a second, it really was beautiful, I would lick the head, and then start bobbing on it again. After a while John began to groan again, and I knew he was going to come, I took it out and started jerking it, watching closely as I did, trying to take in every second of it. A hot stream of cum, hit me in the face, followed by another, and another.

John fell back onto the sofa panting, and I collapsed to ,the ground, I was on cloud nine. I just lay there buzzing, my mind going in fifty directions at once.


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