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Xdresser roxxi,s mistress is my wifes s****r

For a long time now i have wanted to see a mistress but as i am married its hard to get the money to pay for the services of a professional so i have not been able to fullfill my fantasy that was until last week. The adult store i go to to get all my sex toys has a billboard and people put up a picture and what they are into sexually .Its basically so like minded people can meet to explore there sexuallity . I went home took some sexy pics wrote out my add and my email so people can contact me .In my add i described what im into and that i was looking for a mistress to dress me up and train me how to be a slut .Next day i get an email from mistress roxanne wanting to meet up at a hotel room to get to know each other . Sweet i got a room for that weekend gave her the details . Roxxi you will now refer to me as mistress or mistress roxanne only you will be waiting in the room for me dressed in that slutty school girl outfit you have on in the add ,when i arrive you will go into the bedroom and wait for me to call you out. Yes mistress Good girl ill see you saturday night roxxi Saturday night arrives and i do exactly as im told "knock knock" Its me roxxi open the door then go to your room like a good girl Yes mistress roxanne "as im waiting my heart is pumping my mind is racing with anticapation" Ok roxxi come out im ready to do your make up Yes the moment is finally here i get up and open the door to see my mistress standing with her back to me dressed in black platform knee high boots sexy red and black corset with suspenders and her boobs were popping out of her tight corset wow she looked hot .She slowly turned around to face me and WOW no way it was my wifes s****r . What the fuck she says no way .We were both just staring at each other not saying a word at first .I turned around to walk back to my room to get changed and i was even more shoked . Where do you think your going come here "ROXXI" your my first xdresser to want to be trained to be a slut i have been looking forward to this so as fasr as im concered you are not my s****rs husband you are roxxi and im going to train you . To say i was shocked is an understatement roxanne is a shy type not very confident but this person she is a different person and fuck im turned on by it .Mistress i must admit i have never been so turned on in my life. Really well im going to confess ,im like you as far as being a mistress ,you like to dress up as a girl every now and then and im the same .Could you imagine what my husband would say he would leave me as im sure my s****r would leave you . Back to the story ,roxxi get down so i can do your make up im going to make you look like a real girl then i want to have sex with you ,ive always wanted to try this who would have thought it would be with you ,'like wise mistress it was meant to be i think' After my make up was done we started slowly dancing rubbing our bodies together looking into each others eyes feeling each others bodies until we kissed passionately mmmm i was in heaven .Then mistress bends down and starts sucking my tranny dick aaaahhhhh yes mistress thats good . I know i dont even do it this good to my husband .Roxxi im so fucking wet ive never been this wet before ooohhh wow this is so sensual i need to be fucked .Yes mistress what ever you say For the rest of the night we dont hold nothing back we have the most amazing sex together . I cant wait for the next time xxx

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