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OHGIRL: StripClub Parking Lot

I got a call from my boss, Bill, on Monday morning, to see how I was doing. He seemed really concerned for my well being and asked if everything was all right from Saturday night. I told him that I was fine and that I must have fallen asl**p in my car that night, before waking up Sunday morning to go home. He said that Jimbo (The bouncer that had e****ted me to my car after work) had told him about a guy trying to talk to me after the club had closed and how he had reluctantly left me alone with him, when I told him I’d be fine. I went over the details of what happened with me, Jimbo and one of my customers named Marcus. I told Bill that Jimbo didn’t do anything wrong and that I had d***kenly made out with this customer of mine in the parking lot. He told me that he felt a bit worried and that he had checked the security videos on Monday morning to find that there were two other cars that pulled up during my encounter with Marcus and he said that I looked a bit disheveled and overwhelmed by the guys that were there, so he thought that he would call. I told him that I’d had a bit to drink, so I may have gotten a little wild and he said that it looked like I had. I then asked him if he would mind if I took a look at the video before he erased them.

I drove to the club early that afternoon, because my curiosity was really bothering me. I went to Bill’s office and he left me alone to watch the security dvd, as he gave me a smile and a wink. I fast forwarded through a bit, watching my interaction with a guy named Marcus. I slowed down once we started kissing and watched as I sucked his cock while he stood outside of my car and then as he and I got inside my car to have sex. I couldn’t really see what was going on inside the car, just general movement. I fast forwarded a bit more and saw Marcus lead me from my back seat and bend me over the trunk of my car totally nude. He was really fucking me hard as I just laid with my arms outward on the trunk. I don’t remember any of that and it looked like I was sl**ping, as I just laid there unmoving while he fucked me from behind. Two cars pulled into the lot and Marcus kept going until three men got out of one vehicle and two still sat in the other. He was quickly pulling up his pants, as the driver of the one car came over to talk with him. They stood there talking and pointing at me. I actually started moving and stood up, walking over to Marcus and putting my arms around him, as I rested my head on his shoulder. Two of the guys came up on either side of me and put my arms over their shoulders and led me to their car. Marcus was pointing at me and talking pretty animated as the other two men leaned me against their car and were feeling me up between them. They started kissing me and I seemed to be kissing them back. I eventually got down on my knees, totally naked in the parking lot, and started sucking their cocks.

Marcus was a customer that I had sat with at the bar and talked to just before closing time. I took him back for a few lap dances and we flirted around as I let him get a few free feels in to try to see if he wanted more. He told me that he’d love to take me home with him and I let him know that it was possible if the price was right. We sat at the bar during last call and shared another drink and then he told me that he’d meet me outside. By the time I got cleaned up and dressed I was very tired and could hardly keep my eyes open. The bouncer Jimbo walked me to my car and as I was getting in, another car pulled up and beeped the horn. It was this guy Marcus and I had told Jimbo that I was fine and could handle everything from there. Jimbo was a little worried and since he and I had gotten together on a few occasions before, he was being a little protective. After he left, I remember talking to Marcus and even making out a little bit, but at some point I forgot most of the late night and I had woken up in the back of my car on Sunday morning. As I continued to watch the security footage, my night in the parking lot came into full view.

The guys from the second car joined the two young men I was sucking and I could barely see me in the video between all 4 of them, as they surrounded me. They seemed to me to be a mixture of either young black or Hispanic men. It looked like they all had their cocks out and I was taking turns sucking them. I definitely don’t remember any of that. Marcus was still talking to the one driver as the four men started taking cell phone pics of me sucking them off. They eventually led me to a gray car and turned me around, laying me on the backseat. At this point I couldn’t see what was going on, but each of the four guys took turns in the back of the car with me. I fast forwarded through each person and couldn’t really see much. A couple of them took some cell phone pics of me, but all I saw was them get in for a while, a bunch of movement, then they got out and pulled up their pants as the next guy got in. After all four of them were done, the driver came over and helped me out of the car. I seemed to be staggering as he led me to his white car and opened the back door. I sat on the seat and since the camera had a good angle of the car, I watched as I sucked his cock.

It was so surreal seeing me having sex with all of these men and not remembering any of it. I was totally naked in the parking lot at about 4 am, having sex with 6 unknown men and I couldn’t remember a thing. I fast forwarded again and saw the driver fucking me in the back seat and then he lead me back to the rear of Marcus’s car and leaned me over it again. His pants were still undone and his cock was sticking straight out as he got behind me and fucked me again, this time in front of Marcus. He pumped me for a while before it looked like he came in me. He buckled up his pants, as his friends took a few more cell phone pictures, and then they left. I stood up a few moments later and went over to Marcus, who was just standing there. I put my arms around him and started kissing on him again, but he didn’t kiss me back. He led me back to my car and laid me in the back seat, then covered me with a blanket from his car. I sat up again before he left and looked like I was talking to him. I was fumbling around with the front of his pants and he seemed to be trying to stop me, but then it looked like I succeeded in getting his pants undone. He stood there for a while and due to the angle, I couldn’t really see, since his body blocked me out, but it appeared like I was giving him a blow job. I fast forwarded again and saw his head go back as he looked like he was having an orgasm. He stepped back to refasten his pants and I was just sitting there wiping my mouth and weaving back and forth. He pushed me back into the car again and put the blanket on me, then he left. Now I know what happened that night and I don’t think it was all alcohol. I may have gotten something put into my drink. I’ve never been so d***k that I don’t remember having sex, especially with 6 guys in a parking lot. I’m not sure if I blame Marcus, because he did seem to care for me and I did seem to be engaging in the sex without being f***ed, so maybe it was something I did subconsciously. Needless to say, now I know why I had so much cum in my pussy that morning and why I remember so many different cars. I’m not sure what to say to my boss Bill, because now he thinks I’m a huge slut. He obviously knew that I was having sex with my customers, but now he thinks I’m also doing a bunch of guys for free. I’m sure that won’t keep him from continuing to fuck me on my days off and the way he looked at me when he left his office makes me think that he’ll be wanting something before I leave.

I took the dvd with me and told Bill as I left. He smiled at me, stuffed his huge cock back into his pants and winked again as I walked out of the door. I just knew that he’d be horny after watching me blow all of those guys in the video. I would have made a lot more money that night had I been coherent and all 6 of those guys would have paid me.

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