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My New Friend

It had been a very busy week and I needed to relax for the evening. It was Friday night and Keith had invited me to a party at his apartment. Just a few friends he said, a few drinks, finger food and music. It sounded very inviting so I decided to go. Keith and I had once had a relationship, but once it ended we became good friends so I was looking forward to seeing him. Life had been a bit lonely since I split up with Don. Don and I had been together when ever he could get away from his wife for about two years. Last month he was transferred to another division of his company so we had to say farewell. It had been a very physical relationship, but we both parted friends.

So I arrived at Keith’s place about 8.30 and found about 10 guys already there. Some I knew already, a few new guys. I grabbed a beer and started to circulate saying hi and renewing friendships. I saw this one guy that I did not know, he was about 30, a bit shorter than me, slim, blue eyes, brown hair and the most kissable lips I had seen for a long time. I stood beside him and said hi, my name is Ron I have never meet you before, you must be new here. He looked at me and said hi, I am Dave, and yes I just moved into this building and Keith and I meet in the elevator and he invited me to this party. Well nice to meet you Dave, hope you enjoy your self tonight.

We wandered apart and I chatted to a few of my friends as the party wore on people started to dance, the music was nice and slow and Keith and turned the lights down. I was standing off to the side watching when Dave came and stood beside me. Do you like to dance he asked me. I do I replied, very much so. Not into a lot of fast dancing but I enjoy the slow ones. I wanted so much to ask him to dance as he was attractive, cute and I wanted to get to know him, but I did not want to scare him away. Well let’s dance then he said. I was so ready; my cock had already reacted to him being close to me so I did not hold him too close.

We put our arms around each other and he laid his head on my shoulder. I could smell his scent and it was turning me on. He pulled me in close to him and our bodies melded together. He turned his head up and whispered in my ear, you are so sexy, and I can feel you against me. I looked down at him and told him I could feel him also. Our lips brushed gently and we held each other tighter. I kissed him again, more passionately and he responded. The music stopped and we walked to the chesterfield hand in hand. As we sat I realized we where still holding hands, oops sorry I said and went to release his hand, its ok he responded and held on to my hand, I like you and this feels nice.

We sat down and he leaned in and kissed me again. You kiss so nicely he said, so do you I replied, wondering why I had been so lucky to meet this guy. I asked if he had a boyfriend at the moment, he replied no; in fact he had just broken up with his last one and was feeling very lonely. Seems we have something in common then as I have just split with my boyfriend too. We sat and chatted and shared our stories, I was feeling very comfortable but the party was breaking up and so I was going to have leave this beautiful man and go home alone. So I thanked him for the dances and asked if he would like to meet again sometime. He said why are you going. I told him it was time to leave as the party was breaking up. He then asked me if I would like to share a night cap at his apartment, it was only up one floor.

We took the elevator up, joining another tenant on his way up, so I could not put my arm around Dave’s waist. We entered his apartment and he took my coat and hung it up, when turned around I was right in front of him, I took his head in my hands and kissed him full on the lips. He responded and we held each other and kissed. Let’s get more comfortable he said and led me to the chesterfield. We sat and kissed for while just enjoying the closeness of each other. I want to kiss you like that since I saw you I said. He kissed me gently and said he was hoping I would feel that way as he was attracted to me when I arrived at the party and had tried to get my attention from the beginning.

We went back to some very heavy kissing. I started too unbuttoned his shirt so could kiss his nipples. I opened his shirt and kissed my way down his neck as I caressed his chest. He was very smooth and as I kissed and sucked his nipples he let out a soft moan of pleasure. His hand moved over my legs and he brushed against my hard cock. He whispered that he want to feel me against him and started to unbuttoned my shirt. We removed each others shirts and held each other, the erotic feel of skin on skin. Dave just melted into my arms and surrendered his lips to me as we caressed and touch each others chest and neck. Things had really heated up and then it happened, what I had hoped for, Dave asked if I want to go to bed with him.

We went to his bedroom and quickly divested ourselves of our remaining cloths. He cock was hard, he was cut and about seven inches, he was shaved I thought, although I found out later he was naturally smooth all over. We lay together and kissed while we stroked each other s cocks. Then he kissed his way down my body, over my chest and stomach to my hard throbbing cock. He licked his way up my shaft and tasted my mushroom head with his tongue, and then he took me in his mouth. I slide in easily and he deep throated me immediately. I almost cum on the spot but managed to keep control. He sucked me and caressed my balls and as he turned in the bed I was able to take his cock in my mouth. We lay enjoying each others pre cum and then I let my fingers start to explore his man pussy. I was in for a surprise, as when I found his love hole with my finger it was already lubed and my finger just slid in nice and easy.

More moans of pleasure from both of us, then he kissed his way back to my mouth and we kissed some more. So did you like that he asked, finding me already lubed. Yes I did I replied. I knew you would he said. How did you know I asked? Well Kevin had shown me a picture of you and told me I was your type. He told me about a thing that you liked and that was one of them. So I was actually there to meet you but Kevin said to just play it cool and see what happened. Well I was happy it was turning out the way it had. I had Dave lie on his back and put his legs over my shoulders. I moved in so that my cock was against his pussy. You really want this I asked, oh yes, you do not know how much he replied. So I pushed deep into him; he gasped a little then relaxed……I was buried deep in his pussy, I leaned forward and kissed him, asking him do you like this. Oh yes he replied, I wanted you from the moment I saw you. I started to thrust and he wrapped his legs around me pulling me tight into him.

I could feel his hard cock against my stomach. My thrusts got more rapid and urgent, I could feel my cum rising as I was close to climaxing. My body stiffened as my cock swelled, I thrust into Dave’s pussy with my cock and could feel my balls against his butt. I kissed him pushing my tongue into his mouth, and then my cum spurted into him, his pussy tight around my cock and it felt like I would never stop. I filled his pussy with my seed and then collapsed on top of him, spent. We kissed and I rolled off of him and held him. I whispered in his ear not to move as I was playing with his nipples. I whispered it was now his turn and I would take care of him. I kissed my way down his body and took his cock in my mouth.

I sucked and licked his hard shaft, caressing his balls as I did. He started to thrust gently then his body stiffened and I could feel his throbbing cock filling my mouth with his warm cum. He tasted soooo good. We lay together and kissed, he could taste his cum in my mouth. I told him to lie on his side and I snuggled up to him, my cock nestled in his butt crack. With one hand I played with his cock, the other played with his tits and nipples, and I kissed his neck and shoulders. I whispered how good he was and how much I enjoyed this time we had shared. Between kisses I told him how much I had enjoyed kissing and being kissed as well. We lay enjoying the closeness, I was in no hurry as I did not have to work the next day but I did not know if Dave had to work.

So I said maybe it was time for me to leave in case he had plans for the next day, but I would love to see him again. He said had no plans and I was welcome to stay the night as he felt very warm and safe and wanted to wake up with me. We turned to each other and kissed some more, eventually falling to sl**p in each others arms. My awaking in the morning was a wonderful experience, as I awoke I could feel warm lips aground my cock. I moaned with pleasure and Dave and kissed me. How about a shower he said. We stood in the shower, warm water covering us, applying soap and kissing each other. I told him that I was really enjoying his company and he replied he was enjoying mine. We dried each other off and lay together caressing and gently kissing. I told him that this felt so good I could easily make a habit of it. His answer was to kiss me and snuggle into me.

I do have something I need to tell you Dave said. Not something bad I hope I replied. No he said it something about me that I do not know if you will like. What is it I asked? Well Dave said, my secret is partly known to you from last night, you know I enjoy being made lover to. Yes I said. I also feel very fem when I am in bed with you. Yes, so what more could there be. Well he said I like to dress as a woman. I am quiet passable when I do and I have been out many times. I find it very erotic. This was like a dream come true for me, I had always wanted a man that could be my gurl friend, and now I have the chance. I held Dave close and whispered that it was my dream to meet someone like him. I said I would need to call Keith and thank him. We held each other close and kissed. I kissed his lips and neck and then I whispered in his ear that I was falling in love with him. He pushed me on my back, straddled me and lowered himself on my cock. I was buried deep inside him and it felt so good.

What shall I call you I asked? Well I do like to be called Andrea. Well Andrea, tonight we shall go for dinner with you as my gurl, would you like that. Andrea squealed with delight. I could see we are going to have a wonderful time, and I have some plans for Andrea that will let me make her mine totally.

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