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Golf Course Sex

I’m working behind the snack bar counter when Seth and his friends come strolling in after their game of golf. Seth walks up says Hi and orders a few iced teas. I begin filling the glasses with ice, bending over to reveal my breasts through my vee neck shirt. Seth whistles and tells me how nice they would look without my shirt. I blush and say thank you. I pour the teas for him and he walks to the table. Seth sits in the chair facing the counter, just so he can watch me.

Joe comes in to relieve me from my shift. I gathered the dirty towels, looked over to Seth and nodding for him to follow me into the hallway. I said good night to Joe and down the hall I went, just a few feet down from the doorway. Seth excused himself from the table and followed me. When he turned the corner, he had seen me standing there with erect nipples poking through my shirt. Seth smiled at me, reached out to me, lifted my shirt and began rubbing my breasts.

I must have moaned a bit too loud ‘cause Joe came around the corner and told me, that we need to go elsewhere before I get fired. Seth followed me to the laundry area, then to the time clock. Seth is telling me how bad he wants to suck on my nipples and for me to suck his dick. I turned around and could see the outline of his hard cock in his pants. I stared for a moment, and then walked out the door to where the carts were parked.

Seth came up behind me, cupped my ass and rubbed his cock up and down on me. I got weak in my knees feeling his stiffness. I see where a couple had left their picnic basket with a bottle of wine sticking out and a blanket laying on a bench. I grabbed the blanket and the wine as we left in our cart. Seth gave me a tour of one course. He said that one has the most privacy.

When he stopped, he grabbed our stuff and led me towards the greens. There was a nice view of the sunset where we were standing. I turned to Seth and began to kiss him. I told him how I have watched him when he came in the building laughing and having a goodtime. Seth said pretty much the same about me. He told me, he has wanted to fuck me for a long time, but never had the balls until today to say something.

As we kissed each other, our hands went roaming in all the right places. I worked on getting his pants undone. I pulled them down and his cock jumped at me. I smiled because he goes commando. I pulled at his shirt; Seth pulled it over his head. I stood in awe as I seen his washboard chest. I kissed his chest, stopping at each nipple and working my kisses down his happy trail. I got to his cock, light kisses down to his balls, then back to the head. I licked his head and barely put his head in my mouth. Seth let out a loud sigh as he pushed my head further down on him.

I bopped up and down on him, making sure to grab his sack. My kisses are all over his shaft, then to his balls. I make sure that I lift his sack and suck on the little spot before his ass. Seth gets weak in his knees and pulls me back up to kiss him. I pull my shirt off to show him my very erect nipples. I look into his eyes and tell him to suck my nips. Seth helps me to the blanket. Seth then strokes my nipples and begins to rub my thighs. I can feel myself creaming in my panties.

As he works his hands up my mini skirt, he feels the moisture and the heat from between my legs. Seth kisses me, as he takes my skirt off of me. He leaves my panties on; he says it turns him on. Seth pulls my panty to one side and touches my hotbox. Some of my cum is lingering out of my pussy. He slips his fingers in my slit and rubs them up and down. I spread my legs wide and pull his face closer. Seth kisses and traces his tongue over my pussy. One quick thrust and his tongue is in my pussy folds. He spreads me further and licks my nub, then sucks harder to give me an orgasm. I begin to squirt as he licks me more. I’m begging him to finger me as he licks me. His middle finger is first, then another.

As he pumps my pussy, I come again. Seth laps and laps at my pussy that is full of cum. I’m begging to suck his dick another time, then for him to fuck me. His dick felt great in my mouth. I sucked him until his precum drizzled down my throat. With that, Seth pulls from me and inserts himself in my wanting pussy. OH, he feels awesome, his long thick cock sliding in and out of me. The feeling of his head rubbing my inside walls make me cum. I begin to quiver with this orgasm. Seth smiles largely.

A few more times of him giving me orgasms, I’m begging him to cum inside me. I can feel his enlarged dick getting harder as he thrusts more and more. I’m telling him I want him to fill me with his cum as he begins to shake with his own orgasm. He pumps my pussy full of his hot liquid. Once he is just about done, Seth pulls up to my mouth and lets me finish sucking his cum from him. I can taste me pussy on him; this brings a smile to my face.

We both lay on the blanket, with me curled in his arms. We chat about his divorce that is almost finished. I told him when it’s official to look for me and we will celebrate. I run my hand down his chest when I said that. I could feel his erection in my hand. I kissed him again, and then went down on him once again. I got him nice and wet, and then I scooted up to sit on his dick backwards. My ass is in view for him, to give him the notion to slip a finger in my ass hole. I pumped his dick as I played with my clit. I moaned as I was ready to cum again.

Seth held onto my waist and helped me pump harder. Seth said he could feel my cum oozing down his shaft. More and more I fucked him, until he asked to fuck my ass. I got up, got on all fours. Seth licked my crack, spit on my opening, and then worked his big head in my tiny hole. It was a bit rough at first, but once he was in, it felt great.

We were enjoying our fucking so much, we heard someone coming down the path that Seth fucked me harder, making me scream with delight. He did this, so whoever it was knew to turn around and go away. I begged for more. Seth rammed his cock hard and deep inside me, then pulling all the way out, before going back in. I came again, and then Seth came right after.

Here again, we lay on the blanket for just a bit, before getting dressed and heading back to the clubhouse. When we walked towards our cars, one of the guys from inside said for us to come in and have a drink. He said there was a good movie on and for us to watch with them. When we walked in and saw what was on, I began to blush to see us fucking. I forgot about the cameras on the course. I blushed and turned away. The guys clapped as we got off for the last time. I’m going to be so embarrassed to come into work the next time.

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