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A Girl Fantasizes across a Fallen Tree, 3 Men Come

Having read the D.H.Lawrence novel 'Lady Chatterley's Lover', I recognized the tie between the female body and Mother Earth.
I found the tie to be very erotic, and the visualization of a nude woman having sex with a lowly gardener, enticing myself to offer up my own budding body, for the pleasure of man, or men, I craved a seeding through those fleshy tubes men call cocks, and here I was, in a forest, as naked as the day I was born, walking quietly, excited to be so, and yearning for a man to meet me head on, and take his pleasure from me, though I secretly wish, to be tied to a tree, as he does so.

My name is Samantha, my friends call me Sam, for short. I am a girl who is well versed in the classics, who has a sense of the dramatic, matched equally with an awareness of men and their dark secrets and lusting's for girls of my age, and of my disposition.

This Forrest lies on the estates owned by my f****y. I feel free to roam, carefree and naked, my long limbs blending well with those long limbed silver birches, their dappled foliage concealing my nudity, should some unsuspecting persons pass me by, a simple snap from two naked fingers, will summon them for my sole pleasure, their mistress shall have her soft plumpish buttocks caressed, by those very branches she wished to conceal her nakedness behind.

Nor do I wish to know the owner of the hand that sees fit to mark them to a ruddy hue, the gentle smack and the echoes they make within my father's trees

My lips are sealed, once moistened by a tongue eager for excitement, another darker and more secret pair moistened in expectation, opening like a Spring flower, my labia spreading like natures petals, revealing the warm flesh inside and the sweet nectar flowing from my soul.

The cocks long tube dipping in and out, like nature's humming bird, its hum replaced my soft feminine moans and girlish delights, savoring a mans cock, inch by inch, can be a time consuming affair for a girl, wanting to give and learn.

I tread silently deeper and deeper into the thick undergrowth, like Tinkerbell, a girls body flitting from one side to another, my feet in the mud, dirty like my thoughts, I like being dirty, it feels so Earthy.

I come across a tree, recently felled, it lies across my path at waist height, the silver bark, smooth and warm, excites my inner soul, the perfect pillorying post I desired, I step towards it, and somehow know this is where I need to be.

I press my swollen pubis against the soft bark, I am toying with lifting my leg across the fallen trunk and resting my weary crotch on its girth, but a cough, then another, made my heart jump, they were approaching, I knew this was to be my destiny, an I resigned myself to fate, and stood fast, closing my eyes and waited.

My hands rested on the trunk in an act of subservience, they stopped some feet behind me, I could hear their sharp intakes, 'Miss', one said quietly.
I took this for my cue, and in one smooth sweeping movement rendered myself prostate across it length, both my arms extending sideways, like a Christian throwing himself prostate to the ground.

Again I could hear their intakes as they witnessed and devoured the sight of a woman making herself available for their pleasures.
I looked down to my muddy feet which were drawn together, and as the men stood either side of me, I drew them open, a good three feet, there could be no doubt of my intention in their minds, and soon their hands fondled and kneaded, as I moaned gently.

'She wants fucked', was the crudity to offend my delicate ears, a genteel person being sullied by village sewer pigs, his fingers inserted thus to my cervix, 'Her cunt's swollen, she's ready for some cock', his graphic feelings adding weight to his feelings of my inner swollen walls.

He mounted me as a Stallion, pounding down on my girlish frame scratching and bruising my pubis as it rubbed wildly against the silver bark, I watched as my bl**d dripped to the ground, between my open legs, offering him as much comfort within me, a cushion of warmth and moistness, as pleasing as any can offer, to be rewarded by his seeding into my fertile field, he groaned and I moaned, then it was over.

I saw the second men take station behind me, 'Draw the Birch Branch across my buttocks', I implored him, and closed my eyes.
When it came it was sharp, and the heat rose with the cut flesh, 'Again', I said, impeaching them to be cruel, and five or six later was too much for the man, he entered me and fucked with the power of a thousand shire horses.

Alas, for it was too much for the third, as he seeded my welts rising hard on my flayed buttocks, with warm sperm, causing them to sting and bringing tears to my eyes.

I remained until they had left, hearing my name mentioned as they disappeared into the Forrest, I stretched, feeling a discomfort between my buttocks, and on reaching round felt a cardboard, which had been rolled up and pushed up my anus.

Upon removing it and opening it, I saw an email address, and I smiled, at least I could keep in touch with a man who knew of my desires, I turned and made my way back to where my clothes were, after bathing my bum of course.

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