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Typical Teenager

I have always had a great relationship with my Nephew “tubs” his real name is Shaun and I think I am the only person who has a nickname for him which is not directly connected with his almost luminous ginger hair, which he hates.
Susan my girlfriend has not the same soft spot for tubs as his typical hyper-active teenage antics and cheek get right on her nerves and since he has turned thirteen he seems to have developed an unhealthy obsession with Susan’s underwear. She caught him raking through the washing basket and laying out her thongs and bras for close inspection, he thought she was on the telephone at the time. Susan was certainly more embarrassed than he was, I heard him relaying the whole incident to his friend Andy who lives only a few doors away from myself and Susan. Typical teenage boy I chuckled to myself as Andy was asking him about her bra size and tubs replied “minute” and they both laughed as they straddled their bikes and headed off to play football. Susan would have been horrified; she is very conscious of her tiny breasts and does what ever she can to keep covered. She often jokes that she has the top half of a school boy and the bottom half of a school girl, this is a reference to how petite she is and the fact, she has to buy clothes for girls the same age as my nephew to get something that fits.
Tubs had been with us nearly two weeks as my s****r and her new boyfriend have been on holiday in Corfu, he was no trouble really. Andy had kept him occupied during the day and I played his play station games with him at night, let him have the odd shandy and watch adult action films.
Susan had learned to lock the bathroom door after his numerous attempts to get in a few minutes after her. She moaned that he will not be happy until he had seen her naked, she complained that he had caught her on the loo and apologised after a long hard look to see if anything was exposed. So apart from a quick glance at her thighs and seeing her knickers around her ankles we had got through the two weeks with Susan’s dignity intact.
I found the whole situation hilarious I was telling Harry who lived next door as I gave him a lift to the station to catch a train to his daughters for a few days break. Harry chuckled saying he could not blame Shaun as he had been trying to catch young Susan naked for years. Harry was great he did all our plumbing his old profession prior to retirement, it normally cost us dinner and a few beers. He was good company and a bit lonely I think since his wife had passed away, he was also very partial to Susan’s chilli con carne.
I was deliberately trying to get him on side, as we desperately needed a new shower fitting as our current unit was like standing under a dripping tap. I invited Harry to join us for chilli and beer the following weekend as we approached the station and he immediately guessed that we had a job lined up for him. He laughed as I explained about the shower and said that he would do it as long as he and Shaun could watch Susan test it out. We laughed as I explained Susan would rather never get showered again than have tubs as an audience, Harry said he would look forward to next Saturday and I should keep the Sunday clear as I would be helping him with the shower.
My next task was to go back and get Tubs packed and delivered back home, we would have just let him go on his bike as it wasn’t that far but he had about fifty tubs of games, cars, cards and teenage stuff. That is why I call him tubs he loves ice cream and keeps all the containers to put his toys in, he seems to have hundreds.
Susan was looking very happy at the prospect of Shaun’s pending departure and us getting back to our normal private weekends. I actually found Susan’s red thong in a box full of books as I manoeuvred it into the boot of the car but I decided to leave Tubs his trophy still quite amused by his adolescent obsession. He was really sad to go even though he hadn’t seen his mum for a few weeks but quickly cheered up with thoughts of presents from Corfu.
Susan joked about how nice it was to have another day without the ginger ninja, although I don’t think she was joking too much.
It was nearing the end of the summer holidays and we had hot weather can you believe it. I had put the sun lounger’s in the corner up against the patio doors and I even persuaded Susan to sunbathe naked, saying as our only overlooking neighbour Harry was away at his daughters. I told Susan that I had to reluctantly agree to let Harry watch her shower in return for his free plumbing skills, she laughed and said that once he had seen her she could sunbathe naked all the time even if he was in.
After oiling every inch of Susan’s tiny tight body she lay stretched out on her back wearing noting but a sun hat and sunglasses. Her long dark hair was tied into a ponytail. I lay back aroused by the thought of Harry seeing my beautiful girlfriend in the shower. I teased Susan that Harry would feel really cheated if he does not get to see her shower and she said if she had some breasts she wouldn’t mind him watching.
I slowly ran my fingers through Susan’s hairy pussy and gently outlined her slippery lips, she was very oily and very hot, the oil glistened on her small nipples and shone off her tight hollow tummy. Her black dense pubic hair looked rich and conditioned as I moved forward to easily slide my two fingers inside her, I loved her long skinny legs. I looked behind us shocked to see Tubs and Andy grinning like Cheshire cats staring at Susan’s naked body through the glass.
Before she realised what was happening I had jumped up opened the patio doors and dragged the boys out of the house to explain what they were doing. Susan was scarlet with embarrassment as she tried in vain to find something to cover her self up with. She eventually opted to lie on her front but in the panic opened her legs to turn over exposing her hairy pussy to four staring eyes that now bored into her tiny tight naked bottom. She yelled at me for a towel, I nipped in and got it from the bathroom. The boys were looking intently at the snatch of pussy hair which was quite visible between Susan’s buttocks. Susan wrapped herself up quickly in the towel more concerned about protecting her small breasts from leering eyes than any other part of her trim body and disappeared into the house still red as a beetroot.
Tubs claimed he was just returning our key, which he had forgotten to give us back when I took him home, and they had only been there a few minutes. Andy was having trouble saying anything at all. Susan returned in jeans and a top and I asked the boys to apologise for staring at her which they both did but Susan was still flushed twenty minutes later when they left after having a drink and some crisps.
When we returned to our sunbathing after Susan had locked the front door I took a few pictures of her naked, she would never have let me done this but I joked that the boys probably had some on their phones and she was furious that she did not check.

It was not until the following day that she could relax and joke about it and judging by our evening of passion I think she was quite turned on by the thought of two school boys having horny fantasies about her.
When we told Harry at dinner on Saturday about it he was fascinated by the subject and kept saying how lucky the boys were and nothing like that had ever happened to him and how beautiful Susan is.
As the drinks flowed I reminded Harry that he would see Susan naked when he had done the shower, Susan complained that she was embarrassed about her small breasts but Harry just kept saying she was perfect. After a few more glasses of wine Susan said she would let Harry see her in her Bikini, but that was it.
I went to the loo and came back in with three of Susan’s bikinis, I held them up and said that all plumbers had to be paid in advance, Susan again went red and Harry asked if he could choose the Bikini. Quickly Susan was railroaded into parading round in a girl’s red and white skintight swimsuit and she was obviously enjoying the attention.
Susan said she looked better in the light blue one and told us to close our eyes while she turned her back and stepped out of the tight red and white bikini. Harry of course did not close his eyes as a slightly d***k and naked Susan stood there just inches away from our guest, giving him a quick flash of her hairy brush as she stepped into the blue one.
The blue one again was not an adult costume and not made for someone of Susan’s height and Harry seemed please as it buried itself into her bottom. I told Susan to sit on Harry’s knee for a picture and she emptied her glass and wriggled into position on Harry’s crotch. While I was snapping away Harry’s hands looked huge as they were wandering over the tight material of the one-piece costume. We persuaded Susan to try on the last bikini, which was a tie string affair; again she turned her back, but did not ask us to close our eyes this time. As she stood naked in front of us she was struggling to get a knot out of the bottom strings giving Harry a good un-obscured view of her small pointy breasts and very erect nipples.
By the time she got the bottoms on I just bundled her amidst protests onto Harry’s lap, saying she did not need the top. She giggled as Harry pulled her onto his lap by placing his big hands around her flat tummy, Susan’s white bikini bottoms were quite brief and you could clearly see her black brush poking out of the top and sides.
I asked her to smile for the camera and took some pictures of her trying to balance on Harry’s knee whilst covering her small breasts with her hands. She said she did not want her little breasts on view in the picture so I suggested Harry should cover them with his big hands, Susan nervously removed hers and let Harry cup her tiny quivering breasts. He was loving pulling on her prominent nipples. Susan is so petite that Harry could cup both her breasts with one hand which he did while craftily pulling on the bowstring of her white bottoms. She called him very cheeky and while she was trying to retie them he swiftly un- ravelled the other side and one swift yank and they were off she was totally naked on his knee.
I laughed as Susan gave Harry a very sexy lap-dance even pushing her tiny bottom into his face she then graciously dismounted and disappeared off to bed.
I somehow don’t think we will have too much trouble getting any future plumbing work done.

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