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Carin's deprived adventure part 3

So for those of you paying attention, I let loose my inhibitions a few months ago. Each week I fall deeper into my very own trap of sexuality, and while I fear what might happen to me, I also have no intentions of stopping yet!

Over a week ago, life got frustrating for me, and it took until today to finally get some relief. Thursdays at the clinic, we still do braless Thursdays for our last 30 minutes or so. I had thought it was just going to be when we had the late shift, so after everyone else had left, but it seems to have changed on me. However, since it was the end of the month, pay stubs came out too, and all of us women were very surprised at the bonus! So when it was my turn, and because I was on the late shift it was after hours, I made sure to go thank each of my Doctors for the bonus, braless like the other women of course. Leaning over Dr. A’s desk, and watching the old perv look down my top as I leaned over gave me a thrill I wasn’t expecting. Moving to Dr. D’s office, I was looking forward to him looking, but his hands cupping me as I leaned over were a surprise. More a surprise is that I didn’t stop him. Smiling to myself, and now more than a little excited, I walked into Dr. K’s office to thank her, and she cupped me as well! Standing there while she fondled my nipples, stunned but excited, she just smiled at me and sent me on my way.
I’m sure every woman in the office would let Dr. M have total control, as he is young, damn sexy, and easily the nicest doctor around. So I leaned over his desk like I had for my other bosses, and hoped he would take advantage of me. While he enjoyed the view, he didn’t touch, and I was a little frustrated until he said he would need some special filing on Friday night.
I promised a friend I would wear my green corset and thong to work to show off for my boss, well my young sexy one anyways, and Friday morning I was all dressed and ready when my BFF Dawn called. Listening to her thank me again for tying her down for her husband’s birthday gift, and then ending up watching her get taken by her husband and another man, had me quite ready to strip off and rub myself over and over. It was about then that I started to realize that she trying not to groan on the phone, she was getting taken while talking to me.
The old shy me would have been embarrassed and stammered out a good-bye, but the new naughty me asked if it was her husband or someone else. Turns out while it wasn’t her man, or any other either, but he had dared her to call whomever it was that tied her down and she wasn’t allowed to cum without permission. Our conversation was just starting to heat up from there, and my free hand had found it’s way into my pants, when the doorbell jarred me out of the moment.
It was my Fredrick’s of Hollywood order, which would have made things a lot sexier if the deliver man had been at all cute. Now the spell was broken for me, even if Dawn was moaning and begging in my ear for permission, which I gave.
Traveling in the crappy weather, wishing I had finished myself, and hoping to enjoy the evening, my mood was odd, and all my co-workers asked as the day went on if I was ok. Once it was just us in the office, Dr. M asked if I was worried, and I realized that I would go as far as he wanted. I told him I was just down from the weather, but if he was willing to help me, I would leave with the smile I hadn’t had all day.
Watching his smile as he left for his office, I quickly stripped to me thong, corset, and socks. Not sexy on my feet, but the floor was way too cold. I didn’t expect him to mind, and I was rewarded. Turning before him had me excited like nothing else I had done, knowing I was his to command. My heart pounded as he came in front of his desk, his hands about to touch me, when we heard the door open.
Hiding behind his open door, half naked, obviously excited, one of my partners standing just inches away as she told him how they were all stuck in the parkade. He walked out and down the hall, leaving her right there! Nothing but a flimsy door to hide me, and I listened to his mumble from down the hall, then his footsteps as he walked back for his coat.
Reaching around the door, his hand grabbed my breast, his body shielding me from view, I heard her whisper “I saw you checking her out” from my co-worker. |The next few moments were an intense blur as they discussed me like I was a stripper on stage, BOTH commenting on how I would enjoy them having their way with me. Suddenly his hand released me, took his coat off the back of the door, and they were off, still whispering as they left.
Knees weak, I rushed back down the hall and got dressed, then raced out to help and escape. AS he got all of us out, and said good-bye, I waited until he came to my window. His hand slipped down my top, through my open jacket, and teased the tops of my still warm breasts, now heaving again at his touch. I brazenly sucked on his thumb as he went to remove his hand, and his face told me that he knew I was his.
The traffic, the weather, and the noise and disaster my house was on my return set the stage for another frustrating weekend. Husband who isn’t paying attention to me, k**s who need me but as a mom, not a woman. Spending Sunday after church, and yes I am a church girl who might need confession, cleaning my house, left me more frustrated and wanton than ever.
What I needed Sunday night was to be taken. Not made love to, but just had, over and over until I passed out or him, her or they were satisfied. Waking up Monday in the same state of duress just made getting everyone ready before my early shift a grump fest for all of us.
Tuesday I dressed up under my scrubs like I have been for awhile, matching bra and panty set, red this time. Not like anyone would get to see them I thought, but it still made me feel sexier. In a bag went heels and a nice dress for dinner with friends after work, since we were supposed to go to a fancy restaurant tonight.
By lunchtime we were down to just me and Dawn for our night out. When her text showed up I was sure she was ditching too, but instead it was to find out what I wanted to do instead, as she was up for anything. In my head was the voice from those commercials way back when for the candy bar, and so I asked “Anything, thing thing????”.
Not only did she get it, but she said yes. I stole away a few minutes later between patients and called her, and she confirmed she would do everything I wanted to. Didn’t matter, it would be a story to excite her husband, and she owed me(in her head anyways, I enjoyed it) so anything I wanted.
I promised to call her back, and texted my “personal trainer looking for a session for both of us. I mean, I had my bonus, which I never let on at home about, I was horny and needed, not want but needed some relief, and she was willing to enjoy with me.
Moments later I knew where we were going after work, so I had Dawn plan to pick me up, and we could get my car after our night out.
When she showed up, I was planning on just leaving in my scrubs, but she was all dressed up, so I gather up my bag to go change. It was then that Dr. M walked up and asked if I need any help. Did I ever, and walked into his office to change instead of the washroom I had been going for.
Stripped down to my red bra and panties, my nipples hard because of the cold floor and him standing before me staring, I put on my heels, and then my dress. I leaned into him for a kiss, and felt his hardness against my leg. I smiled and said I would take care of that if there was time. His eyes bulged, and he promised he would return the favour, but there was no chance right now to enjoy. Damn it anyway, I needed an orgasm so bad I would have sucked him dry with the entire building watching!
Walking out I got a few looks, from patients and my co-workers, so I knew I looked sexy. Put a strut in my step, even Dawn noticed as we headed out. Sitting in her car, just about to give directions when I get a text telling me there are masks on the back of the entrance door for us when we arrive. Sweet, it’s started already.
It was obvious that Dawn would have taken on a football team with me if that had been the plan by our conversation. Something besides being friends had opened up between us, and I was enjoying it to the fullest. I did ask if she wanted to stop before we did something her husband wouldn’t like, and she told me she would go as far as I took her, and then just tell him later to get him hard. Too bad my dud (not a spelling error, he is a dud) of a husband wouldn’t enjoy that.
Parking got my nerves up, especially hiding our purses in her trunk, but my strut was still in place as we walked in and went down the elevator. Walking up the hall to the door, I turned to ask her one last time, and before I could Dawn kissed me. A seriously delicious kiss that lasted maybe 2 seconds, but last forever when they happen.
“Anything” was her answer before I asked, so I lead us in, closed the door and handed her one of the Madri-Gras party masks behind the door.
The same hostess as last time walked in, wearing impossibly tall boots, and lead us down the hall I stood naked and bound in last time I visited. “Massages first or after?” was her question, and I answered “after” for both of us as we were led into a huge room, mirrors all around, with a king sized bed in the middle.
Dawn stood stunned as I stripped to my heels, rings and perfume in front of the two of them, but a quiet cough from our “trainer” had her down to her heels soon as well.
Dawn and I swapped masks as she took our clothes away, more nerves than because of anything else, and neither of us said a word, but it was as if we both knew how hot and bothered the other was. Hearing Dawn say please as her ball gag was brought to her mouth, I was suddenly aware of how wet I was. I too said please for my gag, hoping to be taken in front of my best friend. Hoping to be taken BY my best friend! I just needed the release.
Cuffed in front of my body, I noticed my hands had more play than I expected. Having my legs barred apart was new, and distracted me from seeing she had done the same to Dawn. A collar for each of us next, but no leash. Walking out the door as we were motioned was difficult, and being led down the hall had me nervous of falling, as I had no chance of getting up on my own. Stopped just inside the second set of doors, she took a long hook off the wall and backed me against the mirror. Arms raised, she used the hook to lift my cuff’s chain to the roof, and now I was naked, masked, on display, and helpless. And my wetness was dripping on the floor between my legs, no chance of hiding my excitement.
Soon enough, Dawn was across the hall from me in the same predicament, her nipples hard, her treasured lips full and parted as she gasped for breathe behind her gag, watching me getting more excited watching her. Doorbell rang at just that moment, and our hostess proved anyone walking between us down the hall would have to touch at least one of us, by grazing her nails against our nipples as she went to the waiting room beyond.
She came back with a man about our age, dressed nice, whom liked us standing there before him as he grew hard before us. She smiled as she led him past to our room, saying loud enough to get past the pounding in my ears how she had a special surprise for him today.
My mind was racing as one of the other hostesses led an older man past us moments later to one of the other rooms, asking if he liked her “new artwork”. They weren’t even to his room when I heard the bell again, and soon another hostess was leading a complete stranger past my nakedness. Being on display like this had me so close, and watching my best friend get excited with me was having it’s own effect on my wanton desire to be taken.
Time had lost all meaning to me, I just wanted, needed an orgasm, and that’s all I was really paying attention to. Until our hostess brought out another slave to be displayed. Guided by a leash, she was wearing a white corset, panty and stockings, with white heels, a white mask and a white ball gag. It wasn’t until she released me from the bar and cuffs, and had me bind her newest slave in my position across from Dawn that I figured out it wasn’t another girl, it was a GUY!
She led me away to an office, took out my gag, picked out a dress for me. The little black dress was almost too short for me, but it was obvious that my only chance now at the orgasm I needed was to follow through with my training. The doorbell rang just then, and she led me back out past my best friend, and a strange man, both chained in the hall.
We met a very nicely built young man in the entry, and e****ted him back down that hall to a room. After she took his envelope, and I set out his towel, we left before he got undressed for his shower. Back in the hall, we released Dawn and the man dressed up as a wife, and she told me to “help” him while she dressed Dawn up.
I had every intention of riding him to multiple orgasms once we were in the room alone, but just taking his panties off had him exploding, and then quickly getting soft in my hand. Damn it anyways, I needed that for me, not him. I smiled at him as he finished getting undressed, and then as he stepped into the shower the door opened and I was beaconed to leave. Dawn and I were led into the young man’s room, the echoing of soft moans filling the hall, and there he was, naked on the massage table. Dawn needed no prompting from us to get naked, and soon enough we were both kneading his fantastic body, our own naked bodies pressing against the table.
At our hostess’s command he rolled over, and his manhood was magnificent! Hard, thick and standing proud before us. Neither of us had any issue when his hands fell off the table and began caressing our bare asses, and soon Dawn and I had entwined our fingers about his member as his fingers ran over my soaking lips. I couldn’t tell you if my moans sent Dawn over the edge, or if was her moans that sent me into orgasmic bliss, but he had both of us moaning and cumming on his fingers as we continued to stroke him. Then without thinking I wrapped my breasts about his hardness, and stroked up, pinching my nipples as I did. Dawn had that surprised smile on her face, but did the same, each of us taking turns while he got closer for us. Over and over, until I simply pushed my hard nipples against Dawn’s and then kissed her above his quivering muscle.
His cream exploded under our chins, dripping back onto our hands and breasts, his finger pushing deep into my treasure as he did, as I’m sure he did with Dawn as well, and we matched his orgasm with our own.
We cleaned the room as he showered, and then dressed, or at least covered ourselves by these little dresses, walked him to the exit. Then we were taken back to our room, and told to quickly shower before our massage. Dawn and I giggled our way through a shower, lots of rubbing and touching, and then laid down on the huge bed facing the door. She wasn’t going to put her mask back on, but I told her we might not be done yet, and good thing I did.
In walked two hostesses, followed by our hostess and the strange man who was chained up like us earlier, still dressed like a bride. He sat on a chair between us and the door, and the two women climbed up and began our massage, with us on our backs. The oil felt great, and her hands, and other parts, all over me was getting right back to a level of excitement I really needed, so I was disappointed to be told to turn over.
Now the view was our pervert watching us, stroking his member in his white panties. Our lead hostess, standing behind him holding our bra and panties! And the open door.
Dawn was holding my hand now, but still willing to get her massage, but I was on fire. In the mirror I could see both women behind us putting on their toys, and now there was a fourth woman e****ting a man, watching us all. My legs were still shaking from our earlier adventures, but when she pulled my hips up, I willingly complied, knowing she was about to have me.
Couldn’t tell you which of us was louder as they slowly slid those toys deep inside Dawn and I, but I loved the view in the mirror as we both raised our asses. My knee was against Dawn’s, and they kept a very slow pace, until our hostess asked if we wanted to sell our panties.
Overloaded with stimulation, grinding back against the toy thrusting deep into me, listening to Dawn moan beside me, watching the woman at the door suck another stranger watching us, and having this pervert just in front of me begging for my panties sent me over the edge again and again, until I simply passed out.
Waking to Dawn snuggled into me, alone but her in the room, told me we had been out for awhile. So I woke her gently, and we showered again. Changing the sheets, and still expecting someone to walk in, we finally decided to put on the dress we each had got, and head for the office to get our clothes. There was no chance of sneaking around, so carrying my heels in one hand, and the sheets in my other arm, we went down the hall together.
Dawn knocked, and we were let in, and the woman that not long ago was giving me immense pleasure walked off with the laundry, while our hostess looked over us. She introduced us to a man sitting behind the desk simply as the boss, and while he smiled and said nice things I got a bit nervous about him. Then she handed each of us an envelope, for our underwear it turned out, and then set our the clothes we came in with. It was obvious that we were expected to undress, and then dress right there, and considering how many people had seen us the last few hours, it still was very difficult for me to drop the dress I was wearing.
“Heels first” she commanded as I stood there naked before three women and a man who was leering at Dawn and I now. But suddenly, leaning over to get my heels on turned me on again. My nipples grew hard again, my lips grew wet, and standing before all of them, I was willing again. And by the look of my best friend, so was she!
Instead, I was handed my dress, and Dawn her skirt and blouse, and then we each got our jackets. Shaking hands to say good-bye, I finally noticed that one of the hostesses was sucking the boss man behind the desk. Our hostess walked us out, and invited us both back to play next chance we got.
Sitting in Dawn’s car, realizing how long we had been there, we decided for a quick meal. Then she leaned over, gave me another of those kisses I want to enjoy forever, and told me to never go without her again.

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