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First threesome with my girlfriend and my best fri

Id like to tell a story of my first threesome experience, this is my first story so please be gentle and comments are much appreciated. The story was between me(22), my girlfriend(21) and my best friend (22). I have changed the names but the story is true.
My girlfriend Katie and I have been together for three years and are totally happy with our relationship, we have great sex together and love trying to new things. Lately we had talked about have a threesome, she wasn't too adament about inviting another girl which was okay with me because I was really interested in watching her with another guy. We had talked about who we could try to do it with but not many people came to mind. I suggested finding someone off the internet but she didn't like the idea.
So anyways fast forwarding a bit, it was summer time and we were spending a lot of time at the pool having cocktails with friends. One friend in particular, John, who I had known my whole life, always came to hang out and drink with us. Well for two nights in a row he had gotten a bit too tipsy and stayed over at my girlfriends house. On the first night, I had tried to get Katie to flirt with John but she was a bit too timid. When we went to sl**p I kept touching her and getting her wet and telling her she should go wake up John and see if he wants to join us. She thought about it but was too nervous to go through with it. However the next day we all got quite tipsy at the pool, Katie started trying to steal John's hat and they started wrestling with each other under water. After, Katie came up to me and told me that John had grabbed her butt. I couldn't believe it, I didn't figure John would try to instigate anything with her considering she was my girlfriend, but it got me and her excited. So later that night when we all went to bed, I played with Katie more. She got very wet and I continued to dare her to go wake John up. Finally she got the nerves to do it. She said she would ask him, I made her wear just a long shirt, no bra, and my favorite pair of panties. She said she would be back in 5 minutes and to stay in the bed. After she left the room, my mind was racing imagining what could be happening. It was the longest 5 minutes ever, after about 8 minutes she still hadn't returned.
I was going crazy wondering what was happening so I got out of bed to see if I could hear anything, and as I did she came through the door with John by the hand. She pushed me back onto the bed and pulled John along with her. She was all over him, she started kissing his neck and making out with him. Then I hear here ask him “will you take it out for me” referring to his dick. With that she started stroking him and with no warning deep throated him. He was a big longer than I was however also quite skinny. While Katie was sucking his dick she used her hands to grab my dick and started stroking it. She then went back and forth deep thoating mine and my best friends dick. After that she asked me with the sexiest voice if she could fuck him. I nodded my head and she asked me to go get her a condom. She told me that condoms were in her car, So I agreed that I would go get them. I threw on clothes and ran out to the car not wanting to miss anything. When I came back inside, I creeped up to her door and could hear her sucking his dick. Then all the sudden she came out with a mouth full of cum and ran to the bathroom to spit it out. She is not a fan of swallowing unfortunately. But he got so excited from her giving him head when I was gone that he came in her mouth. This turned me on a lot. Seeing my little slut of a girlfriend with another guy's cum in her mouth.
Upon returning to the bedroom she jacked him off some more and got him ready again, she put the condom on him and started to get on top. I was sitting next to them watching as my girlfriend rode John's cock up and down. She was moaning loudly, loving the feeling of a new cock inside of her. She started stroking my cock while she rode him. This made me cum almost instantly. When I came she moved her attention back to John. Who was grabbing her big tits and sucking on her nipples as she rode him. This made her cum on Johns dick with a loud scream. After she orgasmed she moved over onto my dick to give me the sloppy seconds, her used pussy felt soo good. She f***ed me to cum quickly because her pussy was getting sore.
Afterwards we all smoked a joint and went back to our own beds. I asked Katie if she liked it and she said she loved it and wanted to do it again soon. And when I asked her how she convinced him, she said she just got on top of him and started kissing his neck. Then asked if he wanted to join us, in which he replied no thanks( he wanted katie but not to see his best friend also naked) however she led his hand to her boobs and he grabbed them and her butt with the other hand. While she started to feel his dick through his boxers, I guess this got him going and he agreed.
Anyways thats my first story if its well received I may write up about what happened the next night :)

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