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Caught with my s****r In Law

This story was inspired by the “Caught Masturbating” series by rocketstud. You may want to read them first for the setting. This is my first story so please be kind.
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The door swung open as I plunged my cock deep into my s****r in laws ass bringing us both to a climatic event.

I was so into the tight squeeze her hole had on my cock that I could hardly focus on the fact that my wife now was standing there watching us as we simultaneously exploded.

“What the fuck is going on!” my wife demanded as her face beat red with anger.

Seconds seemed like hours as Tara and I both struggled to regain our composer from the intense enjoyment.

“Well!” my wife accentuated as she fumed more

I managed to mutter “sorry…” as shame fell upon me like a ton of bricks

“It’s not what you think s*s,” Tara uttered.

“I think I caught him dumping a load up your ass, s*s,” she shouted, “does that sum it up?”

“Well yes but...”Tara could not get her excuse out quick enough before my wife butted in.

“Shut up!” she instructed as she turned to me and said “I want to hear what he has to say for himself.”

My limp dick lumped out of Tara’s gaping asshole allowing us to break as the spot light turned on me.

“Well!” she waited impatiently.

Here I was cornered caught cheating on my wife with her s****r and although Tara and I had reasoned out that as long as my cock never entered her pussy we would not be at fault for cheating. I knew right then that our logic was flawed. “Sorry…I’m deeply sorry.”

Her glare turned back to her s****r as she spouted “You told me you two were just getting off over porn and by the looks of it you did more than that,” she nodded her head toward the big screen which I had forgot was still displaying a picture of Tara sucking my cock.

Samantha grabbed the remote and quickly began flipping through the album as the guilt continued to build against me. She landed on one with Tara’s mouth drooling cum all over my white pasty rod. “Ok, that hot,” she whispered softly but loud enough for all in the room to hear.

“Wait, you knew?” I questioned.

“Of course, I knew. I've known about your porn stash for a long time now. I also knew if I withheld for a week you'd be an easy catch.” Samantha declare.

“Then why did ...” I turned to Tara.

“Because I told my s****r I needed to get off and she knew exactly how I could do it and we both could have some fun.” Tara smiled.

“Then that changes everything,” I announced overjoyed.

“Fuck it does!” my wife exclaimed. “You still took the bait and here you are fucking my s****r in the ass when all I knew was you two were getting off over porn… No, you owe me big mister and you're going to be paying for a loooong time.” She said as she reached around her waist and dropped the skirt of her suit to show off her pantiless ripened and glistening pussy.

I knew from the morning that she had a pair on when she left so I started to ask, “where are your panties…”

She had already begun rummaging through her purse to pull out the soaking wet pair that she promptly pressed into my face saying, “sniff on these, my love."

Apparently my s****r in law had also shared my fetish for her undies and how I thoroughly enjoyed the smell of her musky scent.

“I got a bit wet thinking about tonight and before I knew it they were drenched.” Samantha stated as she continued to hold them over my face with moderate f***e. “I'll forgive you if you agree that I get what I want from here on.”

“Of course,” I responded as I took in a deep breath enveloping the scent of her intoxicating sex as it excited my manhood. At that point I would have agreed to anything learning what I was about their plan.

“Now my panty sniffing pervert, I want to fuck,” she asserted as she ripped open her shirt, popping the buttons from her blouse and exposed her beautifully bundled breast tucked into a lacy black bra.

The precious panties fell from my face as she quickly removed her bra and commandingly stood before me in her sexy patent leather stilettos, stockings and black garter framing her fabulous fold. She firmly grabbed my cock dragging me to the couch where she bent over the arm and exposed her backside to my emerging erection. I instinctively inserted into the soft wet want which prominently outlined her obviously excited open hole and started to perform at her pleasure.

“Where are you headed?” my wife question as her s****r stood up as if to leave. “You wanted to watch yesterday, so bad so now you can get a good look and stop peeping from the hall like the little harlot you are.”

Tara encouraged and obviously turned on by her s****rs authority quickly parked herself into the master recliner nearby, spread her legs wide and begun rubbing her still wet twat which was quite excited by the scene.

“Mmmm…That’s it give it to me,” my wife spurred me on as I went at it gyrating my hips as I pistoned in and out of her. “You like watching Tara finger herself don't you baby?”

“Fuck, yeah,” I moaned breathlessly as I concentrated on giving it to her good.

Tara quickly matched my pace and was finger fucking her wide open hole as she d****d her legs over the arms of the recliner giving me a great view of her just like some of the shots we had shared in some of our intense jerk sessions.

“Harder,” my wife cried

“Oh yeah, give it to her good,” her s*s chimed in enhancing the already erotic performance.

Soon the room sang out with sounds of sex. Intense moans, sighs and grunts intermixed with words of passionate encouragement. “Oh yeah fill me up” “pound that pussy” “harder baby harder” “fuck her deep” the words blurred together heightening the mix and building to crescendo of climatic cries.

I was hardly able to hold control. Rapidly approaching my second release as I pound away at my wife’s opening banging my balls against her swollen clit.

“I'm going to cum!” Samantha squealed and I quicken my pace driving her over the edge as I blasted my load into her.

“Oh fuck,” her s****r wined as she too spasmed in delight.

“Get down on the floor,” my wife commanded and she quickly maneuvered her slime filled satisfaction over my face. Before I could object she plopped it on my mouth and began to build to her second serving, grinding the creampie into my lips, forcibly feeding me our sex unlike ever before.

“Damn!” Tara expressed.

“You…can clean his cock,” Samantha spouted, “and it better be hard when you’re done.”

A bit intimidated by her s****r’s directness she submissively complied and I felt her tongue swirling away at the juicy nectar of our enjoyment that coated my shrunken soldier. She soon was sucking away at my swelling staff persuading it to return to full attention.

“Fuck,” my wife cried as she flushed our fuck into my mouth forcing me to gobble it down as I was now diving my tongue deep inside her scooping out the saucy submission.

My wife grabbed her s****rs little legs and spun her around on my cock until her face was fully on my firming fuck rod and although I did not see it at the time I was told later that she propped her ass up high in the air to give ample access for my wife to begin fingering Tara so as to raise her pleasure as well.

Samantha began to shudder on my tongue and letting go she smashed her face into her s****rs crotch driving her tongue in to taste her juicy fruit, holding it there until the orgasm subsided.

I had fully regained my rigid state when Samantha stood up and guided her s****r’s cunt to my lips so that I could pick up where she left off. “I'll be right back so don't you stop I want you both ready when I return,” she instructed accenting it with a playful slap to Tara’s ass as she slipped away.

My tongue was tired but I was sooooo turned on by what was unfolding I did not care. My s****r in law and I were openly 69ing under my wife’s direction and neither of us wanted to let go. I had tasted her before but somehow this time she was much sweeter. Her head bounce up and down on my dick as she sped up allowing me to fuck her mouth, banging it deep down her throat. I was sucking firmly on her pronounced clit egging her on and bring her very close to the edge.

“Alright my little cunt...mama’s cock wants some loving too,” my wife reappeared sporting a large black strap-on and nothing else. She grabbed her s****r’s hair and roughly pulled her from my cock and off my face dragging her to recliner where she plopped down and instructed her doll to start sucking her huge 10 inch toy.

Tara wasted no time and instantly began lubing the love rocket with her spit and saliva, popping the head in and out of her mouth as she slid her lips up and down the sides of the might shaft.

My wife cupped her breasts in a hot sexy display of dominance, playing with her nipples giving cause to an occasional gentle thrust into her s*s’ accepting lips.

The site was astonishing to me as could barely believe my eyes. Here we were my wife included in a tryst that would set fire to my dreams and would burn forever. My wife confidently took charge as she comforted Tara with, “yeah that’s right you dirty butt fucking whore take it all in that slutty lying mouth of yours.” This energized Tara and soon she had her deeply sucking the dong that hung between her legs, taking every inch of the masterful mold in a manner that made me wish I had much more to offer her.

“Well, what are you waiting for,” Samantha Spouted at me. “Why don't you show me what you’ve been hiding for so long...jerky boy...toy with that little twig you call a cock.”

I was not much into humiliation but the confidence my wife displayed mesmerized me and I felt compelled to comply with her command. I scrambled to my knees and grabbed my bulging bad boy jerking away as I gawked at my s****r in law, skillfully taking the entire 10 inches inside her mouth allowing my wife to fuck it in and out now banging her throat.

My wife was really getting into her role as she grabbed hands full of Tara’s hair and fucked her mouth causing her breasts to bounce boldly. “Take it bitch,” she shouted as her s****r gagged on the greatness.

My pace quickened to match the scene of Tara’s sucking, heating me up as I watched her now on all fours her body rocking at a steady beat, her tits swaying violently beneath her and her ass openly inviting my eyes asking me to enter her.

I was surprised at how hot my wife was getting almost as if her strap-on cock was a hidden appendage she had never pulled out in the many years of our love making. She was truly enjoying the feel of her cock as it banged against the bounty between her legs. She could see I was rapidly approaching my end as I tugged on my treat. “Fuck..Her..Ass!!!” she accentuated between each thrust in her s****r’s mouth.

I needed not to be told twice quickly popping up behind my s****r in law and lubing up with a little spit before guiding my member to her intense orifice and driving it in.

Tara stopped her sway, showing signs of a brief discomfort but she quickly regained her edge and restarted her rapid rocking taking my cock all the way in one way and my wife’s the other. The sight alone was so erotic it was almost as if our cocks were one whole driving through her body. I was so close that I grab her hips and pounded my pole into her pucker, looking my wife in the eyes as I exploded my seed a second time today up her butt.

My wife apparently turned on by my treat took her saliva slicked hard on and bent me over burying my face into her s****r ass. “Eat it out you cum slut,” she insisted as she sauced up my crack with the wet wand. She took no time as she brazenly buttered it up my backside sending an intense ache throughout my body. “Take it ass licker,” was the order accentuate with a hard slap to my cheek. Soon the pain subsided and I started to feel the enjoyable action of her fucking my ass as she intensely rubbed my prostate.

Her s****r too was struck with shattering stimulation as her desire turned to dominace. “Yeah, lick that ass deep you fucking cum whore,” bucking her ass into my face while she reached around clinching my hair and pressing my face harder into her ass.

My tongue dove deep and I licked at my filthy load deposited in her asshole. Heated as this was I really enjoying the intensity of their excitement and although I had never considered dominance I was finding my manhood favoring the femdom they both were exhibiting. My mind started to haze from the smothering I received and I parted for air from Tara’s ass.

“Turn over,” my wife demanded grabbing some throw pillows from the couch to prop under my ass as I carefully spun over as a rotisserie on the head of her huge horn.

“ah..,” her s****r wined as I broke away from tonguing her still gaping hole.

“Patient s*s, now you can sit on him,” my wife comforted her. “…Isn’t that better now?” she questioned, as Tara sat down on my face placing her butt over my mouth for me to kiss before conforming to her control and returning to rimming her cum soaked ass.

My delight drooled into my oral allegiance in globs as Tara rocked on my face. She fingered her clit once more while exciting me by teasing and tantalizing my nipples through tugs and twists.

Samantha continued her assault on my ass as she pistoned her powerhouse in and out my port accelerating at site of her s****r severing me my sludge.

Although I could not see it Tara began to touch her s****r’s tits as she shifted her hips to feed me her steamy slit to free up both hand to knead her naughty nips.

“Yes,” Samantha breathe out grabbing my rod and jerking it like it was own fucking cock sticking out between her legs. She jabbed the giant joystick in deeper up my ass. “Suck my tit,” she gasp pulling her s*s' face to her melons.

Tara tightened her lips onto her s****rs nip using her tongue to tingle the top.

The tension so intense my wife let out a squeal louder than I had ever hear her, commandingly cumming as she took a few more bangs to my behind.

Tara in turn sprayed out over my face gushing her squirt into my mouth with equal intensity

This ignited my wick which fired forth coating their cones as they both collapsed in each other arms in an intimate embrace.

We held the pose passionately for over two minutes as the two of them basked in the spasms of their pleasure.

“Ohhhh,” tara moaned “it's never felt that good.”

They giggled softly as Samantha wiped the creamy goodness from her s****rs tit and reaching down held it over my exposing lips as Tara climbed off my face.

I welcomely licked the lust from her fingers, “did you like that my dear.” Samantha asked as she slow slid out the post on which I was impaled.

I could hardly speak but to assure her “oh, I’m exhausted. I could never have imagined it could be so good.”

We all laid there past out for an hour or more before my wife kissed my lips and licking hers, obviously still from the taste of Tara bathing me in her swill. “I expect you to tell me from now on what you’re up to when I ask,” returning for a second embrace. Her tongue linger slightly and obviously enjoying the taste of my lips.

As she pulled away Tara still floating from the euphoria, turned over and planted her tongue in my mouth toyfully. “That was fuckin awesome...did you like having that cock up your ass as much as I liked watching it?”

“Just as much as I liked watching you suck it, you little cock whore,” I teased

“Cum bucket,” she served back as she twisted my nipple.

My wife rose up. “Well I going to take a shower,” she stated

Tara biting her bottom lip quickly quipped, “can we come too.”

“Yeah please,” I asked like an excited puppy.

“I suppose.”

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