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OHGIRL: Slutty Transformation

The king sized bed didn't seem nearly as large with three of us in it. I was on my knees in the middle of the mattress, as a 28 year old guy named Mark, was pumping me with his fat cock from behind and his friend James was feeding me his long, hard shaft at the other end. I had been stripping for three months and this was the first time I had done two guys at once. Of course, it was my 19th birthday and I deserved a nice present and something much different than I had ever received.

It had all come rather easily after my first full night of work as a stripper. Being the only black girl in the club was kind of a novelty for the customers and I drew quite a bit of attention. I had spent the first two nights as a stripper, watching and learning the system and on this, my first real night of work, nearly the entire time was spent in the semi-private lap dance room and the private champagne room, where I experienced my first sexual encounters as a dancer. Overall the guys were great, but as expected, I got a few sexual offers, especially in the private room. A few of the other girls had told me what they charged for certain sex acts and the extra money sounded really great for someone who needed cash to pay for their school, rent and food. I never believed that I would have done such a thing, but at least I got to pick and choose who I did it with. Just because they made the offer, didn’t mean I had to accept.

I kind of got a little crazy on my first full night though. My first couple of days at work were just a learning experience, but on my first busy weekend, I kept raking in the money after each private dance. I had made more money in one night than I had in a two week paycheck at my retail job and all I had done was lap dancing so far. Once I got up the nerve to try something a bit more naughty, greed took over. That first weekend night shift was when my mind made it’s switch into slut mode. I started by surreptitiously playing with a guy’s cock, while I sat on his lap in the semi-private back room. The bouncers looked the other way as long as you weren’t too obvious. He was my first champagne room customer, since I had already gotten him hard and excited. He asked me if I would give him a blow job and I told him how much it would be. He didn’t even flinch. There was no negotiating after he said yes and I led him by the hand into the private champagne room. We started kissing at first, but he soon pushed me down to my knees and I had his hard pole in my mouth half way through the first song. He was really horny and he exploded in my mouth almost immediately. I hadn’t really thought about how I would handle the outcomes of my messy indiscretions, so I found myself with a mouthful of hot cum and nothing to do with it but swallow. It wasn’t as if I hadn’t sucked off a guy before. I had three boyfriends in the past and I had sucked off the owner of the club in front of two strangers, during my interview and hiring, so swallowing another load of cum seemed to be natural. I had noticed in the past, that I was extremely turned on by large ejaculations, so I truly enjoyed swallowing it all and feeling him continue to explode with each spasm of his cock. Knowing that I was able to turn a guy on so much, that he released large amounts of spunk, made me very horny.

We chatted and I danced until our time in the room was done and then I walked him back to the table where we joined his two friends. They pitched in and bought me a drink, so I sat with them and flirted for a while. After a second drink, one of his friends decided to try out the private room with me too. I’m sure that they had exchanged stories while in the restroom or while I was giving lap dances to each of them individually, but my first customer’s friend knew what to ask for and how much it cost. We spent much more time grinding on the couch in the small private room and he took advantage of the time we had, fondling and kissing my breasts. Eventually he pulled out his hard erection and I took care of him as I had his friend. He lasted much longer and I got to savor licking his cock before I sucked him off to completion. He and his friend had one thing in common though, they both fed me a huge amount of sticky cum.

I walked him back to his table and excused myself to go and clean up in the dancer’s dressing room. There was a shower and restrooms that we used to change and refresh ourselves throughout the evening, due to the sweaty dancing and other various activities. I was on my way back to their table, after a quick change, when a customer at the bar stopped me to chat. He was a very tall black man and one of the few men of color that I had seen in the club. He told me that he liked my sexy look and that he was glad that they had finally hired a girl with a booty. I tried to tell him that I was returning to a table of customers, but he immediately flashed a large wad of money in my face and told me that he definitely wanted to spend some time in the private room. It wasn’t long before we were in the room and he had me dancing nude for him. His roll of bills was filled with a lot of 100’s and each time he wanted me to do something new or different, he threw a few on the table by the couch. I started off just stripping, then I finally got nude, then I gave him a lap dance and let him get a few feels and kisses in. He was very horny and wanted to see me play with my pussy, so I rubbed and touched myself for a while. He pulled out his cock to masturbate as he watched me, but then he threw another two bills down and asked me to stroke his cock. I sat next to him and we kissed, as I played with his penis. His dick was pretty big when he first pulled it out and it was still limp as he played with himself, but as soon as I took a hold of his shaft, it grew tremendously. I had two hands gripping him and my fingers couldn’t even wrap around his thick pole. He told me that his name was Renaldo, but he told me to call him Doe, as he threw another 3 benjamins on the table and asked me for some head. I could barely get the head of his cock in my mouth and when I did, it was all I could do to barely suck him. I eventually resorted to just stroking and licking his shaft. I still tried quite a few time to get him in my mouth, but to no avail.

Our 45 minutes in the champagne room ran out and he purchased another and placed two more bills on the table to allow him to lick my pussy. I was already pretty wet from playing with myself and him and it didn’t take much work from his tongue to make me moan out loud and arch my back as I came. He slid up between my legs and began to rub his enormous cock on my pussy, smacking it on my clit and stomach. It was so long and hard that I just stared at it’s throbbing girth. He was a really dark skinned man, but his cock was like a huge, thick, black rubber hose. It glistened with my saliva and my pussy juices as he continued to rub it and smack it on my pussy. He counted out 5 more 100’s from his roll and laid them on my breasts and belly, then grabbed a hold of his swollen black mamba and pressed his baseball sized head against my moist opening. Inch by inch it slowly slid between my swollen lips and I felt it’s hardness spread me wide open. He was only half way in and I had to press against his abs to keep him from skewering me any more. He slowly began to pump me with his long tool, pressing farther into me. Another inch sunk deeper with every 3rd stroke. I started breathing harder and holding my breath as I looked between my legs to see nearly 2/3rds of his long pipe stuffed into my ever widening hole. Renaldo grabbed my legs and held them up high, then pushed them back towards my chest as he slid in deeper. I let out a yell as the final two inches sunk deep into my quivering twat and his pelvis pressed up against mine. I had thought that my manager’s cock was huge, but Doe had a monster black snake.

The 5 one hundred dollar bills were stuck to my sweaty breasts and stomach and didn’t move as Renaldo began to slide his cock back and forth inside of me. He started slow, but over the span of 10 to 15 minutes he had picked up speed, as his giant prick pumped like a piston in my well lubed pussy. It had been a couple of days since I had been fucked really good by the owner of the club, but his big cock had helped me to manage what I was taking now. Renaldo pulled me up on top of him and I sat on his lap riding his black iron pole. He enjoyed watching my breasts bounce as he thrust me up and down with his muscular thighs. Our time seemed to be flying by as he fucked me and I soon found him ramming me from behind as he held on tight to my hips. He kept talking about my booty and how he loved it, often pulling his long cock out to spank my butt cheeks. Then he would slide back into my gaping pussy, slamming his pelvis into my behind and burying his member deep into me with each hard stroke. His one hand reached around to play with my tits and the other reached around, to wrap itself around my neck. He began to squeeze and I thought I was going to be choked u*********s as his thrusting grew quicker and harder. My face felt like it was getting hot and I was struggling for air when Doe finally drove his cock into me and held me tight against him. I couldn’t struggle or fight against his grip as his cock unloaded his seed deep into my vagina. I felt his huge cock throbbing and I just knew he was filling me up with his hot, sticky cum. His fingers loosened their grip and I took a deep breath before he began to pump his cock into me again. It was still semi hard and his cum ran down my inner thighs and onto the vinyl couch. Our time was almost up when he threw another large pile of bills onto the table to pay for another 45 minutes, then he laid across my back, keeping his cock in my cum filled pussy and started to pump me again. It took Renaldo a while, but his cock soon regained its hardness and massive length, then he fucked me again. The second time was not as intense, but he took the full time to do so before he blasted another big load in my hungry twat. Doe gave me a really good tip, on top of all of my fees, and left me laying on the couch in a puddle of his thick jizz. It took me a little while to get up and collect myself, my money and my clothes before making my way back to the dressing room again.

It was nearly closing time when I finally made it back to the club floor. I had cleaned up and was trying to see what opportunities still existed in the crowd. Renaldo was leaving and he gave me his business card and told me that he would like to schedule some personal time with me at his house or a hotel room if it made me more comfortable. I thanked him and got up on stage to do one of my scheduled dances. After I finished my three dances, there were a couple of guys who had tipped me and seemed interested. I made my way to one of them, as I left the stage, and he opened up a brand new avenue of money making that I soon learned would help to take care of all of my needs while I was in school.

My newest and last customer that night was Mel. He was an older, kind of geeky guy, but he was very sweet and polite. He bought me a drink and I took him back to the semi-private lap dance room. He was enjoying our fun and then last call was made. He said that he didn’t want to pay for a champagne room and would rather pay me all of the money to dance privately for him. Mel told me that he’d like to have a regular girl visit him and perform for him at his home. He had a girl in the past, but she had moved on from dancing in the club and it had been a while since he’d seen a girl he liked. He mentioned the fact that he often gave recommendations and referrals to his colleagues and that it could open up the possibility of me doing freelance dancing, stripping, bachelor parties and even e****t work. It all sounded really cool and I took Mel up on his offer that early morning. After the club closed and I had finished dividing my money and tips with some of the staff, I followed Mel to his home. It was 4 am when we got there and Mel gave me a glass of wine as we sat and chatted. He put on some music and asked if I would dance for him. I eventually ended up nude and on Mel’s lap. He had slowly gotten out of his clothes, as I was stripping off mine, and it was easy for me to just slide onto his hard cock as I sat on his lap. I slowly rode him for quite some time before he erupted in me and it was really very nice and erotic, as opposed to sucking off the two guys in the private room and getting the intense and hard fucking that Renaldo had given me. I ended up spending the night with Mel and he became one of my regular customers. He got me a lot of referrals for other more work, outside of the club, and it supplemented my income tremendously and meant less late night dancing.

All of this experience from my first day of becoming a stripper had led me to where I was currently, being shared by two guys, on a king size bed, in a hotel room, on my 19th birthday. Mark and James were a couple of Mel’s colleagues that had come to town for business and they picked the perfect time to call me for the services that they wanted. Mel had told them about me and they were currently taking turns at both ends, as I savored both of their cocks in my mouth and pussy for about three different cycles so far. It took a bit more concentration to take on two men as opposed to one, but I was truly enjoying myself. Who would have known, that in the short, 3 month period of time that I had been in my profession, I would have gone from the young, naïve girl who had only been with 3 different boyfriends in her life to the slutty girl who was currently taking on two guys and had been with nearly a hundred different men since then. I was getting very good at what I did and enjoying every aspect of the job truly helped. It was a very nice present for me when both Mark and James climaxed at nearly the same time. Later that evening we would try quite a few other combinations, positions and deviations that would add to my sexual repertoire and make me one of the most sought after e****ts in town.

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