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Fantasy of my wife and the black stranger

My wife is a professional person and always dresses nice even when she is just going to the mall. Even at 60 she is still in good shape and very sexy.
I recently started a part time business that requires mw to travel. Here is my fantasy of wht happened while I was away.
She decided to take a Saturday afternoon trip to the Macon Mall and aftrwards stopped at O'Charley's to take advantage of happy hour and have a glass of wine since it was 2 for 1 and she is always on the lookout for a bargain.
She took a seat at the bar and ordered her drink and was watching the game on TV. Pretty soon a well dressed young black man came in and asked if the stool next to her was taken? She smiled and told him no. He told her his wife's f****y was in town and staying at there place and he just had to get out of the house for awhile. He said they were very religious and was havng the preacher over for dinner so he told her he had to go see some clients about some work and would probably take them out to dinner. She told him it sounded like a good get-away story. She told him I was out of town and wasn't sure what she was going to do for dinner. He told her she was a very attractive woman and shouldn't have to dine alone. She flushed and thanked him for the compliment but was sure he wouldn't want to be seen out with an old woman like her. He told her he was sure she wasn't that old but he thought there was nothing more sexy than a mature woman who kept herself up. She flushed even more and thanked him again.
He asked if she would like to get something there or go somewhere else.She surprised him by asking if he wouldn't like to come to our house and let her fix him something? He gave her a surprised look and asked if the neighbors wouldn't talk with me being gone? She told him we lived in a kind of secluded area and they wouldn't know.
He whispered to her that he hoped she knew he was only hungry for on thing and reached down and squeezed the inside of her thigh. She smiled and whispered back that she was too that I couldn't get it up any more even when I was home.
I am sure when they walked out everyone in there knew this black man was going to fuck my wife.
He followed her home and when they got in the house she asked him if he would like a drink? He said maybe later and took her in his arms, kissed her deeply and reached down and squeezes her ass cheeks. She just rubbed up against him and kissed him back. They were soon tearing each other's cloths off and she was moaning he couldn't believe how bad she needed this. He said he could tell as he had her in the middle of the living room floor and was climbing between my wife's open thighs with his hard black cock heading for her mature white pussy. She told him he probably wouldn't believe she was a happily married woman acting like this but he said we all have our needs as he slid his hard thick black cock into my wife's hungry white pussy. She moaned she did need this as he worked his huge black cock deeper in her with each stroke. He told her he couldn't belive how tight her pussy was and guessed she wasn't used to one this big. She told him my size left a lot to be desired and I couldn't even get hard anymore. He told her a hot sexy woman like her shouldn't be deprived and I agree. He was stroking her deep and fast and all she could do was yell"oh god,oh god" as he told her he was going to cum in her and she told him to "oh yes go ahead, I love it, I can't help it I love it" as he shot deep in her and she orgasmed over and over again as he did. I imagine he fucked her a couple of more times before he left and when she walked him to the door she had his cum running down her legs. I can only hope.

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