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Moms satin knickers

Well i never thought it would get any easier...then again i never thought she was such an easy slut.
Allow me to 28 and recently moved back home temporarily. at first i found it hard til i remembered how much i loved goin thro my mums dirty washing. shes 48 now and i'd presumed she would no longer wear the satin knickers and bras, stockings and suspenders, 3.5inch heels that i used to stumble across let alone the skimpy satin nighties, crothless knickers, silk dresses that leave nothing to the imagination and her selection of different make up and hair pieces i find these days.
i put my interests in my mums most secret sexy satin belongings before down to me bein a red bl**ded male living in a house with two older s****rs and a young mum. a good f****y unit despite no father figure around, we were strong. my s****rs moved out some years before me which is when things changed. i started to notice mums underwear on the line and in the winter on the corners of the rads. always satin. always good quality satin and usually bikini style. id always have a sneaky touch as i walked by them, not knowing why.
it wasnt until a few months later my mum became comfortable i was man enough to look after the house with no ladies around did she start goin out at night. all night sometimes.
the first time she kissed the side of my lips to say "goodbye son, dont wait up" with them punchy red lips, in that black, satin, short, low cut, skimpy dress carressing every line on her hour glass figure, revealing her full arse knicker line and suspender belt i knew wot i'd such desired to do. i knew why every time i masturbated it felt de-flating when i came. i knew why evertime i glanced her knickers i started to get a hard on, and why when i smelt her perfume as i just had then i had to stroke myself. not only did i want to fuck her, i wanted to dress up in her clothes, in her make up with her hair pieces and get fucked as her!
no longer than her sexy, slow but constant, heel taps down the driveway faded was i in her room. watchin her get into a dark car, a car id never seen before. from her bedroom window, with the most nervous, excited, flushed feelin id ever had. as the car disappeared id already thumbled my jeans off. my innocent rock hard 17 yr old cock seeping pre cum through my brilliant white cotton pants, which already was the only garment my soft naked body held on to. my nipples stiffen with the cold chill in the air as i catch a glance in my mums full length mirror to my side, on all fours is the figure. head down below the window ledge. face pressed against the cold wall. stance naturally forcing my arse up into the air. i cant help but look through my minds eye at what will become....
i remain there for a few seconds. gathering breathe. panting with a sinistor look id not recognised. heart pounding, i turn my focus from the mirror to wot i see before me. the radiator. aligned with the most beautiful, soft silky things a boy could ask for.... be continued.

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