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This is my story of what started as a online/phone affair has turned into me having a master.

It started 5 years ago having an affair was the farthest thing on my mind. I was checking out messages on a website from a man named Juan who was interested in being friends. From the very beginning he seemed to know and understand me. He began to ask me question if I was happy in my marriage and if I was being sexually satisfied. I told him I wasn't. I mean I love my husband but I still wasn't happy and my husband could not give me what I needed sexually. Juan asked me if I wanted to started a online/phone affair at first I was scared but somehow I trusted Juan. He only asked one thing of me that he would be the only man that I have phone sex with and do this day he is the only one. The first time we had phone sex was so great. It was like he was there with me. I could feel his breath on my skin. his touch. I felt his mouth on my pussy hmmmmm the way he takes my clit in his lips he told me to say NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO then he moved his head side to side causing me squeeze his head between my thighs. His tongue probed deep inside my pussy making me cum screaming his name JUANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN. He started kissing me as he put his hard thick cock inside of my wet pussy he fucked me hard and deep deeper than any man as ever fucked me. He made me cum several times. From that moment I knew I belong to him. It was gradual over the years I begin to let him have more and more control over my life specially over my sex life. I noticed little things would make him happy like asking if I could buy a sexy outfit. It made him so proud. So after all these years recently I had a strong desire for him to take more control and I asked if he would be my master. I love being owned by his asking for permission to buy things for myself. Doing as he tell me. He controls what I do online on the adult websites we are on together he picks the friends I can accept and what pics I can post, I do my best to obey him and I got rewarded for that this summer. You see I have seen pics of my papi that is what my master likes for me to call him that or daddy but I love calling him papi. So like I said I had seen pics of Papi and of course heard his sexy Latin voice on the phone but we don't live in the same state. Well this summer I got the chance to go see him. I was very nervous at first but the minute I got off the train and saw him I was so happy to see him and my nervousness was forgotten about. He took control of me from the start. We had a short ride on the elevator he took that time to smack my ass and inform me that was his ass. We got to the hotel and after checking my cell phone and my luggage. He had me get undressed. He told me when I could get on the bed with him. Then for the first time I had actual sex with him. What I had the phone with was nothing compare to what that day was like. It began with his head between my legs eating his pussy. He paid close attention to his clit I started cumming and squirting all over the sheet underneath getting soaked. When he was done he got on top of me putting my legs on his shoulder he plunged his hard thick throbbing cock inside of his pussy fucking me hard and deep until a screamed TAPOUT he says fuck you bitch and continue to fuck me even harder putting his hand around my throat squeezing it causing me to have cum hard. I finally tell him I need I break. He get off and lays back.and we rest just for a minute. He sits up and looks at me and points to his still hard cock wet with my cum. He doesn't have to say anything I know what he want. I look at him and smile because he know this is my favorite thing to do. I taking his cock in my mouth and and begin sucking on it. He pushes my head down on his cock he begins fuck my mouth or as he likes to say his pussy he makes me gag on his cock this is a new experince for me I have never had a man be that f***eful with me and I love it and being done by my papi made it so much better and I knew I would never let another man use that kind of f***e. I continued sucking until he cummed in my mouth and like the good bitch I am I swallowed all of it. There is more to this story but I will continue it at a later time. I am looking forward to being with my papi in the years to cum. I will say this having him as my master has made be very happy. I am proud to belong to him. As far as my husband goes he has no idea about this side of me or that I have a master

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