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Sue will learn to deal

My wife and I were eating at a local place and one of Kat's new girls came in with her f****y Kat said Hi to her but she looked away and keep going, this only pissed Kat off (bad thing to do belive me) Kat sent her a text saying go to the bathroom her phone buzzed she went to the john and Kat put her agaist the wall she begged PLEASE I'M HERE WITH MY HUSBAND AND SON PLEASE THEY CAN'T KNOW ABOUT YOU pulling back Kat thought a second then tells her be ready at 9am for me she says BUT I WORK Kat turns to leave and says call in sick!!!

At 9am on the nose Kat rings the doorbell a very nervres Sue answers it and ask Kat in. My wife starts to unload on her but Sue says please teach me to be able to control myself enough to intro you to Tom and my son Jeff I know I upset you but I just didn't think I could keep my cool around you and them too. Kat clams down a little and says alright know get naked.. Sue heads to her bedroom and the two of them go at it licking fingering and tit sucking for the morning then swating Sue on the ass Kat says time to up your game put on a short skirt and sexy top no panties.

Sue and my wife go to the mall and just as they get there Kat hands Sue a pair of benwon ball tells her to put them into her twat and you better not drop them! They wall the mall and my wife rubs her ass and tits and playfully smacks her cunt when none is looking. Sue's cunt is on fire her tits are hard and tring to poke holes in her top pussy juice runing down her legs and that PLEASE FUCK ME LOOK on her face as they go into a dress shop the sales girl looks up at Sue and just as she starts to ask her if she is ok Sue can't take it and cuming hard shakes and grons the girl not knowing what to do just stares at her.My wife laghting grabs Sue and pulls her away.

The two head back to the car Sue is talking unstop did you see her face OMG that was great you are great OMG WHAT ELSE HAVE I MISSED? Kat says we are about to show you just that. pulling into our driveway Kat brings Sue into our bedroom kissing herall over undressing her to puting her down on the bed says I'll be right back and goes into the next room coming back with a 91/2" strap-on bigger around then her wrist and tells her this is one thing you were missing and soon Kat is hammering home the dido long fast hard stokes fucking Sue's brains out tell she cums harder and longer then ever before and that is where I came in and for the next two hours banged both godnesses silly cunt mouth ass tits cumming all over them both and they lick off each other.

Sue leaves for home and as she pulls into her drive Kat calls her HEY ME AND TONY ARE ON ARE WAY DO NOT CHANGE YOUR CLOTHES YOU TOM JEFF AND US ARE GOING OUT TO EAT. OMG no we can't YES WE CAN AND ARE..

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