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Hotel fun II

My wife and I have enjoyed a very open lifestyle since we began seeing each other; it was our second date that we had a threesome with my best mate. My wife Nat is a very sexy woman; she is younger than, and an amazing figure of 36d2435 due to swimming, gym and kick boxing. This is a second marriage for both of us, she left her first husband to be with me; after four very unfaithful years with her first husband, and my marriage broke down some five years before I met her due to me being discovered having an affair with my first wife’s step s****r. Nat freely admits that she has never been faithful to one guy since she started having sex. She is also bi and we have had some fun with that too. She works in public relations and has kept many a client happy. Nat’s preference is younger guys between eighteen and twenty eight, athletic or muscular and ideally black, or Arab she has been with a few Indian guys and if they are very well hug a few white guys. To be honest we have lost count of the number of guys she has fucked. We have met quite a few from this website and other websites.
This event took place about a month ago and still gets me wanking, when I think about it. We decided to stay at a hotel near to us in Portsmouth; and had arranged to meet Lex one of her favourite lovers; he is twenty four very fit, athletic, dominate and good looking guy, he also has a massive cock just under 12” and thick. We first met him from another site, and he lives close to us. He and Nat have been having sex for three years, and he has often bought along a mate or two and has arranged a number all black male gangbangs. He had said that he would bring a mate with him, and we were staying at the hotel as one of Lex’s mates was a manger there and we got a free room.
We agreed to meet at the pub across from the hotel, near the South sea front. Nat was dressed very slutty, she had a half black basque, that pushed up her tits, she work a leather mini skirt, a silk low cut top, and thigh length leather boots, no bra and no knickers (she rarely wears knickers), she had a lovely smooth cunt which I had licked before we left the room for the pub; we got there and Lex was already at the bar and introduced us to Wes, he bought us drinks and gave Nat a long and deep French kiss opening groping her tits and arse, then Wes id the same. We went to a table and sat me opposite, and Lex and Wes either side of Nat, Lex took a pair of nipple clamps out of his pocket and pulled her top open and put one clamp on each nipple. She winced at the pain but soon smiled, she likes very rough sex and some pain to turn her on. The drinks were bought and Nat had a few double vodkas and was being touched up and fingered openly with some older customers looking at us in a very disapproving manner, Lex just called her bitch and slut in full hearing of the bar. At one point Lex whispered in her ear and she said ok and went to the loo, followed by Wes. I said, what was going on? and he told me I told the slut to go to the disabled loo, and give Wes some head and swallow every drop. He told me he was as horny as a bull and she was going to get ruined tonight, he told me she was going to have to pay his mate for the room, and he had a couple of guys on standby. He said you are going to be so cucked tonight just like the white prat you are, white slags always prefer black meat.
Nat came back with Wes and he said to Lex that was a fucking great blow job mate. More disapproving looks from one of the tables nearby. Soon after we left and went to the hotel, Lex groping her as we walked in the street and stopping under a lamp to French kiss her again and this time lift her skirt up to show passing traffic her arse.
Once in the hotel I sat down at the chair to watch, Nat took off her top, and skirt and was told to lay on the bed, open her legs and play with a huge dildo Lex had with him; as she did so Wes set up a camera to record the whole night, it was a professional recording camera. Then the guys took their clothes off, and they had the most fantastic bodies, fit muscular and strong and Wes’s cock was not much different to Lex. Wes went over to her and pulled the toy away and started to lick and finger her, whilst Lex started on her tits and then held her head by her hair and pulled tightly as he kissed her and with the other hand pressing the clamps even more tightly into her nipples; when his stopped kissing and went back to her tits and pressed the clamps again, she squealed and as she did Lex looked up and slapped her across the face making her lose her breath, and he said don’t do that unless I tell you that you can you fucking whore, she apologised and the torture went on for a few more minutes; Wes stood up from licking her and placed her legs over his shoulders pulling her to the edge of the bed and rammed his cock inside her almost up to his balls on the first thrust she lost her self for a second and then he started to fuck her like an a****l on heat, he fucked her like she was a doll, by now Lex turned her head and f***ed his cock into her mouth, after about ten minutes they swopped ends and after that turned her over Lex and started to fuck her doggy style fingering her arse as he did and Wes was fucking her face quite literally forcing her to deep throat even when she was choking, this went on for a while they swopped ends a few times, then Wes told her to ride Lex she lowered herself on to Lex’s massive cock and Wes started to slowly enter her arse; it took him a few minutes as she got used to accommodating him and soon they were dping her, and Lex pulling at her tits and nipple clamps and Wes either pulling her hair or strangling her tightly with his hands around her throat, they lasted about fifteen minutes before they both groaned and let out a huge shout calling her every sex name and shot into her holes.
After this they laid either side of her and Lex was texting and a few minutes later the door opened and in walked a mixed race guy, called Mike we discovered, he was the duty manager who had arranged the “free” room, ok bl**d the bitch is yours. He took off his clothes and was sporting a very large cock not as big as Lex or Wes but a very reasonable 9” or so; he spent the next fifty minutes fucking her arse, cunt and face leaving her with bite marks on her tits and neck, he took a few photographs and left. By now it was about midnight and they had not finished Weeds was on the phone talking to some mates telling them he room number and to come up the door was open; they started to fuck Nat again, when the door opened she was riding Wes and Lex was fucking her arse, four black guys about early twenties came in, all big fit men, and when they saw what was happening they took their clothes off and one of them took Lex’s place in her arse and the next half hour they all fucked her arse and also her face making her lick them clean; they all fucked each hole and also wanked off with their cock between her tits, the clamps having been taken off. At one point one of the new guys asked Lex how much she charges; he said brass b*****r, she an’t charging black b*****rs a penny; they fucked her until about 3am, before the new guys left and Lex and Wes stayed on, before they left two of the guys wanked as they watched the others use Nat and shot their load over me, and I was f***ed to clean on of the cocks. We all went to sl**p I slept on the settee in the room, in the morning about 10am we all woke they fucked Nat again; before we dressed and left.
Nat has seen Wes and Lex a few times since but nothing compares to that evening. In fact Lex is with her tonight aty our house and I am away on business. Any black guy who fits the age range and can get to Portsmouth drop us a line

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