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Our 1st FULL swap

GF story: He he, we did it, we had our 1st experience with another couple, all the way. As written in previous post, we said we would be visiting Mark & Lisa in Calahonda and so we did.

At first we talked for a few hours, just to see how we got along, get a feeling about each other and once that was done and we all had a really good feeling towards all, it happened…..

Julie and Lisa went upstairs to change and a few minutes later they both got back downstairs with sexy outfits, Julie laid down on the in front of the sofa and Lisa started kissing her and playing with her pussy, fuck that was hot to see…

Well, all in all, we did everything that Gods forbid and we both Loved it, we really had a great time and the fun part was also that Julie was afraid that she would not like it seeing me fuck some other woman, nor that I would make to loud noises as if I like it hehe, well I do believe that it made Julie even more hornier watching me fuck Lisa and that about the noise, well MeJulie was the one that made the most noises all through the night, till the break of dawn.

We had sex for hours, all kind of positions and took a few hours sl**p at 8am, till 11. Around 12 we got back in Alhaurin, but still feeling so fucking horny, that that day, how tired we both were, we fucked several times and I can´t remember the last time when I had so many orgasms, it was truly a great and horny night that will have sequels, cause also Mark and Lisa said later that day in a sms;

“We could come to an arrangement to meet regular, we think it was 1 of the best we have had playing with another couple xxx”
(My reply)
It was a massive big fucking WOW!!!!! What an amazing night we had, ill never forget it, was probably the most sexiest, amazing sexual experience I\’ve ever had in my 40 years, my only regret is that I didn\’t do this 20 years ago! Kissing Lisa was really horny (I do love kissing as part of the whole sexual experience as it turns me on nicely), Lisa and I played with each other in virtually every position going (that I know of anyway! – im sure there are loads more that we can work on too). The whole thing was incredibly horny but one particular moment that I loved was when we doubled ended and apparently I squirted! it was indescribable and an orgasm that was truely amazing, just hope its not a one off and I have many more of those!!! My other fantasy off DP also took place albeit briefly, that was also great but more difficult that I thought it would be, but the feeling I had from it was a great one also and of course I\’d love more of that and to orgasm while doing that would be truely incredible, hehehe but can\’t be greedy as it was good anyway and left me very much wanting more and more. Its an incredible experience for you partner to be truely happy and turned off seeing me being thrilled, its such an unselfish way of allowing your partner to experience their fantasy\’s. It actually made me feel even more loved and wanted by Marco and my feeling for him also grow stronger because of it. Never thought that I\’d actually orgasam with 3 people in one night one of them being female, if I told anyone they would never believe me or if they did im sure they would be incredibly jealous or think im some kind of pervert!Watching Marco fuck lisa and play with her, I didn\’t feel any jealousy, probably partly cos I know he wanted this for so long, I was also rather busy with Mark, and he was enjoying it so much it made me happy to see the massive smile on his face, and its only sex at the end of the day, and I know it doesn\’t affect our feelings for each other in any way at all, just makes us closer, even hornier and happier if that is at all possible.I knew Marco and I had had a rare sexual connection when we first met, although I didnt realise exactly how strong that was until now. However, I won\’t ever take this for granted as I know its something that not very many couples share and have experienced, I am lucky to have been part of this, long may it continue!Nights like that will be cherished forever, love u babe xxxxxx

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