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First India woman I have had

Kmart is close by and few years back I am in paint and a woman with k**s and I guess mother or mother in law came by. India woman with the dot and wrapped clothing. She smiled and looked at my face and crotch. I smiled back and went on with my shopping. No idea how she could get away from the k**s, much less the other older woman.
Later she was at check out and long line, I looked and pointed to the back of the store. She told old woman something and walked ot meet me. I just started walking to the bathroom. She followed and once there I held the door for her. Took her into the stall, locked the door. Kissed her and grabbed her tight little ass. Pulled her top down and she stopped me. She worked her clothes and exposed her dark nipples and soft breast. Had a sweet smell oil and so nice. she pulled my cock out and started rubbing it on her clit. I sat on the toilet and she mounted me. shortly after cock was hard and she was having problems. She was very wet and excited. pushed the head in and just stopped. she laid her head back and moaned. started working down and up taking little more with each stroke. She had as much as she could take and started riding me. shortly after she started moaning.
someone entered the door and used the toilet beside us. man could hear her moan with my hand over her mouth. she had another and another orgasm. I stood up and held her ass with my hands and pumped the cock in her hard. she pushed away and I let her body fall onto it. Her legs started pushing to get some out. Would not let her do it, I started pumping her up and down, each time she hit bottom she would squeel. I finally had what zI wanted and pumped her full. She got a strange look on her face and look of fear. I guess the hot juice was a shock and possible a fear. She wanted off right now. She went over and sink washed her self and left the bathroom. Old man i nthe other stall came out. I stood at the sink and washed myself. Old man was happy and laughted.
Told me he thought people were fucking, when he heard the squeel he thought i had stick it in her ass. her actions after he thought I had f***ed her. I told him i pumped a load of hot cum in her after she had several orgasms. I wonder if she feared i had or could have knocked her up? He said, If I had a cock like that, I would be doing the same. I bet she never seen one like that.
I have no idea if she ever got pregnant, had a c***d, I never ran into her again. But she sure had an excitement for a big Man, American or something big. Not sure she was ready for a cock like this. I sure enjoyed the black nipples and hairy pussy. I found her pubic hairs on my zipper and still have them today. Just a little memory. the old man enjoyed her sounds and watching her fall on my cock as her plump tits jumped with each pump.

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