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The Dark part 2

So, do I leave you to calm down totally before continuing or should it be just a short break in the proceedings? It’s my game, my rules and apart from getting your breath back you will not be allowed to rest. Just because you’ve had one orgasm doesn’t mean you can’t have lots more now, doe’s it?

I stand up and look down at you, my cock is throbbing and needs some attention so I kneel back on the bed but this time up by your head and with one hand grab your hair to put your mouth close to my erection. I rub the tip of my cock against your lips and you open your mouth. I slide my cock slowly in and out of your mouth, using the motion of my hips for control. You are sucking hard, using your tongue to rub against the underside of my penis. I push myself deep into you and hold myself there, seeing how long you can take it before you start to gag. After about five or six seconds, I feel your throat start to twitch and so I pull back slowly before sliding back deep again. Each time leaving myself there for a little longer. I am very aroused and want fuck your mouth hard, gripping your head in my hands and shooting my hot spunk right down your throat; the night is still early and there’s still so much more we can do before that happens and so I pull out of your mouth and let your head fall back to the bed.

I move back to the dressing table and pick up the bottle of baby oil. I straddle the back of your thighs, not easy to do as your ankles are still tied to each corner of the bed, and drizzle the oil over your buttocks. The oil is cold and you whimper a little, your body squirming in surprise. I watch the oil run between your buttocks and down past your pussy. I grip your buttocks with each hand and part them; I can see your anus like a little pink star and you begin to get agitated because of what you think may happen. I rub the tip of my penis against your tight ring but rather than try and penetrate you I squeeze your buttocks together and slide my cock up and down between them. I like the coolness of your bum against the heat of my erection and the oil lets me slide up and down between them with ease. I rock back and forth bringing myself close to orgasm and then as it gets closer I stop. You don’t know if I still intend to fuck your arse, so to keep you guessing I keep rubbing my penis tip against it between slipping up and down between your buttocks, my game my rules. My cock is very engorged and is throbbing, the tip shiny and purple – glistening from the baby oil. I move back down your thighs slightly and rub the tip against your pussy lips, they are still hot and swollen from your orgasm but also very wet. You moan because you want me inside you but I keep rubbing myself against you in a circular motion around the edge of your pussy and against your clitoris. I push the very tip into you, only and inch, and hold it there. Watching you squirm and wriggle in frustration, almost trying to will me to penetrate you fully. I lean forward so I am laying across your back, I remove the headphones from your head and toss them to the floor and I whisper close to your ear “Do you want this?” as I thrust deep inside you. “Yes” you sigh in relief. “No – I don’t think so”. I pull out of you and climb off the bed; the frustration clear on your face.

Time for a change I think, so I untie your left ankle and then swiftly untie your left wrist from the bed before securing it back to your left ankle. I repeat this on your right side and now both feet are facing towards the top of the bed with your arms facing downwards and your hands near your feet. You feel a little like a trussed turkey and even more vulnerable than with your body spread-eagle. I remove the pillows from under your hips and roll you onto your back in one movement. Your knees are now raised and your arms are running down each side of your body, wrists still secured to your ankles. I raise your hips up and place a pillow beneath them and I check to make sure the blindfold is still on tightly. I stand away from the bed and admire the new position. Your whole body is still flushed and moist from the exertions and your orgasm. Now I have a great view of your breasts and pussy and very easy access to both.

I walk back to the dressing table and take a cube of ice from the ice bucket. I hold the ice cube high above you and wait for the first icy-cold droplet to run off the cube and down onto your tummy. You squeal as the droplet lands and I place the cube close to your nipple. The cold makes it instantly hard and I run the ice around it in circles. You twist and turn against the restraints but rather than relent I do the same to the other nipple; now both are pointing upwards, thimble-like. I lean down and draw one of your nipples between my lips. I tease the tip with my tongue and then begin sucking. I suck harder and harder, eventually it brings small pinpricks of bl**d up to the surface of your skin, like a love bite, and I pinch your nipple with my teeth, biting hard enough for you to wince. I give the other breast the same attention and feel pleased with the marks left on each. I use the remaining ice to rub over the bruising, cooling it down.

I move back to the row of implements and after making my decision make a couple of trips back to the bed, laying the pieces out by your feet – a towel, a small bowl of water, a razor and a tube of shaving cream. I lift your bum up and place the towel underneath you, keeping the bed from getting wet. At this point you have no idea what my intentions are. You hear the squelch as I work the cream up to a lather in my hands and then feel me rub the cream over your pubic hair. It’s only when you feel the steel of the razor pull across your skin that you fully understand. The razor is new and sharp and I have used lots of cream but you still hold your breath as I shave you. The thought of a sharp edge being close to your pussy and clitoris makes you very cautious and you stay very very still. After every couple of razor strokes I rinse the blade in the bowl of water, keeping the razor running smooth as it lifts all of your beautiful, soft pubic hair. It takes several minutes to complete the job as I take my time, as much due to the fact that I am enjoying it as being careful. Once done, I place the items away from the bed and inspect my work. The cleanly shaven skin is pink and I blow gently onto it. You enjoy the sensation and I gently kiss the area.

I pick up the riding crop and gently tap the leather end repeatedly on your freshly shaved pussy. It feels more sensitive and although the taps are gentle they feel more intense. Tap, tap, tap – never slowing, never changing the f***e of the tap, over and over again. Your pussy starts to get moist from the stimulation and you become more aroused as I keep going, thrusting your hips slightly as the intensity begins to build. I make a ‘c’ with my thumb and forefinger and open your pussy lips to expose your now firm clitoris. I keep the tap-tap-tap going but this time right onto the tip of your clit. The direct contact is too much and you try and reposition yourself to avoid it. I’m not accepting that and slap the crop hard against the soft flesh of your inner thigh – my game, my rules. I return my attention to your clitoris, each stroke dead-centre. You can’t decide whether it is pain or pleasure, the nerve-endings screaming in your head for me to relent. The incessant tapping becoming unbearable and relentless, my fingers keeping your lips parted, ensuring your clit is fully exposed. You start to see flashes of light behind the blindfold as your orgasm begins. You feel popping in your head and your lower body begins to tremble. Tap-tap-tap. Your hands grasp your ankles as your pussy starts to pulsate. Tap-tap-tap. You are so hot and wet. Tap-tap-tap. Your breath is ragged and your face red and flushed. Tap-tap-tap. Your nipples are aching. Tap-tap-tap the tingling starts to build in your toes again, your head buzzing, your hips twitching. You call out “No please I’m coming no please” I don’t stop tap-tap-tap. Your body feels like its going to explode as you cum for a second time this evening. Your vagina is so wet it almost squirts your juices out as it contracts; your fluid running over my fingers and down your thighs. This time, however, I don’t stop. I keep tap-tap-tap as you keep orgasming. Your head is shaking left and right as your clitoris can’t take anymore. The light flashes in your head becoming brighter, your back arching as you cum again and again.

I finally slow down and leave the tip of the riding crop resting against your still throbbing clitoris. I watch you as again, you try and regain some composure. Your chest rising and falling with each hard breath. Your mouth dry, your body glistening with perspiration. I put my fingers in your mouth and allow you to lick your own juice from them. Considering my next move, I stand up and rub my hard cock – what next?

To be continued…..

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