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Paki hijab slut eats cum

My colleague Sobia was a fresh faced 21 year old Paki hijab slut from London. This was her first full time office job and she was extremely exited.

She is 5'6, slim with perky breasts and a perfect apple bottom. Her parents are first cousins and she is probably arranged to marry her first cousin.

From the first time I saw her i wanted to rip off her tight trousers and f***efully fuck her up the ass. She dressed in tight office slut wear, usually trousers with a white blouse.

We actually got on really well, I played my usual cool co worker role and it wasnt long before we were work friends.

My first chance to own her was when she left her portable lip vasiline on her desk during break. I duly took the tub and under my desk pulled out my cock and rubbed my helmet on the inside a good 8 times before putting it back. Needlessly to say when she used some on her lips, it drove me crazy.

The best time and the reason for this story is when I went out to pick up some lunch. She usually asks for food that is hard to tamper with like crisps or chocolate or a sealed drink. Mind you she has enjoyed countless sweets that were placed in my briefs to marinaid in my balls.

But this one time she asked for a kebab roll with mint chutney. I went to a shop near our work place where they serve this in open polestirine containers. I tool the food gack to the office and went straight to the bath room. Natually i rubbed my foreskin all over the salad and dry naan bread. Then i loaded up her picture in the green hijab and started wanking.

Soon enough i exploded lauching 3 thick streams of cum. I dont know what it was but I had never cummed that much in my life! I mixed the mint chutney with the cum, used some cucumber to clean my foreskin of excess cum and closed up her meal and delievered it to her 'fresh'

She said, thank god im starving, and quickly set up space for her meal. I asked her if I could join her, I could tell she wanted to say no but it was very rude of her to so so she said fine.

I became extremel;y nervous when she opened the lid and looked at her cum drenched food. She loooked up and smiled exclaiming it looks delicious. I like to think she knew exactly what was in there....

I told her the chutney here was was the best and asked her what she thought. She took her ring finger and scooped up a chunk of cum chutney. She slurped it up and swallowed! Amazing she responded, did you get any more? i told her no but my cock was rock hard. Thise whore had just swallowed my cum and didnt even realise it. We chatted as she scoffed more and more of my thick cum.

I watched her devour the whole thing. At the end the source leaked on her fingers and she sucked the thick creamy source off 1 finger at a time. She said it was the best kebab she had ever eaten... I said it was all thanks to the special chutney.

Sobia the paki whore thanked me (in my head it was for the cum) I smiled and said anytime sweet heart :)

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