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Me and my bestfriend Jake part 2

Sorry for the part 1 guys I accidentally press post and I din know how to edit but anyways here's the part two hope you like it.

Jake said he was really sorry for what happen. I was a bit mad because of he said that. I thought he liked me so I ask him "Jake, do you really like me or you just made me feel better about what happened with nick? Jake drove and no words came out of his mouth not even a nodd. I was dissappointed I thought to myself I will never ever do this stupid things I did to Jake I won't be close to him like I was before. Although I was still thinking about what we did in the car near the woods. So after about 10 minutes were almost near my house he dropped me off dint say any word it was really awkward if I say "Bye Jake I love you" or stuff like that. When I'm about to enter the house Jake texted me and said "I regret all the things I just said, I was not that brave to tell you how I really felt what happen to us..." I didn't pay attention I just went straight to the bathroom and cleaned up still thinking about Jake. I can't help it he's so hot! (why did I not see it before?!?) another day came, it was a Saturday, I called my girlfriends if they're available for shopping but before I called nick (my ex bf) missed call me for like 7 times and texted me " Babe, I still love you" I didn't reply nor emote. When I texted my friends they said they're busy.. So I tried to call Jake. A girl answered his phone " Hey jakes in the bathroom taking a bath who's this?" I didn't talk for a second then told her " uhmm.... It's Jakes bestfriend" and she said "Ohh I never knew Jake has a bestfriend.. I got to meet u next time and go shopping" an I wA like "sure no problem" so after about an hour I was about to text Jake but some car horn blew in the front of our door I peeped out the window curtain and checked it. It was Jake he has flowers and chocolates, He wet to ring the doorbell and as he did I opened it and let him in but I told Jake if we could just go out cuz my b*****r is sl**ping.. And he's with his gf.. So Jake said "yeah anywhere you want" I smiled and said "your the best jakeyyy" and he opened the car for me the usual thing. So he asked me " where do you want to go b-b-ba nevermind where you want to go Maddy? So I coughed and said " why didnt you continue it? " he laughed and asked me again "where do u want to go?" I said " bring me to the nearest hotel." he said "why? Are u meeting someone?" I laughed once again and said "the both of us ?" so he brought me there we went to the lobby the girl asked us." Sir and Ms. Are u both together? Are you couples? Are u gonna get the same room?" so Jake laughed and said two rooms" the girl said "sure Sir." I asked him why? Jake said " I don't want to pressure you cuz I love you" so we went there on the 14th floor two rooms beside each other. We both went to the first room and he said "I'll be on the other room, if you're ready" I ran to him before he wA about to go out I hugged him tightly and said "I'm ready. Will you please not leave me?" so I closed the door shut. And I grabbed his jacket and pulled him near the corner of the bed and took of his jacket and his shirt. I kissed him and he kisses back our tongues were dancing and he lifts me takes of my top and kisses my chest as he took of my bras he was sucking them and he was looking at me while I was moaning. Then we kissed passionately again and while I was taking of my pants he was moving down on me helped me take of my pants and touches my pussy.he slowly takes of my undies and says " are you ready?" I said "yes" he licks my pussy as fuck I keep on moaning and I start to scream and I keep on saying "don't stop Jake fuck me Ahhh! Jake uhh!!" he knows I'm enjoying so as soon as he's done with me I start to unbutton his pants and I felt his hard shaft underneath his boxers so I took it of quickly cuz I was so eager to taste it again ( I got to admit jakes cock taste way better than nicks) so I suck on it and watch Jake enjoy. I took it of my mouth and jumped unto him and he grabs me on my weist and kisses me again he put his hard 9 inch cock inside my tight pussy that felt like forever and I felt like Jake was tearing me apart but Jake was a bit gentle with me. Before we go way far I checked my hone as silent it but instead of getting my phone I saw a condoms and Jake asked me "you wanna use those?" I told Jake "I want you to cum on me Jake" so Jake went faster and harder this was the best feeling ever. About 10 minutes Jake said " Ohh fuck baby! I'm Cumming so hard inside you" I said "yeah Jake cum inside me I want your cum " after jake cummed in me I licked of his cock and cleaned it off. Jake saiid " baby you're the best I ever had fucked" I said "baby, it was a pleasure for me to suck it" then me and Jake went to the bathroom the same time we cleaned of ourselves. Me and Jake rested in the bed for an hour and he drove me home. Jake asked me "so are you mine now?" I said "all yours Jake" I went to Facebook and changed my status

Hope you like it xx

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