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Next Door Is Very Handy....Part 6

We had been reorganizing the warehouse at work, and I was putting in very long days and some nights. My universe consisted of work, sl**p, work. I was too tired to realize my love life had been neglected until one Wednesday evening. I had eaten and gone to bed about 9:00 P.M., and slept soundly until I was gradually awakened by a feeling of being watched. As I came awake and sat up, I was startled to see the figure of a woman seated in the chair across from my bed. Yhe familiar smell of Rothmann 120s told me it was Gloria, but she looked different. "Is that you?", I asked. She rose from the chair and walked closer to my bed, standing in front of the moonlit window. "Who is "you"?, came her reply. I rubbed my eyes as I saw it was, in fact, Gloria, but she looked very different than usual. She was wearing a light coloured nylon baby doll nightie with a wispy nylon overlayer, white knee socks, black high heel pumps, and what appeared to be a hip hugger panty underneath. Most striking was the long curly ash blonde wig she was wearing, and the bright red lipstick.

"Do you like this outfit?", she asked. I told her I did, and asked her what it was all about. She said, "The nightie, panty, and knee socks are my daughter Connie's...the wig is one of several I have...thought you might like a bit of roleplay." She stepped to the edge of the bed, and pulled back the covers revealing my full erection. "Mmmm...guess you do like me this way, huh?" she asked. Her full breasts were prominent under the sheer nylon fabric of the nightie, as was the hip hugger panty under it. She reached down and took my penis in her hand, lightly stroking it.

"For now, I am a horny twenty one year old vixen who needs to play with your twenty one year old cock," she said. The thought of this very attractive and shapely sixty-plus lady roleplaying as a twenty one year old was very exciting, and the fact she was wearing the lingerie her daughter had worn at that age made it even more taboo. "What is your name?", I asked. "Oh...sorry, she said, "I'm Connie."

She reached under her nightie, pulled off the nylon panty she was wearing, and began to masturbate me with it. "Your cock is so big, Trev," she whispered. I began fondling her full breasts under the slippery layers of nylon fabric, and her nipples immediately became erect as she slowly wiggled her breasts under my touch. I asked her to take my erection into her mouth, but she said, "I have never done that with a boy before," so I knew she was fully into the roleplay. I reached up under the nightie and felt her kitty, which was very warm and wet. I gently rubbed her clitoris, then inserted my finger slowly. She threw her head back and said, "Ohhhhhh.....mmmmmm...that feels so good." The wig she was wearing must have been a very expensive one because it fit her like her own hair, and looked perfectly natural on her. She did, in fact, almost look twenty one. "I like your hair", I told her. "What about my panty and nightie?", she asked. I replied that I did, and asked her if she had others. "Yes, I have, and also a lot of other underwear like bras, slips, panties, hosiery," she said, "I would love to show it all to you sometime soon." She began to rub her breasts on my penis, and the sensation of their softness under the nylon fabric had me leaking in no time at all. I took her in my arms and spun her around up onto the bed, spread her legs, and poised myself to enter her. She put her hands on my chest and asked, "Do you have rubber to wear?" I told her I didn't, and she said, "Then you can't cum inside me." I told her I wouldn't as I pushed myself into her wet kitty and began to slowly thrust. She was panting and moaning, and told me she needed my cock inside of her. Her legs were wrapped around my waist, and I could feel the smooth knee socks against my skin. After a few more minutes of thrusting into her, she reached her climax, gasping and whimpering in satisfaction. I pulled out of her with my penis wet and throbbing. She regained her bearings and asked, "Do you want to cum on my nightie?" I told her I did, and she pulled her breasts out of the nightie, and began to stroke me with her hand as she fingered her kitty. When she sensed I was going to cum. she pointed my penis down toward her belly and thighs, and I shot ribbons of semen onto her nightie as she had another climax under me.

In a while, she said, "Wow...I have to get home before I'm you have something I could wear?" I gave her and old jersey out of the closet as she rolled her soaked nightie up in a ball. She came over to the bed, stroked my deflating penis, and gave me a kiss on the mouth. "You'll have to come over soon so I can model my undies for you." I promised her I would, and she left to go home next door. I noticed she had forgotten her panty, so I jerked another load into it.

I would wash it and return it to her when we were together next. I couldn't help wondering which one of Gloria's fantasies I would become part of next.

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