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Little cock convention

Little Cock convention

They came from all over the nation to downtown LA convention center. It was the "Little Cock Convention" I watched as men from all races and status came in. Sometimes they came with their wives,friends,Mistresses,lovers, or even their boyfriends. I was on Guard duty and
walking the convention hall. Looking at the cuckold porn, sheepish looking bulls up on the Auction block, Penis extenders,pumps, and all the other crap that came with this convention. I looked at some over eager wives and husbands pawing at some "bulls" and walked over "Excuse me no touching the Models" They looked as me and nodded shamefully. Most of the time you got normal rational people who are in to cuckolding but then you get the freaks who can't get hands off the "Bulls". Then walking my so-called beat down the main hall and I came to the "Small Cock Appreciation Club" The girls at the club smiled and waved as the continued to pass out pamphlets and free information to some people. Then continuing on saw show called " the Little cock, Little girl bukake
Seven of men naked, with small penises crowed a small petite woman on stage. at first it wasn't much as I watched the strange show go on. Then the woman smiled and started to suck as much men as she could off. As the men started to jack off to her. She was tiny woman,fairly average looks but seemed very excited to being serviced by the this guys or was she servicing them. Then as it was about to get boring a small Asian man popped off to loud groan hitting the girl straight in the cheek she continued to jack off and suck all the tiny cocks like a champ. Then another: a overweight fat white guy splashed her across her other cheek with small whimper. The two men removed themselves from the stage. Next it was another Asian guy but he hit her straight on the lips. He like the other two removed themselves he did so. Then a potbellied black man shot his load right on her forehead with a groan. He also left. It left four men left , two Latino men one was thin and the their one was grossly over weight, A white guy who looked like he was about to have a heart attack and a some strange man in a Spandex suit who I couldn't Identify ( which I guess was the point) The all stroke hard as the tiny girl continued to stroke or suck some of the off. Then the skinny Latino guy who whinnied oddly and hit her in the mouth. Then the White guy started to cum but also started crying. He kept gibbering about "Thank you" and "god bless you" over and over. He hit her right in the bridge of the nose. Then the Fat guy came groaning as jizz shot from out of his folds. The last one was the odd guy in the Spandex suit who came on her breasts with a surprisingly large load for such a tiny cock. They all left her on the stage. Oddly enough she licked up some of the cum mix before a crew of other young women came on the stage and e****ted her off. I walked on though the convention I got a call from a dealers booth in the "enhancement" Row. I walked over to the dealer who was selling some sort of Pump and he was holding a short young guy and ask whats the problem
"This little punk isn't 18" he said miraculously
"Let me see ID" I said in my "No games voice"
The Young k** opened his wallet giving me his ID which was valid 18 year old
" He's 18 anything else the matter?"
"can you get him out of here he's making the clientele nervous"
" Ok buddy your legal but you gotta come with me baby-face"
He nodded and just went with me till I e****ted him to another part of the Convention hall.
I asked him a bit why he was here
" When I was in high school my baby-face got me a lot of grief and one day the Jock bastards slammed me in to a locker and wanted to see my 'Little baby-cock'. I guess I am small because they all had big dicks. I just wanted to get in the community that will accept me instead of going though pain"
I nodded and tried to understand as best I could. Then I got an Idea and took the poor boy over to the BDSM section and introduce him to the Mistress there and the exchange was welcomed. she looked at him and smiled
"Your a little too fresh for it but i think your face will fit here little boy"
she made him drop his pants and get an erection. She didn't think he wasn't that small. To be honest he wasn't. So I continued on my route until the about lunch and I took it. As I was walking out to get some real food the same Plain faced Petite girl walked up to me and stopped me. she smiled and said hello and introduced her self as Amy Brant. I of course introduced my self as Richard and was fairly blunt about my Hour lunch brake. she promised to follow and not get in the way. we talked as I went to small little Taquria that I like. The small woman and I talked about stuff.
"So why did you do that?"
" What? Oh the Bukkake? I enjoy pleasing guy who wouldn't otherwise get it. I think of my self as a self esteem booster of sorts"
I laughed " Really?"
She nodded " yeah when I am on my knees in nothing but a black bikini bottom and getting splashed with tiny cocks. I felt like I've given something back"
"Sounds like a fucked up reason to give a guy a blow job"
"Wow your really your name-sake Rich or should I call you dick"
I laughed" Sometimes I can be my name sake why what about it?
She smiled "You got to have the goods to be a dick"
" you want see if I have the goods?" I said
"Yeah why not" Amy said in cheerful voice?"
I laughed and said " no offense but you just covered by eight men's semen"
"And I got washed up and scrubbed clean and the two other times I do that show again today. The other two days of the convention is other girls"
I looked at her "really"
She made a Mmhmm noise then said "Well Dick now that we have that out the way do you want to show me or not?"
"Where" I said
"Plenty of abandon Alleyways" she said giggling. I nodded obviously she was detirmed
"Alright but real quick" I gave in. We walked out the small taco shop to a fairly hidden alleyway and I unzipped and revealed my flaccid cock. I don't just get hard over showing my cock to some random stranger. she looked at it and said " can I at least get him hard?"
I nodded "go a head"
She started to jack me off slowly and then wrapped her lips around me Harding cock till I came to stand at my normal 7 inches. she looked at it in and smiled and I laughed.
"too big for your taste?"
"No I like all cocks"
"That's good I said" I looked at my watch "Fuck we better clock back in"
She put my hard-on back in my pants and zipped me up and we walked back to the Convention center she said that he would see me around the Convention.
the Rest of the day was normal or as normal as convention could be that was focused on "Small Cocks". Though the two times when Amy was on stage doing her thing I came by and watched both times she smiled and winked at me. After the First day was over I went home. Saturday was similar as all conventions are three days of the same shit just different "events". Then I saw Amy at one of the seller booths. She had a bag that had some goodies in them along with bags of freebies from all the different booths. she walked near and smiled
" so your stalking me now?"
I laughed " no just making my rounds whats in the bag" I said curiously. She smiled and said "Nothing much just some stuff I got"
I smiled " too embarrassed to share?" She blushed a bit and said "Eh just some a pump and some hormones"
I nodded "For your small cocked friends?"
She paused "you could say so" she giggle shyly and we walked together for a little bit.
"you don't need a pump at all do you" she said coyly.
"You would know" I said laughing with her. We walked and talked about the convention and what we had seen. I finally told her I had to be other places in the Convention and said said "Before you go can I ask you something?"
I said yes of course. she shyly looked at me and said "Can I get another look at that cock after the convention?"
I said yes of course and we exchanged numbers. She said she would call Sunday night. Which was prefect since Monday and Tuesday where my days off. We parted ways and the rest of Saturday of a good day. Sunday was standard I didn't see Amy at all I assumed she was taking the rest of the day to enjoy her stay in LA. When I finally off I called her and asked her where she wanted to meet. She said that she was tired and really wanted to just to hang out at her hotel room. I of course loved the plan, maybe a little room service and then some more. I parked the car in the "visitor" area. I walked up to the Front Desk and asked for her room and the the guy simple told me she had told us of my arrival. I walked over to the elevator and then to her room and knocked she opened it only wearing her robe and what I assumed to be some underwear underneath.She welcomed me in to her Room which was alright better then the average.She took me by the hand to her table which had some bags of food. She looked at me and said shyly " if you want to eat we can eat before or after" then bit her lip. I came close to her and said "Why are you so nervous". She smiled and said nervously "well you know those toy's I bought right?" I looked over her "well there not for some friends there for me.."Her face became embarrassment to almost shame. I looked at her in the thin robe.Then I heard her starting to cry a bit and saying "I just didn't want you to find out right away". I embraced her not totally sure what was going on then I said "wait what" She sighed and said "I have a cock,small,tiny even,just your so,hot, and I just wanted you.." and she actually started balling. I looked at her and hugged her. She cried and then I said "Amy,Amy shh, look lets just have a shower and let's get this whole thing figured out she sniffed and said "really..please even if we just take a shower together"she said her voice perking up. I laughed and said "Lets just play". I lead her to the Bathroom and turned on the shower. I still had my security outfit on and I took it off raveling my less the awesome body. Yeah I was buff but I had more then a bit of a belly but she didn't seem to mind she was to concerned with her own body. She was hesitant at opening her robe I came over and pulled it off. She was in a lacy white panties and bra. I looked at her. Not much I hadn't seen before. She was blushing all over and I said " now lets see what this is all about." I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her close and kissed her deeply on the mouth. She had been eating chocolate. The naturally my hands began to cress her body till I cam to the crotch of her panties which twitched and began to grow a bit. She made a "mmm" noise as we continued to kiss.She seemed to relax once I was okay with the fact that she wasn't a traditional woman. She broke the kiss and looked at me and said "you don't mind?".I nodded and took of her bra revealing those small wonderful tits. I took one in my mouth and sucked them sucking on the nipple lovingly.she gasped loud and started ti moan deeply in to a groan. She started to relax and I finally hand my hand back on her panties I started to tug them off of her. She didn't stop me which was good that she was over her shyness. Then I pulled them all way off and she shimmied the rest of the way out of them. I looked down at her ans between her thighs was a small cock that was about semi-hard. I lightly touched the head with my thumb and it started to rub it a bit. Her face was in throws of passion and then once her 4 inch was hard I cup her surprisingly sized balls.I squeezed the two orbs and asked her "Do this still work?" she nodded and laughed shyly and said " They balanced the hormones just right. I am still fully functional". I looked at her down and up. She was quite a package, though I said her looks where average it was nice to see her naked. She was small petite girl with some curves, small firm breasts and nice shapely thighs that hid her little cute cock. She had of course a cute face and long blond hair. She looked at me shyly still and giggled. I looked at her face "What can't a man look at something beautiful?". I looked over to the already running shower and said "Shall we?" and we both stepped in to the hot wonderful shower. She looked up at me and I looked down at her small petite form her tiny excited cock. I noticed she had brought her own body wash and luffa. I got the luffa wet and put some of the sweet smelling body wash on it and started to scrub her tiny form down.She moan a bit and then she said "You?". I sighed happily and said "yes of course I've been walking laps in a convention hall all day" She started to scrub me down and went to my prick and then began to masturbate me till was I hard and looked at me with a grin. She looked at the soapy length saying " bigger then I remember" then giggled. I looked over her tiny form as she jack off my me I groaned deeply. I reached behind her and grabbed her ass and squeezed. She Moaned and then I reach deeper in her beautiful ass feeling the crack. she stopped stroking and said " would you like a better look?" giggling. I of course wanted one and nodded and she turn around and i looked at her two half moons then pulled them apart. her little winking hole was pink and clean. I looked it over and smiled she took care of her self. I took one of my fingers and soaped it up a bit and slowly inched it in to her back door. She moaned deeply as I kept going till my index finger was fully in her I could see her tiny,cute penis was erect drips of water falling off of it. She wiggled a bit as I began pumping in and out of her pink little hole. She began pressing her body against the title wall rubbing on it. She moaned deeply as I continue to finger her. She gasped loudly and relaxed. I pulled out of her ass and washed it in the shower as she turned around. She smiled and I asked "how did you do that" she smiled "non-ejaculatory orgasms, when someone is fucking me I can orgasm just from that". I looked at her hard tiny cock that was drooling long strains of pre-cum. She looked down at what I was looking at and giggled shyly. I grabbed the tiny prick and stroked it a bit a deep moan escaped her lips. She grabbed my already hard shaft and pumped it. She looked at me and said " would you like to continue this on the bed?" her eyes showing lust. I just nodded and we left the shower and toweled each other off lovingly. She flopped down on the big bed and followed and I kissed I crawled over her petite body and kissed her passionately on the mouth and continued to do so as one of my hands travelled over to her small frame and I smiled feeling her creamy skin, and subtle curves.I brought my 7 inch thickness against her small 4 inch petite cock and rubbed them together. She moaned then sighed deeply feeling are two lengths start to become slick with are precum. Then I looked down at her and said "how do you want to do this?"
She purred a bit and said "I've sucked a enough dick this weekend lets just get down and dirty!" she moved under my form until she had her leg pressed up against her body and her asshole was visible. I laughed "let me get you lubed up" she purred again and said "ye of course". I grabbed a large bottle of lube on the nightstand and began pour it over her asshole fingering her a bit to get her nice and lubed. Finally I put on a condom and lubed my self up and angled my self up with her and I pressed against her hole as her dick was still fiercely standing at attention. I pressed deeper in to her slowly easing my self in to her ass. Then Once I reach to my hilt I paused and looked at her. She smiled and groaned as her ass twitched a bit"Jeez fucking big Dick there rich". I laughed "you told me you wanted to know if I was a dick or not". Then I started to slowly pump in and out her tight slippery ass. The feeling of her tight little hole was lovely on my cock as I continued to fuck her. Then I noticed she had some of her toy's still lying about. I took a penis pump and began to use it on her. She squealed in delight as I began using the pump on her tiny penis as I began thrust in to her more. She moaned deeply as I continued. I finally stopped when her penis was bright purple and the head had gotten bigger. Then she moan loudly as I removed suction but her penis still was hard and purple. I tapped it and she wriggled and whinnied "its so sensitive please" and I laughed. I looked over at some more of her toys she had bought and found a male masturbation toy and put some lube on it and slipped it over her dick and began to masturbated her while I continued to fuck her in her ass.She whined and mewed and begged me as I continued to assault her tiny over simulated cock with the masturbation Sleeve Finally I stopped and pulled it off as she groaned deeply. I smiled at her and said "I think its time baby" she smiled at me and nodded just making a slight mewing sound I began to pound in to her deeply as I felt myself get closer. Then I rasped deeply "Come on baby cum for me! Come for Dick!"
She grasped her tiny lubed over dick and started pump frantically "I am so close please come with me!"
We looked deeply as each other as we both came hard. I could feel my dick being milked by her tight ass as I came. She came hard and large wads of her cum shot up and then landed on her taught belly as she screamed. She sighed and I sighed deeply. I pulled out slowly and look at her face she was on cloud nine. I looked down at my condom covered cock. I pulled it off and threw it the trash. I picked her up and she giggling said " what are you doing?"
"Shower again"
She giggled "Yeah"
we went to the shower and got washed up. She called the front desk and had me put on her bill for the night and we ate some Thai food. The rest of the night we cuddled and watch movies.

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