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Caught Masturbating

I pulled up to the light on my motorcycle, my bikes fairly quite. There is one car already waiting for this extremely long light at this intersection. I stopped and looked over and into the car. There's an attractive woman wearing a blouse and skirt with her shoes off. I also notice her panties are on the passenger seat. She's got her fingers and what looks like a vibe vigorously working on her cunt. She's right in the middle of a pretty big orgasm! When she cums down, she looks over at me and blushes. I say "Thank you!" "Now I think you need a spanking!" I point straight ahead and say "Up ahead about 2 miles is a park." "If you'll follow me, you'll have an adventure, you won't soon forget!" The light turned green and I went first. I actually didn't think she was going to follow me. But I looked in my mirror and she was right behind me. I pulled into the park and looked in my mirror again. Really expecting her to keep going straight. But, No! She was still right behind me. It's a fairly big park. And pretty much empty for a Friday afternoon. I rode to the farthest parking area, which I new had some smaller trees and bushes off the parking area.

I parked, she parked right next to me. I got off my bike, I put my jacket and helmet on the seat, knowing I wouldn't be very far from them. She had opened her door and was stepping out when I walked around the back of the car. She has her heels on now.

I said "Nice legs." She giggled a bit. I extended my hand as in a hand shake and to help her stand up. "My Name is Kevin and yours is?" "I'm Mercy"

"You are a beautiful woman indeed" "Do you often masturbate while driving?"

"We'll I just got off work and, well, yes I do on Fridays", she giggles and blushes again.

"Well, I think you need a spanking for being so naughty!" What do you think of that?
"Maybe you are right, I do need one!" "I suppose I have been naughty. I've been doing it for some time now."

"Come with me, Mercy." I hold her hand as we walk into the brush. I look around and see no one else in the park. We walk only a few feet into the brush, away from the parking lot.

"Let's lose the skirt" she steps out of it, and is now naked below the waist. She d****s the skirt over a bush. I see her pussy is bald except for a small patch above her lips.
"Let's loosen the bra too." She unhooks it in the back so it's loose.

"Put your hands behind your neck, legs spread a bit" I'm standing to her left side. I take her right breast in my hand while my 2 fingers fall around her nipple and start to pinch it, just a bit. She giggles a bit and starts to moan.

While my right hand starts on her right cheek, then her left. I'm spanking each cheek. Going back and forth. I move my left hand to her left breast and repeat what I was doing to her right breast. All the while spanking her. Increasing the strikes.
"I find it hard to believe you've never been spanked before."
"I have, just not in the forest!" As she giggles again.
"Lets see if I can get your ass cheeks to match the color of your blushes?"
She just smiles.

I continue spanking her.
This goes on for a few minutes. I take my left hand away from her breast. Gently caress it down past her stomach to her cunt. And slide 2 fingers easily into her cunt. I look at her face as she bites her lower lip and I feel her body give a shudder. The whole time I'm still spanking her. I finger fuck her a bit more. She releases another climax, breathing a bit heavier with this one. I slip my fingers from her cunt and bring them to her mouth. "Open" I say. She does and sucks her juices from my fingers. I stop spanking her long enough to lead her over to a tree. "Put your arms up here, ass out!" Now I take my belt off. And use that just a bit across her butt cheeks, since we have never played before and I certainly don't want to overdue it. They land more softly than anything else. I push her legs wide. And let the belt swing between her legs up against her cunt lips. Again not hard, more of a tease. I give her ass a few more spanks with my hand.

"OK, that's all for now" "How did you like it?"
She turned around as I'm handing her, her skirt.

"I loved it! I'd like to get some more of that!"

After she was dressed. We walked back to her car. We exchanged #s. She got into her car and drove off with a smile!

That's when I noticed a car parked a few spaces away. It was empty. I walked over to my motorcycle to sit and drink some water. When I noticed in the car a woman was reclined in the drivers seat and masturbating. So, I walked over to her car. She had her eyes closed and was concentrating on getting off. Her window was partly down. Right when I thought she was close to cumming. I knocked on the window. She let out a scream and tried to cover her bush. "What are you doing miss?" Like I had to ask that stupid question. She started to stammer a bit. I just let it out. "You really need a good spanking for doing that out in public!"

She said she had pulled up and heard noises coming from the bush's and got excited by the slapping noises. She had witnessed me spanking Mercy in the bush's. And got so excited she was dripping wet by time to ran back to her car, without us seeing her.

"Out of the car, Miss!" I told her to go into the bushes where the other woman was standing and get ready for her spanking. She practically ran there. pulled her jeans skirt up above her waist and said "Sir, I've been very bad I need a good spanking and maybe your belt!" "Yes, Missy, and that's what you re getting!" But I pulled her over to a fallen tree and sat down and pulled her over my lap and laid into her ass! I figured she had, had spanking before and knew what she was getting into. I lit her ass up. Scolding her for being a peeping Jane. She kept saying "Thank you, Sir!" "Yes! This is what I've been craving for so long!!" I spanked her hard for a good 15 minutes. Told her to get up, I'll be right back. Then I stood up to make sure no one else was peeping on us. Walked to the edge of the parking lot, no other cars, good! I walked back and she was vigorously masturbating to a big climax! Then I pulled her over my lap for another 15 minutes or so. Her pussy was dripping juices onto my lap! I then stood her up and took off my belt and bent her over the tree. And used my belt across her ass! I then said "reach between your legs and cum for me little bitch!" As I was pulling her hair. She again started to cum. "That's right little cum slut!" "Again!" She kept going. Like I had to say anything, huh! I stood back and watched her cum once more. "Now get up and get dressed before anyone comes looking." We walked back to her car.

She kept thanking me. "It's been way too long since my last spanking, Sir!" "I suppose we'll need to set up some maintenance spanking for you."

She gave me her # too!

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