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ll admit this is my fault, though not all my fault. It wouldn't have happened if I hadn't taken advantage of Howard in high school. I know that will sound strange. His brains and f****y connections marked Howard for success even then. I could see that as soon as I transferred to his school. I had to go live with my grandmother when my single mother ran a way with a lover who got her pregnant, a man young enough to be her son.

I guess I had inherited Mom's sex drive. I had been fucking since I had dressed up like a kinderslut and enticed one of Dad's (before he and Mom split) friends to do me at 14. I'd had plenty of boys in my old school and I liked doing it. I could have continued screwing in the rich suburban Robert E. Lee High, too, but some kind of female a****l cunning, told me this was my chance to escape marriage to a trucker or construction worker. (I had a weakness for the big macho types who could fuck my brains out, but I wanted the big house and fancy clothes I saw in magazines.) It wasn't a conscious plan -- I was only 16 -- but I knew, even if I could not have expressed it, that Howard was my ticket out of the lower middle class.

Lee High was full of rich bitches who were more interested in hanging on the arm of a hunk football player (though the price was pulling down their Victoria Secret panties, spreading their professionally waxed legs, and fucking like little minxes) than in landing a marriage partner. They would have plenty of time in to college to do that! So no halfway pretty girl would pay any attention to a boy like Howard who was 5'5" and slightly pudgy. I didn't have nice clothes, but I was at least a pretty as any of the rich bitches and I had a killer body even then. I had no problem making Howard's head spin.

Remember, this is me, a 35 year old housewife telling you this story. I didn't think I was being as manipulative as I now see that I was. Sixteen-year-old Terri Dyer was genuinely thrilled that a "nice boy" like Howard Archer wanted to date her. Since he was "nice," I knew I had to act like a "nice girl," too. We were a couple by Christmas of our junior year. The Junior-Senior prom was the first time that Howard touched my breast (with a bit of encouragement from me.) I still wanted sex, but I was smart enough to stick close to Howard and wait.

Over that summer I visited Dad and found guy at his construction site to fuck the daylights out of me like I had been missing. It was a good thing I had kept up my birth control prescription. He was a no-condom guy and worked hard at keeping my teen pussy full of his spunk, probably hoping to send me back to school with a baby. In my senior year I was back to technical celibacy. Sex with Howard progressed to me giving him hand jobs and letting him play with my pussy. When Howard started applying for universities, things got tense; it was obvious that Grandma could not afford to send me away to school, certainly not the schools that Howard would attend. I didn't want to loose Howard so did what I had to do.

At New Years, I went off the Pill. I also started dressing a little hotter when we went on dates, letting Howard see more of my legs and tits, which had developed nicely in the last two years. I really was in love with him and I figured right that I could get him to go all the way with me at the party after the Senior Prom. It wasn't a bad fuck, considering. He had an average dick and he was certainly enthusiastic about putting it in his steady girlfriend. I even had a decent orgasm. Howard had clumsily put on a condom, but it didn't do him any good. I had slathered myself with baby oil and the rubber was in tatters when he pulled out.

Howard was apologetic and nervous, but I told him not to worry, I wasn't at my most fertile time. I was, not that it mattered. If I weren't, I would have made it happen some other night. I waited until after missing my second period to tell him I was pregnant. Grandma and Howard's Catholic parents were upset and I pretended to be, but there was no question but that Howard would marry me. I moved in with the Archers the first year while Howard was in college and my belly expanded. My darling John arrived on Valentine's Day.

The year with Howard's parents was hard. They were too sophisticated to say it in so many words, but it was clear they thought I was a trashy gold-digger. And I missed sex even when he came to visit. Howard was one of those men that is squeamish about fucking a pregnant woman even though I wanted it more that ever, if that's possible. He wouldn't even play with me and I'd never been able to get him to eat me.

For the rest of Howard's college years we lived in apartments near his school. They were the best years of our marriage. Howard was sailing through school and then Law School and we did not lack for money. We fucked every chance we got, which was plenty. John was a trouble-free baby and there were plenty of young women to take care of him if Howard and I wanted to go out. At first Howard couldn't keep his hands off me (and his cock out of me).

His parents hated—and I secretly loved them hating it --our noisy lovemaking whenever Howard and I went home for a visit. I am naturally a screamer when I come and I made no efforts to control myself. The looks I got from Mother Archer were poisonous and Howard's dad was clearly envious as hell. One time when Howard's s****r Caitlin and her husband were visiting when Howard came home, they got to hear a three orgasm night. Caitlin was just as snooty the next morning as her mother but Reggie looked at me like a piece of raw meat.

After John was born, Howard's parents were keen that I not "burden him" another baby and I agreed that his college years were not a good time. They had me go on this Norplant stuff because I guess they thought I was too stupid or conniving to take the Pill. It must have worked or I'd have been knocked up no telling how many times before John graduated, the way we fucked. Unfortunately his ardor cooled pretty quickly. By the time he passed the bar, I was down to no more than one fuck a week, and not happy about it.

After Howard started working for this big law firm and his folks saw how being a "f****y man" with a beautiful wife was an asset for him, they changed their mind about babies. They still didn't like ME, but decided I was OK as a brood mare for Howard. They started dropping hints about it being time for Howard "to be a father again," as they put it.

I wanted more c***dren (Mom had let her young stud make her pregnant three more times after splitting with Dad), but their attitude and Howard's lack of enthusiasm in the sack really put me off. I pretended to go along but decided I would NOT get pregnant again, partly to spite my in-laws. By then I was half pissed at Howard, too, for not pounding me, making me come so hard I didn't know or care if he was making me pregnant.

I had the Norplant removed but started using an IUD without telling anybody. Some of Howard's and my our increasingly infrequent session of lovemaking would have coincided with my fertile periods so I pretended to be surprised that he wasn't knocking me up, but there was little chance. I even had myself checked told him the half truth; that I was very fertile. This left Howard and the f****y to conclude that is was his sperm count. I don't think he was really upset. The babies were more his Mom's idea than his. I was starting to loose respect for him, notwithstanding the money he was pulling down.

For several years I had to make do for sex with Howard and my secret collection of vibrators and dildos. Then I found Eve, or rather she found me. Eve was about my age, an equally unsatisfied wife in our upscale neighborhood. One afternoon I was at her house, a little sloshed on wine, and let on feeling sorry for myself about not getting laid more often. She was very sympathetic, telling me how pretty and sexy I was, how she envied my large, firm breasts. Somehow it seemed to make sense to let her take off my blouse to see me better.

And then she was kissing me and touching me and not just my breasts. I felt her hand slide up under my skirt, but I was too turned on to stop her. By then she had me laid out on the couch, kissing and nibbling my breasts as she slipped off my panties and began playing with my sex in earnest, never interrupting her patter about how sexy I was. When her tongue and lips brought me to that first girl-girl orgasm, a new world opened for me. I knew it would never take the place of cock, but I loved what Eve could do to me and what I soon learned to do for her. From them on, we spent many happy hours with our faces in each other's pussies.

Don't get the wrong idea, Eve was into men, too. In fact it was she who encouraged me find other men to give me the sex I needed. I started going with Eve to a bar out of town to dance. Nothing attracts men like two hot chicks dancing with each other. We never had to buy our own drinks. One night Eve was off in a corner letting some guy suck her tits while I was dancing and drinking with his buddy. He was a few years younger than me, but funny and hansom, and hung. He was in construction or something and had a faint scent of muscular toil about him: the kind of guy that always makes me wet. Our dancing turned into grinding, and before I know it, he had me in the back seat of his truck fucking me like a madman. Then we continued at his apartment for most of the night.

I never really looked back. It sounds like a cliché, but I started getting it from my tennis instructor, my personal trainer, and an assortment of gardeners, plumbers, and some very lucky delivery boys. Eve was doing the same; it was so easy in our neighborhood.

Once at a Christmas party I was dancing with one of Howard's partners. He had been drinking and put his hands on my ass and told me he always wanted me. I played the game and told him I could never; I had just been drinking and flirting. He was just about humping me by the end of the dance and I was turned on. I playfully slapped him and asked him to show me the house. He just about yanked my arm off getting me away from the dancers and down a dark hall. As soon as he closed the door to his office, he was all over me. I moaned that it was not right, and he should not take advantage of me because I was drinking. He wasn't buying it and soon I was naked from the waist down and he was licking me till I came while pulling his hair. He climbed on me and I begged him to stop. When his cock went in me, I stopped pretending to resist and started begging for it and cumming all over his cock. He was a real stud. I let him fuck me him pretty often after that because he knew how to give a woman what she needs.


Sorry if this getting long and kinda off the point, but you need to know who I am for the rest of this to make sense. Let's be clear; I was running around, but I was still a good wife to Howard who was getting all the sex HE wanted as well as being a very good Mommy to John who was turning from a cute little boy into a handsome young man. He was the kind of k** everyone took to and after puberty, a boy that girls went crazy over. Who could blame them; my son is a hunk. He joined the football team and started working out at 15. At 18 he is a lean and muscular 6'1'' and the captain of the team. It's kind of hard for a mother to accept, but it was obvious that he was fucking all the cheerleaders and any other girl he wants. I just wanted to scratch their eyes out.

Still, it was Eve, as usual, that started the ball rolling in a new direction. It was getting late one afternoon and we'd spent a wonderful hour or so in bed. I was "complaining" (half bragging, really) about my son's prowess with girls when Eve brought me up short. "It's not just girls, you know," she smiled mysteriously.


"You know Edwina Hart?"

"Sure, she's John's AP math teacher ... No!"

Eve flashed one of her sexiest, grins. "Yes. Seems her husband came home early one day and found his forty-year old wife with her legs wrapped around your just turned eighteen son's back, humping him and crying and begging him to keep fucking her. He was so intimidated by John he just stood and watched."

"But... she... She's..."

"Pregnant. And diamonds to donuts she didn't get that sexy bulge from her husband. I've heard they couldn't have c***dren because he's sterile."

I was stunned.

"Pretty sexy, huh? Edwina Hart, a married woman and a respectable school teacher so in lust with one of her students -- your son -- she lets him knock her up!"

I must have been gaping because Eve laughed and continued. "I wonder how it started." She paused and got this far-away smile. "I guess she'd hit that age -- like you and me -- where she just needed more sex than a hubby could give her, especially the wimp she's married to."

Eve's face was prettily evil as she spun out her fantasy. "Week after week she'd see John in class, unable to keep her eyes off his crotch, getting a little wet, wondering what it would be like. At some point John would have noticed and it became their secret game. She started wearing sexier clothes and let him peek up her skirt on days when she went without panties. He would adjust his package and grin at her. In the afternoons, she would rush home wet to masturbate, thinking about him."

"I wonder if she made the first move or did he?" Eve mused. "It doesn't matter. It was during an after school "conference." One minute they were talking about functional forms and the next her tongue was down his throat. Like the cocksman he is, John was feeling her breasts and driving her crazy. After bringing her to one orgasm on his fingers, she didn't resist when he pulled down her panties and took her on the desk, having to hold his hand over her mouth to keep her cries from giving them away."

"She probably felt guilty and fucked her husband that night for all she was worth, but all she could think about was your son and his big cock, ramming in her, stretching her, filling her .... Oh my God! She had been so excited she didn't think to make him use a condom. What if he had ...!"

"That did it! The thought of her belly swelling with the baby of a well-hung high-school boy sent her over the edge. She came hard, screaming like a banshee, climaxing like never before with her husband. Her pussy clamped down on his inferior prick and he squirted in a bit of watery sperm that she couldn't even feel. She lied to him that he had excited her, but when he rolled off of her and was snoring, she cried herself to sl**p."

"She told herself it wouldn't happen again, but five minutes after the next time John came to her after school, she was on her back on the same desk with her panties around her ankles, her skirt rucked up around her waist, and John's bare cock deep in her spasming pussy. Realizing then that she couldn't live without his cock, she started asking John over to her house to fuck her senseless as often as she could get him there."

"Eve, stop!" I gasped. My heart was pounding.

"Why?" she asked, playing dumb. "Does thinking about how John fucked his math teacher turn you on?"

"Eve, please!"

"Fucked her with his big cock until she needed it so bad she let him make her pregnant!"

"Eve!" I whined.

"Is that what you're thinking about Terri? Thinking about getting John's hard young cock in you and letting your son shoot YOU full of his potent baby juice?" She didn't give me the chance to lie and deny it. Her hand found my burning pussy. "This pussy says you are," she laughed. "You're swamp down there, girl! Well, it's not going to happen today, so better let me help calm you down before you go home."


That was the start of where I am now. To say I looked at John differently after Eve told me how my son had made is math teacher pregnant would be an understatement. Instead of my little boy, even my big handsome young man, I now saw a stud. And I reacted as I react to studs: being around him made me horny as hell and a little crazy. For example, we had a big snow storm here not long after that afternoon with Eve. Schools were closed so John was around the house.

I spent the day walking around in a lavender tank top (no bra) that was tight as my skin. The cold made my nipples hard. On my hips I wore just a green micro mini and a matching green thong. It made John crazy, like I hoped. We watched a couple of movies under a blanket. I threw my legs over his lap. I could feel his cock as I moved them from time to time. I know he got several views. But I didn't want to go too far, too fast. I was trying to play it cool at least till his father would be gone for a week.

Eve was bubbling with excitement when I told her about my hot "snow day" with John. "I'll bet he's jacked off thinking about that green thong and the wet Mommy pussy under it every nigh he's not out making some other MILF pregnant," she laughed. "Think about him running his lotion-slick hand up and down his cock, his eyes closed and moaning, 'Oh, Mom, Mom, you're fucking me so good. Mom, you're making me come in you... Agggg.' And a milk carton of thick white sperm shoots out of his pee-hole, thick white sperm you both wish were shooting into your hot Mommy pussy!"

"Eve! Don't say that. I was just having some fun with him. I'm not going to FUCK him."

"Yes you are. You're seducing him, making him crazy with lust for you. When you move in, he'll be helpless and Mommy will get what she wants: her son's hard thick cock in her."

"No, Eve. You're wrong."

"I'm right. You're gonna fuck him and I know why."

"Because I'm an oversexed housewife?" I grinned.

"Well, yeah, that, too," she laughed. "But mainly you're gonna fuck him so he'll get you pregnant."

"No!!! I could never do that."

"Sure you could. Howard would just think he'd gotten lucky again after all these years. And the old biological clock is ticking. You've admitted you want more babies. And John is the smartest, studliest man you know. It wouldn't take him long to put a beautiful, strong, bright baby in your tummy. And you'd be super sexy pregnant, your belly getting big and tight, those beautiful breasts filling up with milk. You'd be so horny Howard, John, and I together couldn't keep you satisfied," she laughed again.

Her obscene words had me hotter than a branding iron and without realizing it, I had my hand down my waistband fingering myself. "Hey, that's my job," Even said diving between my legs. I didn't argue with her anymore that day.


I still was not sure what I was going to do, but I knew I had a serious case of the hots for my son. Several days later Howard, John, and I went to Boston to look at colleges even though he is only a junior. (He turned eighteen this year before most k**s in his class because when he was 5, he was so cute I couldn't bear letting him go to kindergarten, so I kept him back a year.)

We decided to stay over Thursday night and when we got back to the hotel, I wanted to change. I had worn borderline slut clothes incase I needed to seduce an admissions officer, but I found most were women and from the way they looked at Jon, I knew he'd be admitted anywhere he wanted. I was very horny from seeing those young guys on campus and decided to go for a dip. My husband had no interest so it was just John and me.

It was nearly dark and the large indoor pool area was deserted. John looked so very hot in his baggy trunks and sculpted body. It wasn't hard to see the bulge I'd been wet for. I had on a small black string bikini. I got in the hot tube while John went for a swim. I got so turned on watching him I started playing with myself. I was so into myself I didn't notice when he approached until almost too late. Did he see his mother playing with her pussy? Could he have guessed why?

John got into the hot tub with me before I could get any release. We talked about the school and him leaving. I told Him how much I would miss him and how it made me feel old.

"You're not old, Mom."

"I sure feel that way when I see your girlfriends. I'm jealous of their hot young bodies."

"Mom you have nothing to be jealous of. They can't hold a candle to you."

"That's sweet, honey?"

"No, it is true. Guys stare at you wherever we go. All my friends have the hots for you."

"Well that is so nice of you to say, but you father has no interest in me and I guess my self-confidence has suffered."

"Well he must be crazy. If you weren't my mom you would be in trouble.

"If only you weren't my son," I said and leaned in to give him a peak on the cheek. "You are so sweet."

I placed my hand on his chest lifted my leg across his lap. I could feel he was hard as a rock. I smiled. "Did I do that to you?"

He turned red. "Yes, mom you look great in that..." His voice trailed off as he looked at my breasts.

"I'm sorry baby, I said. "I didn't mean to tease you."

"I'm not sorry, Mom. I wish you'd dress like that more often."

"Maybe I would if you always reacted like that," I giggled. I rubbed my leg back and forth. "I guess I can't leave you like this. If you promise not to tell I can help you with that," I said, nibbling his ear.

I slid my hand down over his cock and started rubbing him. He just moaned. "I'm sorry I can't do more, but I am you mother," I whispered and slid my hand in his trunks, and started playing with his head and worked up to jerking him off, slowly at first, then faster and faster while sucking on his neck and ears. "You are so sexy, baby. So much bigger than your dad. I wish I could have you!"

That was enough. He came violently, squirting an incredible quantity of cum in the water. I shuddered, thinking what that much potent young sperm could do in my fertile pussy. I stroked him slowly till he came down to earth and kissed him like a lover. "We'd better get back honey. We don't what your dad to get suspicious.

As we walked back hand in hand, I was thinking: Howard will be going away in two weeks! Was Eve right? Would I have the nerve to seduce my son? Would I be able to wait that long?

Saturday, the first morning we were back, John came down stairs while I was making breakfast. He put his arms around me and grabbed my breast. He was kneading them and pinching my nipples as he ground his big cock against my ass. I hand on a short silk nightie with spaghetti straps. I pushed back against him a moaned. He was kissing my neck. I couldn't let this get out of hands. "We have to stop, baby," I groaned but he ignored me. "John, baby we can't... your father will be down," I gasped, unable to pull myself away form him. He stopped only when we heard Howard's foot steps. I was wet and shaking as we sat at breakfast, Howard slightly puzzled at John's big shit-eating grin.

The rest of the weekend John kept trying to get me alone, but I didn't let him. My plan was to play hard to get and make him insane with lust till his dad went away. That night I got Howard to fuck me and made sure John could hear me. Thinking about him, I went crazy, begging to be fucked harder for him to "put that big prick in me lover and make me come." I was loud, mainly imagining it was John's cock in me and thinking about him hearing me, but I did enjoy it. You know what the say, even bad sex is still better than anything else. Hubby kept asking what got into me but he really liked it.

This was making me crazy also. Any time the three of us were together I was touching my husband but smiling at John or blowing him kisses or licking my lips when his father wasn't looking. If I walked by him, I rubbed up against him.

By Sunday afternoon I was so horny I had to go over to Eve's house to get relief. I almost attacked her when she opened the door. "Are you alone?" I gasped, turning that pixy face up to mine and kissing her as I drew her slim, curvy body to me.

"John have you worked up, again?" she managed to laugh.

"Feel me," I said and pushed her hand into my soupy snatch.

"Ummm, you are in a bad way, honey. Mamma Eve knows just what you need." Gratefully I let her lead me to the bedroom and undress me -- she looked like she was dressed for solo fun when I came. Gleefully she produced a double headed dildo and soon we were up grinding our lips together with it in us, coming and moaning.

Monday after Howard left for work I was walking around in a towel when John came in my room and started feeling me up. He got his hand under my towel and started rubbing my pussy. I almost melted under his touch. "No, John! This is wrong." I was genuinely afraid he would do me right then and I don't think I could have stopped him. Fortunately, the door bell rang. It was Eve coming over early for shopping as we had planned. John had to sulk away.

"Let's get Mommy some sexy boy-corrupting clothes so her poor innocent son won't be able to resist her," Eve giggled in the car. "You want John to be like a sexed-crazed a****l when he gets you, right?"

The next few days were just as crazy. Like one afternoon John came up and gave me a hug, making sure I could feel his iron-hard prick. "Please, Mom, I'm so horny. Can you get me off?"

I hesitated. "Like this?" I asked, stroking him through his pants and giving him a hot kiss. He groaned and looked so helpless. "OK, but this is the last time. We can't keep doing this." I pushed him back in a chair and undid his pants and ran my hand up and down his lovely cock a few times. "Wait here, baby. I've got an idea." I removed my shirt and bra and got some lotion. Kneeling in front of him, I squeezed his cock between my breasts and stared in slow motion to titty fuck him. He moaned and tried to grab me. "No touching. I'm your mother."

Soon he was humping begging for release. I just keep asking, "Do you like Mama's tits? Do you like to fuck Mama's tits, baby? Do you want to come on Mama's big soft titties? Do it, baby! Come for Mama." (I like to talk dirty.)

That was enough; he exploded, all over my tits and chin. Quickly, I scooped up as much as I could up and licked it off my fingers. "If you weren't my son, I would clean you off too," I whispered. He threw his head back and groaned in frustration. I walked away, smiling to myself.

He never got soft.


I don't know what I thought would happen, but I was surprised at what did. I was over at Eve's and as usual she was on my case about letting John fuck me and knock me up. As usual I was holding her off. "Even if I did let him fuck me, I wouldn't let him make me pregnant."

"So you admit you are planning to let him fuck you"

"I said no such thing, just that I wouldn't get pregnant if I did."

"And how would you avoid it? John doesn't look like a man to use a condom if he can get away with not doing it. And grown women seems to find him very persuasive," she laughed. "Do you think you would even want him to pull out?"

"My pretty little butterfly has severed me well for 17 years. She would keep even John's baby juice from knocking me up," I assured her.

"But you say he has a huge cock, what if he fucks your little friend out?"

"Oh, she's hung in there for some pretty hard rides," I joked.

"Too bad," she purred and started kissing her way down my belly. "This would be so sexy stretched tight with John's baby."

A couple of week later I was again at Eve's, almost ready to go when Howard called me on my cell and told me he was home packing, flying to Chicago for a meeting on Saturday. Eve perked up and said let's go out for drinks and dancing at one of our favorite high-class dives, "But not yet, Baby. Her fingers and lips found my clit and we didn't talk much for a while.

I was groggy with sex when I left for home to dress, putting on a short brown knit dress very tight and very low cut with thin straps. I had on 5" black heels a gold ankle bracelet, a few gold and diamond bracelets, and a choker.

When Eve picked me up about 6:30, she was wearing a red satin dress with a strap that went over one shoulder and left the other bare. Very short and tight. We call it her "classy slut" dress. She doesn't even own a pair of heels under 4" and loves thigh-highs. Of course she leaves her panties at home when she's on the prowl-- as do I. At the disco, Eve quickly found a guy about our age, quite handsome, while I did some bumping and grinding with several young guys. Rather than release, it just got me hot. We let the men buy us a few too many and Eve said she couldn't drive. "Call John to take us home," she suggested.

We were hanging onto John and laughing like streetwalkers as we wobbled to the car, leaving behind several sullen, horny guys. I rubbed up against John like a bitch in heat, touching his arm and chest as he drove. I slid my and down to his cock. He was so hard. "Did you ever think my little Johnny would grow so big and strong," I bragged to Eve.

"No, Baby. He's a real stud."

I continued to stroke him, feeing his delicious hardness. Finally, I took him out. "Look what I've done to my little boy," I told Eve. "When he gets like this I have to help him with his tension."

"You'd better. He looks real tense to me." She leered from the back seat

"Well if you think I should," I said, as I lowered my head to him lap and licked his head and member. I took him in my mouth while stroking him.

Eve was nibbling at his ear. "You've got a real hot Mommy, John; she loves to suck stud cock. You should return the favor by eating her horny pussy. She's soooo sweet and she loves to be eaten. And when you do, who knows what else you can do." I could only groan with his prick down my throat.

We didn't make it home before he had to pull over and stopped. I felt him expand and he came so hard and so much some dripped down him balls which I sucked off. "Get her home before she changes her mind about letting you go down on her," Eve whispered in his ear, cuddling with me in the front seat now.

"But only if you promise not to try anything," I added weakly.

"Don't count on it," Eve whispered and she kissed me, telling me how good John tasted on my mouth. Eve slipped her finger in me and kept me on the edge of orgasm the rest of the way home and I was boiling with lust when we arrived. She led the way to the bedroom and together they undressed me. They lifted my short dress over my head. John was kissing me while Eve kissed my neck and someone undid my bra. They each had on a nipple in their mouths. I was groaning and holding their heads to my breasts. I fell back on the bed and Eve keep sucking on me while she told John get undressed and lick me. In a trance I watched him step out of his clothes, slowly revealing his gorgeous body.

"You never told me how big he is," Eve hissed enviously. I felt John remove my thong over my heels. Eve continued to kiss and fondle my tits as John started kissing my inner thighs. "Eat me, Baby. Oh yeah, Oh, Baby!" I moaned in lust, pulling his hair. When his tongue finally swept over my lips, it sent chills up my spine. I nearly came. Eve was worked my ears, neck and breasts. John was attacking me with long soft stokes, then frenching me. I was pulling his hair. "My pussy, Baby, Mama's pussy!" I begged. He hit my clit and after a few flicks I was cumming with my son's tongue deep inside his mother's pussy.

I was too orgasmed out to realize exactly what was happening to me, but I heard Eve talking to John. "She's ready for it, John. Fuck her!"

"No baby we can't," I moaned, still coming down.

"This is your chance John. Do her," Eve almost ordered. I protested as he complied, lifting my legs.

"Don't you want it?" Eve taunted.

"Yes, but, but we can't!"

"Oh, but you can!" Eve growled and grabbed John's cock. "Here!" she ordered and pulled him to me, guiding his head to my lips. She rubbed it against my opening, and just keep asking, "You want it, Baby?"

"But it's wrong!"

"Wrong, but sooo sexy! You want it, don't you? Open up for him, Baby. That's it! More!"

I could feel the delicious pressure of John's cock pushing against my opening as Eve rubbed him against my wetness. "You know you want it, Terri. You need it. Let him in!"

"Yes, please, yes!" I couldn't deny it; all I'd wanted for weeks was John's cock in me. I was soaked. "Fuck me, Baby! Fuck Mommy!"

He needed no more encouragement and slid in slow but steady till I felt his balls against my ass. He pulled out except for the head and slid it back in slowly he keep this up over and over till I was clawing his back with my legs wrapped around him and screaming for him to fuck me, fuck Mommy harder!

He steadily picked up the pace till he was like an out of control a****l driven by pure lust. "I've always wanted you and this pussy, Mom. So wet and tight," he groaned.

Eve was whispering in my ear. "You got what you wanted, you little boy fucking you." John was now kissing me and driving his big cock in me. I was so full. "And now you're going to get your baby!"

"Noooo!" I wailed but Eve ignored me.

"She's fertile, John. Think you can knock her up? See how she's fucking you. See how she's cumming. She wants a baby John. Give her your baby!"

John seemed to pause.

"Tell him you want it, Terri," she cooed to me. Tell him to fuck you and come in you. Tell him you want to be pregnant with his baby. "

Eve's crazy words and John's pounding cock had me out of my mind. "John baby I want you! Cum in Mommy's pussy, Baby. Give me your baby, Baby.

John slammed into me and froze. I felt him expand, and then shudder, and, groaning like a wounded a****l, flood me like no man ever had. I shrieked in ecstasy as well and came all over him. He collapsed on me. I just kissed him neck and touched his sweat covered body. "Thank you, Baby. I love you," I whispered as I drifted off, his cock still only half soft plugging my pussy.

John woke me up twice more that night to make love to me -- who am I k**ding -- to fuck the daylights out of me, the first time with my heels to the ceiling and the second time doggy style. I sucked him clean each time. The next morning when he awoke, his mother was riding his big thick cock mouthing obscenities. He joined me in the shower and did me twice more that day before his father showed up that night. The last time I noticed he seemed to be treating me quite gently. "Come on, stud; give it to me. Or is this old woman wearing you out?" I teased.

"I don't like it when you say you're old," he said seriously. "I'm not tired; I decided I should be careful."

"Careful? About what?"

"Well, you know. What Eve said last night, about you having my baby."

"Oh, John," I laughed. "That's just Eve's little fantasy. I guess she got me going, but we didn't make a baby. I'm fertile this week, but protected. I've had an IUD for years. Why do you think you don't have a houseful of b*****rs and s****rs?"

"Oh," he said, obviously disappointed. "Sure, I understand."

I wondered if I did. Did my son really want to get his mother pregnant? I juiced a bit at the thought. Oh well, I could put that new wetness to good use. "Hush baby and fuck me. Fuck me good and hard!"


Howard's return made it difficult for John to fuck me as often as he and I wanted him to, but I still got it a couple of times Saturday and Sunday -- just from John. Somehow it didn't seem right to let Howard fuck me just then. It was like I was on my honeymoon with John and I wanted only him. Monday while John was at school, I cooled off enough to know we couldn't keep doing this.

It was dangerous, crazy, I explained when he got home from school. He just smiled. Even as I was explaining, he had his hand under my skirt. "If you don't want to get fucked, Mom, why aren't you wearing panties and why are you so wet?" He rather clinched his argument by taking me on the dining table, another screaming, heels-in-the-air, mommy fuck.

What was totally impossible was getting together with Eve to talk everything over. John would hardly leave me alone and eventually I started having to fuck Howard, too, to keep him from getting suspicious. I was worried, but God, the sex was great. Finally, almost a week later, we finally got together. She hadn't been getting as much sex as I had and insisted on making love first before talking. Then I told her everything. Not being able to stop, not wanting Howard. "The strangest part is that John actually seemed disappointed when I told him you were only teasing us about him making me pregnant."

"Who says I was teasing?" she grinned.

"OK, so 'you' think it would be funny if 'I' got knocked up. But it's not going to happen. I've got my butterfly," I smiled.

"You mean, this?" She pulled out a small familiar object and dangled it in my face.

"What? What is that? Where did you get that?

Eve just smiled as I sputtered to a halt. "You know exactly what it is honey, your precious butterfly. And I think you can figure out where I found it, in that sweet juicy and now probably pregnant pussy."

"How could you!"

"Easy, girl. Three weeks ago when I heard Howard was going out of town, I knew that was my chance. You got one of my best tonguings and came so hard you didn't know when I reached in and pulled your little friend out."

"You and John had this planned."

"No, but I knew I could count on John to behave like a horny male when he saw a pretty sexy woman d***k and available. But you did most of the job of getting yourself pregnant by John, just as I was sure you would"

"'I'?" I gasped. "I didn't do anything, well except let John fuck me."

"I believe a tied and true way to get pregnant is for a fertile woman to get with the most virile male she can find and fuck him and only him. And if you came like a bitch in heat, well, it's because you were. Your little reptile brain has been trying for years to get mommy pregnant again. I just helped."

I was sobbing. "But I'm afraid? What's to happen to me?"

"Your pants are going to get tight, and your tummy is going to get big, and your tits are going to swell and everything's going to be OK. You are a healthy, horny, sexy woman and Howard will be overjoyed to think he knocked you up again at last. And you've got me. We're in this together."

"Easy for you to say, but I'm the one who's pregnant."

"So am I!"

"You? You let Frank...?"

"No, not Frank, not this time, at least." She said with her most self satisfied giggle. "Who is the smartest, hunkiest, sexiest man I know?"

"How should I... NO!"

"Yes. When Edwina told me how John had turned the tables on her and made her pregnant and how sexy she felt to be carrying his baby, I got so hot I knew I had to have him too. About two months ago I threw away my pills and had him come over to help me "move some things" and let him seduce me; he suspected what I wanted. When I whispered to him that I was fertile, he nearly broke it off in me! When I knew he had knocked me up. I hatched the idea of getting him to make you pregnant, too so you couldn't be mad at me."

"Like Hell I can't!"

"Come on, Terri. You're going to be a mother of a baby fathered by prime stud and your husband will never know. You've got it made. And take it from me, with the right man, pregnant sex is even better than regular sex."

"I should choke you."

"But you're not going to be able to, if I eat that pretty pregnant pussy 'til you scream."


Well there we were, Edwina, Eve and I, three grown women who "should know better" all with swelling tummies because a high-school boy, my son, was so sexy we opened our legs and wrapped them around his muscular back as he filled our hungry pussies full of his hot, thick, baby-making cum.

As when pregnant with John, so when pregnant by him, my normal lusty enjoyment of sex turned into a gnawing urge, to the exhausted pleasure of the men in my life. Howard was surprised and pleased when I started demanding more regular sex and my orgasms as I fucked him were not faked: I was thinking about how his son had so recently had his prick where Howard's was now and had already given me the baby that I was begging Howard to give me. More than one repairman and delivery boy left my house tiered but happy to have found a sexy housewife hot for a roll. And of course John couldn't reenact often enough the way he "got Mom preggers."

Things turned out as you might expect. I missed my period and a beaming Fred congratulated Howard on getting me pregnant, too. Eve and I let them think what they liked. Edwina had her twins and Eve and I had our suspicions about the rash of other high school teachers getting pregnant.

Even the attitude of John's Aunt Caitlin improved noticeably after she turned up unexpectedly pregnant not long after a visit. Eve had a blond little boy and I had a darling little girl that looked "just like Howard," so his f****y thought. By the time John went off to college, Edwina, Eve, I and several of his teachers were all nursing the second round of "unexpected" babies.

The End

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