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my wife was out for the night with her best friend from work

she always came home about 1am as a rule, and although i fantasised all the time about her fucking other men and coming home to tel me about it, she always to my knowledge remained faithful and only ever admitted to dancing with guys nothing more.

This one evening, i knew Claire (my wife) and her friend (dawn) were going to a new club in town, claire had organised it to cheer dawn up, who was having problems at home with her man.

I watched my wife get changed, black sheer lingerie underneath a low cut top and knee length skirt, immediately I began thinking of her flashing guys etc and found myself hard and turned on.

Hearing Dawns car, Claire gave me a kiss and told me not to stay up for her, like normal she would txt me when she was on her way home.

Settling down in our lounge, my mind wandered to her sexy body, 34dd boobs, shaved pussy and size 10 figure, even at the age of 38 she looked good.

I couldnt stop thinking about her lingerie and as normal on her nights out I went upstairs to our bedroom, took few beers up and found some pretty pink lingerie for me to wear for the evening. The feeling of the lacy panties around my cock, always got me off, but better still, the silky feel of her neglie against my skin topped it off.

never wanting to admit my little fetish to her, I only had the chance to dress up once a fortnight and i always made the best of it. Searching under the drawer of our bed i found the dvd i wanted.

Lying on the bed I watched the film, getting off to the point of seeing a woman dress up her hubby and f***ed to suck her lovers cock.

I slowly wanked myself and came all over her panties as the lover came into the hubby's mouth

now normally I would clean up and make my secret safe again, but tonight I came and seemed to drift staright to sl**p.

Around 11 I thought I heard the door and chatting downstairs, but checking my phone, no txt so in my slumber I carried on asl**p on top of our bed. Still wearing her panties and negligie.

Then to my shock the door opened, my wifes head popped round the corner and she started to say she was home early with Dawn becuase she was still upset and my wife said she could spend the night at ours. She got half way through that sentence as she saw me lying on the bed.

'My god you perv', she screamed and ran out the room.

As I suddenly wake up the door opens again, see Dawn he is - and the next thing i know Claire and Dawn are stood over me laughing and pointing at me

'sorry' i mumble i couldnt help myself, i love wearing this

Claire says take them off at once, but Dawn is still gigling and says no claire lets have some fun with him

'Keep them on and come downstairs with us' she tells me

'yes why not' Claire agrees

I see dawn take her mobile out and flash, she had a pic of me lay ont he bed wearing cum staining panties.

'now you will do what we tell you' dawn says giggling, 'or else your workmates get this sent them.

That was the night the rest of my life changed

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