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My First Mature Woman

Cheryl was our neighbour when I was in my teens. My parents were good friends with her and her husband. She had 2 boys who were away, one at boarding school and the other at college. Her husband drank a lot and sometimes they argued and he became abusive. I used to see her sometimes in the park when I would walk our dog,we would talk and I could tell she had just left the house to get away from an argument.
Once, when I was home alone, she came and knocked at our door and asked to come in as her husband had locked her out and passed out cold. We sat and watched TV and I looked over to see she was shaking and nearly crying. I gave her a hug to comfort her and she laid her head on my shoulder and gave me an odd sort of look and told me I was a kind-hearted young man. My folks came home just about then and she jumped away from me, but stayed for tea and they walked her home and got her door open for her.
Not long after, my Dad had a week's business trip to New York and took my Mom along. They asked Cheryl if she would keep an eye on me and she said sure, maybe I should sl**p over at their house. So I wound up in one of the sons' old room downstairs, off of the f****y room. After dinner I went down to the room to do some school work, and then I sat on the sofa to watch TV. I could hear them arguing upstairs but later it got quiet.
Not long after, Cheryl came downstairs. She was wearing a chiffon robe and when she bent over to ask what I was watching, I could see her milky breasts hanging with just a bit of dark areola showing. We sat and watched TV when I felt her shaking next to me and knew she was crying again, so I put my arm around her and patted her hair. She looked up to me and I tried a little kiss, before I knew what was happening, we were tongueing each other and she was clinging hard to me. I ran my hand down her side to her hip and back up to cup her breast. She let out a little moan and squirmed tight against me, then she rubbed her hand against my rock hard cock. I opened her robe and she was wearing a nightie underneath and no pants. She had great low-slung but firm medium size breasts, a bit of a tummy, and generous hips and ass. I laid my hand on her pussy and fingered her clit as we soul kissed deeply, she wriggled around and put her hand down my sweat pants and began to stroke my cock. She asked me 'do you want me ?' which of course the answer was obvious, I dropped my pants and laid her back and entered her juicy wet pussy right there. She thrust hard up against me and gave a little moan of pleasure. I pistoned in and out of her like crazy as she whispered in my ear, 'fuck me baby - fuck me hard'. I couldn't hold back from cumming and shot a huge load of cum into her as she bucked and squirmed under me. We lay there exhausted for a while, then she turned over sideways and we nestled together like spoons. She began to rotate her great ass into my crotch and soon had my cock responding again. I slipped into her from behind and we enjoyed a prolonged slow fuck until I finally came again. I fell asl**p and when I woke in the morning she had gone, back upstairs.
I went up to the kitchen and there she was in the same robe, making some coffee. She told me her husband had already left for work, she felt guilty for what she had done to get revenge on her husband, and asked me to promise never to say anything about what happened. She turned toward the counter to get the coffee and I came up behind her, put my arms around her, cupped her breasts in my hands and ground my stiffie against her butt. She pushed back against me, the robe dropped to the floor and i was soon doggying that magnificent, slightly cellulited, cushiony middle-age ass as she writhed and moaned - very loud this time as no one could hear us.
We kept up the affair for two years until I went sway to college. On Tuesdays, when she was supposedly at her Church Ladie's Auxiliary, I would cut classes and she would pick me up a few blocks away from school. we went to a cottage they owned not far from town and we would spend the afternoons fucking our brains out. I really enjoyed it when Cheryl would get on top of me and swing her lovely hangers in my face. Her nipples would get hard and big as my little finger, and she would beg me to suck hard on them as we fucked and she shrieked with delight.
After I went away to college, I only saw Cheryl at semester breaks and sometimes in the summer, and she would always make time to see me. After graduation, I moved away from town and Cheryl divorced her husband. She had some men friends, but we would have our 'special' times together whenever I happened to be in town. Her warm tight pussy was always ready for me , even when she was in her 70's. Sadly, Cheryl passed away last year, but I'm left with great memories of the fantastic fucking we enjoyed for such a long time.

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