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Sally's punishment for texting while driving!

I was riding my motorcycle to the hardware store in Long Beach, near LBSU, to pick up some eye hooks. There was a car in front of me all over the lane. I thought that person must have had a few drinks for lunch? Or they were on the phone or texting??
I switched lanes and came up on them on the drivers side. I couldn't believe it? It was Sally! And, yes, she was texting! She knows I hate when people do this while driving! When I'm riding my motorcycle I want people to pay attention. I was pissed! I laid on my horn. (The horn on my bike is louder than most cars). It scared the crap out of her. Because she jumped and dropped her phone onto the floor of her car. When she looked up she had this pissed off look and was about to cuss me out. Then she realized it was me. I pointed to pull over! She quickly did. I followed and pulled behind her. I got off my bike. I walked up to her and told her to "GET OUT and step to the curb, NOW!" She quickly unbuckled her seat belt (good thing she was using that!). And got out and walked to the curb. Before she could say a word. I said "What in the fuck were you doing texting while driving!" "You know it's against the law!" "You know I hate when people do this!" "You weren't driving in your lane, you were swerving!" "WHAT IS SO DAMN IMPORTANT THAT YOU CAN'T PULL TO THE SIDE AND TEXT!!" "who we're you texting anyway?" "You are Damn lucky I don't pull down your jeans right here and now and give you an ass whipping!!" This whole time she was just looking up at me, ready to apologize. Sally finally jumped in "I'm so sorry!" " I didn't know you were behind me!" I said " i don't need an apology!" "If a cop saw you, they would have given you a ticket!" "And it would have been justified!" Sally said, "I was texting Susan, telling her I was running late!"
I finally said "You know what this means, don't you!" She damn well knew exactly what it meant! I said "I hope you are free tomorrow morning?" "Because I'm coming over!" "When you answer the door, you will be naked and ready to receive your punishment!" her only reply was simply "yes Sir." I added "Isn't Susan the one who was asking about your spankings, that she was curious?" Sally said "Yes, she was the one." I said "I would have her come over and watch you get your punishment." "But that would turn her off completely, it will have to be another time." "Be ready at 11am."

After I left Sally texted Susan>

Sally: I am in so much trouble for texting while driving!

Susan: did you get pulled over by a cop!!

Sally: Worse! By Kevin, the guy that spanks me. I told you about!

Susan: What did he say? It's none of his business!

Sally: He hates it when people don't pay attention while driving. He rides a motorcycle and comes across all sorts of stupid people.

Susan: So, what's he gonna do about it!

Sally: he's going to punish me tomorrow morning!

Susan: can I come over and watch!

Sally: No, not this time. But he did say he'd like to spank you some time!

Susan: Cool! Are you still coming over now?

Sally: yes, I'm on my way.

I walk up and rung the door bell. Sally opens the door, naked just as I had ordered. I walk in and grab her arm and walk her over to the table. I put my back pack on it and let go of her. I reached in and pulled out some leather restraints. I said "put your hands out in front of you." She does. I start attaching one restraint to her left wrist, then her right wrist. I say "do not speak, unless i ask you too!" Sally just looks at me very nervous like. I walk her over to the couch and push her onto it, sitting. I lift one ankle and attach the restraint to it then the other ankle. I say "stand". We walk back over to the table. I put my bag on the floor. I said "bend over, reach to the other side." She's now stretched over the top of the table. I attach a rope to the restraints and tie her wrists to the legs of the table. I walk back over behind her and tie her ankle restraints to the other table legs. She's now spread and waiting.

I say "You are to count out loud, ŕ, Thank you Sir." "Do you understand?" Sally's response "Yes Sir, I understand!"

I say "Today, Sally we are going to go to 100!" "Because as far as I'm concerned, this is an extreme offense!" "Do you agree?" Sally responds with "Yes Sir, I agree." I continue with "I'm not going to be using my hand." I put my bag back on the table and reach in and pull out a large wood paddle with holes in it. I say "this is what you will get 100 strokes with!" (one of her dislikes)

I thought she was going to start crying without me even starting.

I say "All I want to hear is you counting, nothing else."

I reach back into my bag and bring out a blindfold. As I'm putting it on her. I say "this is so you can concentrate on each blow to your backside!" Sally nodded and said "yes sir."

I step behind, to the side. Tap her butt. I Swing back a bit, starting off easy, since we have a long time to go. Crack! She jumps a bit and says ŕ, Thank you Sir!"

I give her 9 more before stopping and walk up to her head and scold her for her stupid behavior. "What you were doing is so stupid!" "Did you even think of the consequences!" "NO, I DON'T THINK SO!"

I step back into position

I start again CRACK! Harder this time! Sally cries out! ൓, Thank you Sir!" I give her another 9 and stop. "You could have run me off the road!" "Or anyone else for that matter!" "Or you could have simply cause an accident!" "And killed someone!"

I step back again, swing back and CRACK!! Harder still! ൝, Thank you sir". Her voice cracking on the verge of tears. By time we reached 28 she starts to cry.

I stop at 30. "You hear about accidents everyday where people are texting!" "And yet people still do it!" "Because they think, "oh, that can't happen to me!" "Well it can happen to anyone!"

I land the next one, CRACK! Sally says "UGH!! ൧, thank you sir!"

At 40 I tell her "you'll need to explain to your boyfriend why your ass is so sore and bruised!" "Why you deserved it!"

Every 10, I stop and scold her. We reach 90.

I stop. "I hope you learn from this punishment, that you are NEVER to do this again!" I see her nodding through her sobs.

I step back and give her the last 10! By time we reach 100 she is balling a river of tears!

I untie her legs then her wrists then the blindfold. I help her to her bedroom and lay her on her tummy. I get the cream and start to apply it all over her backside. She's crying into her pillow. I ask her "What are your thoughts?" after a bit she speaks "I'm sorry Sir. I know it was wrong." "I'll NEVER do it again, I promise!" "My ass is SO SORE!" I say "Yes, it is and it will be for quite a long time." "It's also bruised." "You'll need to sit down carefully for a while."

I say "Lay here I'll be right back." I walk to the kitchen and get a glass of cold water for her. I return to the bedroom. I say "Drink this." "I want you to lay here and think about it some more, I'll let myself out."

Right before I leave the room. Sally says "Thank you Sir."

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