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More than just a Spanking

This is a TRUE story! The names have been changed to protect the guilty!b]

Over 12 years ago I was new to the scene and I had been talking/emailing a woman (Eliza) who lived the life style.

I had done a lot of reading/research on it. It really intrigued me that there are people who enjoy a good spanking.

I had spanked a few other people but that's all I did. So we had met a few times so I could spank Eliza. Then there was this one session we met and did more than just spanking.

Eliza lived on the second floor of an apartment that was along an alley near downtown Long Beach, Ca. I walked in and we decided since she just had some new eye hooks installed in her ceiling, we should test them out. She already had a St. Andrews bondage cross against the front wall in the living room.

I had her strip. I stayed dressed. She handed me a pad to put over my lap. She climbed over my lap and I began spanking her. She was enjoying it so much she climaxed and squirted out her special juices onto the pad. I said "OK, let's move onto bigger & better things." She rolled off my lap and went to get a drink of water. Because cumming the way she does (squirting) takes a lot out of her and she needs to Keep hydrated.

Her second bedroom was filled with everything you could imagine. Like 15 different canes and tawses, paddles, wooden slappers, leather slappers. Many different dildos! Some double headed. She practically had everything you'd ever need! I was Really impressed!

I grabbed some spreader bars & rope and a blindfold.

I brought them into the living room. Had her lay on her back on the carpet under the ceiling hooks. I attached the spreader bar to her ankles. I put the rope thru the eye hooks and hoisted her legs up, so they were straight up. It lifted her ass off the carpet, just a bit. Then I attached the other spreader bar to her wrist. I ran the rope all the way across the room, and attached it to the couch (the only thing I could attach it to) I thought maybe she needed more eye hooks on that wall, lol.

I almost forgot. I put 2 pads under her ass a bit. Because I knew damn will she was going to cum. Even though I told her she did not have permission.

I blindfolded her. I then started to play and pinch her nipples. She started to moan. So I knew she liked it! I got up and walked back into her second room and grabbed lube a butt plug, dildo, a few cloths pins.

I knelt next to her and I picked up 2 cloths pins and attached 1 to each nipples. She sucked in a nbreath sharply as I did this. She hadn't stopped moaning since I first started touching her nipples. I then ran my fingers down past her tummy to her wet cunt. I began to rub her clit. Her hips started to gyrate. This whole time I'm telling her "you're a little cunt." " My little bitch" "How I love to tease and torture your body!" "Don't cum slut!" "Don't you dare cum!" as I'm finger fucking her. Then she let loose with an explosive climax! Gushing all over my hand and the pad. She's breathing heavy. I then knelt between her legs.

I lubed up the butt plug and slid it into her tight little asshole. I said "Don't you dare pop that out!" her breathing had returned to somewhat normal considering the position she was in! The excitement she was in. I picked up a good size dildo. I started to run the length of her cunt with it. I then slid it easliy into her. And fucked her with it getting her close to cumming. Then backing off. Her moans and groans grew louder. I did that a few times. I then attached two cloths pins to her cunt lips on either side of the dildo I had left in her.

I then went back to the second bedroom and found a large knife. I again knelt next to her and ran the knife around her nipples and over her tummy and sides. I got up and went between her legs again. I ran the knife around her cunt lips. Then down one leg slowly then up it. Over her cunt and down her other leg. She was shaking and moaning, and was really into it.


I then put the knife to the side. Took a hold of the butt plug and the dildo and started to slide them In & Out slowly building up speed. I knew she was close. She started another explosive climax! Her juices gushing out around the dildo and my hand and the pads. I continue fucking her holes with both toys. I stopped with the butt plug just long enough to take the cloths pins off her nipples. She kept gyrating her hips even more. I knew she was close again. In & out the dildo went! In & out the butt plug was going! I released the cloths pins attached to her cunt lips and she exploded AGAIN!! She was breathing heavy and exhausted!

I released her arms and legs and untied everything. She got up with some help and wobbly legs and staggered into the kitchen to get another tall glass of water, or two.

She went and took a shower because she had worked up quite a sweat and was covered with her cum juices. She dried off and found me in her second bedroom just looking at everything. Right in the middle of the room was a massage table set up.

I said "Now you need to be punished for cumming without permission! She had a big smile and got up on the massage table. On her hands & knees. I slapped her ass a few times getting it pink just a bit. Then I reached into a barrel she had canes and other toys sticking out of. I grabbed a cane. I said "Ready?" Eliza said "YES!"

I cracked it across her ass a few times. She was difinately loving everything I used! I also used a yard stick and a flogger and some other toys. She didn't cum anymore. But I do believe she enjoyed herself! I sure did!

Then she gave me a super blowjob! I came in her mouth and she swallowed!

They say Every Guy Is A Freak! It Just Takes The Right Girl To Bring It Out!
She did!

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