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My cousin drunjk as can be and a little horny to b

well this happend a week a go my cousin i will just call her kim wont use her real name ask me to babysit she ask me to watch her son you know for a few hours while she was out at a bar with some girl friends i got payed 20 bucks and payed with pussy as well but i did not know this would happen when she came home a round 215am i was glad i had spent the night just watching tv and doing meetme and face book on my cell phone and watching videos here on xhamster the mobile ones you understand well she said is he a sl**p i said yes kim he is i could tell she was wasted by the way she talked and she was walking funny she game me the money and said ty i said no big well she went up stears as i got ready to leave to come home i live just right down the street from her home i grabed my cigs and cell off the end table and headed out the door when she called to me i went up stears i told her not so loud u will wake him up he only like one years old she said looked iam bombed i need help undressing and geting my night gown on me she had on bles shorts and a black t shrit her panties were bright pink i helped her as she ask me to do she did not have on a bra and her tits are big they are in the dobble dds like 32 or 34 dobble dds big ass tits when i saw this i know it was worng but it made me hard as can be she looked at me and said do you like what you see i said yes kim i do she said well iam bombed and if i was reg and not like this wasted like iam i would never let u see me like this or think a bout what iam thinking now i ask her what she had in mine she said well i have not been fucked since my k** was made and that was a year a go jim and me had a fight a few days a go so he gone and me and him have not done it in so long because of his work and me with the k** all day long we both get tired i said ok she said well would you like to eat my pusy and fuck me no 1 will ever know i said idk she said most likey i wont remmber this when i get up because of how bombed iam i said ok i guess so we did it i ask can you get prego she said yes i like it bearback so dont cum in me cum on meok i said ok when she saw my dick she said you are small but size dont mattter i said yes kim it dont i know what iam doing after this she said i had all sizes some men with smaler like you have fucked me way better and made me cum like there is no tomorrow with this i ate her pussy for a few minutes while she sucked me we did the 69 after that we started to fuck we fucked for over a hour i did her real slow so i would not cum to soon i wanted it to last it been a little while sine i had gotin pussy and i was going to take my time with kim after what seemed like a long time over a hour it had been she said omg iam going to cum shit iam going to cum with that i did her faster and harder i said yes omg yes me to i want to give you some of my cum kim she said remmber on me i said ok but her pussy was so wet and good i all most lost it and cumed in her put i pulled out and cumed on her just as she cumed all over my dick and the bed we kissed and i layed there for a few she said ty a gain for watching her son i said ya she said are little serect i said yes i got dressed and came home the next day when i saw her she remmberd ask did you tell any one i said no she said good keep it that way she told me that it cant ever happen a gain because she scaryed some one will fine out i said ok i would love to fuck her a gain but idk if i ever will if i do i will tell you a bout it the end

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