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The Married Man's First Time, and my neighbor

Since this is a true story, I am only going to use peoples first initial.

Had been chatting with D on the phone for a while, he was Belgian and closeted. He told me he didn't have much experience with a guy, aside from doing hand jobs with his frat boy buddies, as some initiation, but had been thinking about doing something more with a guy... told him I was not a pushy person that we could meet for coffee at a local donut shot and see what happened. He figured, he would be more comfortable having coffee at my place, so he wouldn't have to worry about someone overhearing him. We arranged a time, and he was early. I answered the door, in a t-shirt, new blue sweatpants, and the tightest underwear I could find... he had described himself to me, and he was the chubby hairy bear I always find myself drooling over...and since this was out first coffee meeting didn't want to think to much about it. When I opened the door for him, he was by all accounts, a walking teddy bear! He had a scruffy bear, I could see the tops of a might fine
hairy chest poking through the top of his t-shirt, and those forearms were furry enough to comb. We walked into the living room, he sat clear across the room from me, as I was talking to him, I kept inwardly drooling, and trying to keep him calm...but there was something strange, I remember having vacuumed the house before he came over, but I kept finding 'blue lint balls' everywhere. I grabbed a few of them that were sitting beside me, and said I would go get the coffee, came back with two cups, and noticed a trail everywhere I went, it was the damn sweats! Told D, I had to go change into another pair of sweats and would be back in a second. I started walking away, when I heard from behind me, 'you could just take em off', not being a shy person, I told him I had thought of the same thing, but didn't want him to fly out of the second floor window because he got nervous.. he just gave me a dopey looking smile, so I dropped them in the living room, in
what could only be described as superhuman speed, D, was on his knees working on the waistband of my shorts, I was already getting hard, and as I stepped out of the waistband of my sweats, he was pulling the cock out. The man devoured my cock, without hesitation. I felt the back of his head and pulled it closer to the root, I started to lean down and feel the inch long fur on his back, it was coarse and thick like him. I suggested we move to the bedroom, but made it to the sofa. I fell back into it as I felt the Belgian slobbering on my cock. His shirt came off with a bit of struggle, because D, had thought about sucking cock for far too long, and prying his warm mouth of of my cock to enjoy his nakedness proved challenging. When me sitting on the couch with my legs spread, with his meaty hand on my balls, and the sight of his naked torso sitting between my legs, I leaned down and kissed his forehead, with a pleading look in his eyes, I knew that it was
okay to kiss him on the lips. He showed a little hesitation when out lips first touched, but as I guided his head to the side, and started probing the inside of his mouth with my tongue and feeling out tongues touching and moving along side one another, his kissing became more frantic and more intense. I pulled him up to his feet, and started to unbuckle his pants, I could feel the precum his cock had already put out through his shorts. After turning us around and having him sit on the couch, I felt it was time to treat him to a blow job. His cock was not long, but thick and appeared to be thicker at the base, as I put my mouth around his cock, and started sliding down it, i could taste the precum and smell the soap that he used as my nose buried itself into his pubes. I heard him say that his wife would not suck his cock, and never let him cum in her mouth, I had to respond with 'I'm not your wife, and she has no idea what she is missing' I continued
sucking on his cock and feeling his tight ball sack, as my fingers probed between his legs, he started to slide off of the sofa to have his ass meet my fingers. As I started licking his balls and working his sac in my mouth, I started to massage the area between the base of his sac and his ass, he started moving wildly on the couch, wanting me to fuck him, I assured him that I heard him, and continued sucking on his cock, wondering if his precum would ever stop. I led him to the bedroom, and placed him on the corner of the bed. I again started nibbling on his cock, and lifting his legs, I think he originally thought that I was going to return working on his balls, but with those furry cheeks, hiding an untouched pink pucker in front of me I knew where my tongue was headed. D almost had to be pealed off of my bedroom ceiling when he first realised that my tongue had slid up the entire length of his crack. He tried to sit upright, but I held his legs up
over my head to do it again. When he relaxed, I asked him to roll over and be on his knees. I didn't immediately attack his ass, but the temptation exsisted, I worked on stroking his cock with my hand, milking it, and feeling his ball sack get tighter, as I started kissing and licking his balls, I was able to play with his hairy crack, the ass fur felt wonderful as it slid between my fingers, he was getting more relaxed and starting to breath heavier, I took the chance and parted his cheeks and exposed his untouched pink pucker, I licked the length of his ass like an envelope, and slowly started playing with the ass fur with my lips and tongue, his cock continued dripping and his ass became more attentive, he was obviously enjoying has ass being played with. I asked him if I could use some lube on his cock, if that was how he normally got off, he just grunted, I poured a little lube in my hand, and worked it into both hands, and liberally spread it on
his dripping cock and balls, as I started to knead his balls and he felt them slipping through my fingers, he was putty. The big teddy bear lay there, with his ass in the air, cock hard, ass glistening with sweat, I couldn't resist by this time. I had to work his hole more, I started tracing the outside part of his pucker with my finger, spreading it a little at a time, not wanting him to clam up and shut me out,. I asked if this was okay, he just replied with, "I want you to fuck me, I want to feel your cum shoot in my ass, make me your bitch"...I had to resist the temptation to laugh, because I knew he was channeling every bad porn movie he had ever watched, I slipped my index finger into his was, and instantly felt him tighten up. I asked him to breath, and told him that forcing my finger or his cock and hurting was not going to help my hard on. He was safe,. I slipped the finger out again, and started massaging the round beautiful furry cheeks, I
got up from the floor and asked him to just lay on the bed, that maybe a massage would help him relax and make it easier for me to slip a finger or two into his ass, he seemed to crumple onto the bed. I only had hand lotion beside the bed, so used that on his shoulders and started on his back, I have to be honest, I had no interest in massaging his shoulders, or his back, I wanted to massage his prostate, I wanted my cock in his ass...but I continued the pretense of the massage, he he seemed to be enjoying it, I crawled onto his back with the majority of the weight on my knees as I straddled him, leaned my chest into his back and kissed the back of his neck and nibbled on his ear that was exposed, he loved it, He asked me to just lay on him, and to let him feel my weight on him, as I did, my cock was centered on his butt cheeks, and started just humping and going through the motions, of fucking him. I t didn't take him long to catch onto the rhythm,
and together my cock and his ass started a silent dance. It was D, that reached between my legs, and started placing the tip of my cock at his hole. I could feel him making every effort to bury my cock in his ass. I pulled back to an upright position and rolled on a condom, and liberally spread lube on my hard cock, when I placed the head of my cock to the tip of his ass, his body bounced forward. I slid my hands on to his hips, and told him to breath, to relax that I was not going to f***e it in, that I was a patient man...his back dropped and his belly almost touched the bed, as I put the head of my cock on to his hairy hole, I could feel the tightness. I managed to get my cock in through the first ring, and waited, his back was not sweaty, and the dark fur was curling in on itself. I pulled out a little and slid back in a bit more, D.continued to breath and wiggle that great round ass, I felt the second ring offer a great deal of resistance, I kept my cock in place, and started stroking his hole, I asked him if he was okay, he just moaned, I asked again if he was okay, and asked him to take a few deep breaths for me, on the third breath, I could feel my cock slip past the second barrier, now I WAS IN HEAVEN! I waited for D to start breathing again, he assured me he was fine..I told him that I was going to take care of him, and started to slide my cock in and out of his well lubed hole. I know I was only in there for about two minutes, when he grunted that he was cumming! I started to pull out and spread his cheeks wider, and drove my cock back into his hungry hole, his shoulders came off of the ground, his hips pressed into me, and he reached for his erupting cock, I told him to leave it alone, and continued massaging his prostate and milked his cock with my hand as he started to grunt and moan loud enough to wake the neighbours. I looked up and too my horror the bedroom window was open. It was too late, if anyone was able to hear our carnal lovemaking they would have already! As his cock quit spitting, I pulled my cock out of his ass, rolled the condom off, and told him to roll over onto his side. D. followed directions like a Pro. He rolled onto his side, and asked what he could do to help me get off, I asked him to just pull his body close, play with my nipples, and would give him warning when I was cumming, it didn't take long, I pulled his head upto mine, and told him I was close, he was out of my hands in a second and had his mouth on my cock. He started sucking, started stroking my cock over my hand, and then let my blow my load in his mouth. I was in heaven, I did not want his mouth off of my cock, nor did I want him heading home to his wife! I finished cumming, and he laid beside me, asked me if I smoked and when I said yes, he said thought so, I could taste it in your cum! I laughed and said that before showering I needed a smoke, he joined me in the living room, close to the window, and had a smoke with me. As we were smoking he looked at me and said can I ask you a question? i said sure, 'How the hell did you get me to cum so quickly? I had no it was as if I had no control over it'' ''I didn't touch myself or anything" I laughed and told him I would tell him about "Birds and the Bees, and the Magic or the prostrate massage" on his next visit. We took a shower together, he told me he would be back, soon. I walked him to the door, and as I locked the inside door, I noticed his chain sitting on the counter, I dashed out of the door, and caught him as he was pulling out of the parking lot. As he thanked me, I noticed my neighbour B. sitting on his side deck, directly below my bedroom window, I waved and walked back into the apartment, not knowing how long he had been outside or what he had heard...He apparently had been there for everything, but I would find that out about six months later...He is part 2 of this story.

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