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Turkish sauna

One evening this summer, I was in a Sauna complex in Stutgart that is spread over several floors.

I was in one on the third floor with fine views over the Neckar with two turkish women and several germans. One of the turkish women was in her mid thirties and the other was in her early twenties.
I was high up on the top row and could only see them from the back, but they were laughing and giggling.

Some of the germans got quite upset at the noise and told them to be quiet.

In the end I was left alone with them. They turned to face each other and I could see that they both had ample sized breasts that hung perfectly with nipples that
had been stimulated with the heat and sweat running off them. Beautiful engorged sweaty boobs. I was immediately with semi and was desperately trying to control it.

They looked at me and giggled again converting my semi to a rock hard stiffy. Being quite shy, I covered my cock with my towel and made an exit wishing that I could stay and join in with their fun.
I closed the door behind me and entered the cold shower right outside the sauna. I tipped a whole bucket of cold water over myself and was entering a heightened state, when I heard the door close
and felt a smack on my buttocks. The older woman was behind me and I could feel her hairy pussy on my bum.

The gallon of ice code water had done nothing to control my hard on and she reached around to grab it firmly. I tried to turn to face her, but she firmly told me off I a felt her finger part my buttocks and search for my arsehole.
I put my hand around and felt for her pussy. It was a full bush, just as I like but I was told firmly to remove my hand. SHe turned us around and I saw her friend was now out of the sauna and sitting on the window sill.
She had one hand on her right breast, circling her nipple. The other was between her wide open legs furiously rubbing her wet clitoris with her gaping labia amongst her beautifully trimmed but still hairy muschi.

The older woman pushed me toward her friend and f***ed me to my knees and pushed my head into the moist muff. The younger woman put a hand behind my head forcing my face into the wetness.
My tongue entered her whilst she was furiously flicking her clit with a frantic index finger.

The older woman was wanking me hard, rougher than I would have preferred, but I was on a higher plane now. As the younger woman started jerking her crotch violently against my face, her friend entered my butt with her finger. Somewher never previously penetrated. She pushed her finger against something inside me and my load was shot uncontrollably as my face was sprayed with warm liquid.

I was spent and so was the younger woman. We slumped to the floor to let our hearts slow down as the other woman returned to the shower to give herself a thorough fingering.
She said ominously, "We haven't finished with you yet". I looked at her firm body and breasts and then between her parted labia, took a deep breath and said "Funf Minuten, bitte".

To be continued.

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