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Brad and I...

Brad was long time friend of my folks, he would come by some times and watch the games on Saturday. This one particular Saturday, my folks were away on business, I guess no one bothered to let him know they would be away.

I answered the door and informed him they were away, Brad pulled open the screen and entered any way saying 'that's fine I need to speak with you anyway.' I stepped back in to the living room as Brad closed the doors behind him.

He sat down on the couch and begin to explain 'my neighbor's son was talking to his friends in their back yard. I was ease dropping, but could not help but hear your name come up a number of times. You see, I could not believe my ears as I heard them refer to you as a good dick sucker, and best fuck ever.'

My mouth must have dropped wide open, I slowly eased down to the arm of the chair as Brad continued. 'I didn't want to believe any of what I was hearing, but they described in great detail what positions they had entered your body or how you had suck their balls dry.'

I could only stare at the floor as Brad continued in detail as to how I was sexually used by my fellow classmates. I raised my head up and saw that Brad was massaging his cock through his trousers.

Brad continued 'I got horny as hell as they told of your escapades, now to keep me from telling your folks I want you to crawl over here and service me with those luscious young lips. If you are as good as they say I just might not tap that young ass of yours.'

I looked at him in shock as he unzipped his pants and fished out his enormously huge piece of man meat. It looked like a snake as he slowly pulled it from it's confinements. Brad opened his knees and called to me 'come on David, on your knees and crawl over here and suck this real mans dick.'

I looked up at him with pleading eyes all to no avail, Brad just kept slowly stroking his penis and shaking it. I went down to my knees and walked over to him, I timidly reached out and took hold of his throbbing anaconda like penis. As I tried to wrapped my fingers around his fat thick penile shaft, it throbbed violently and Brad sighed heavily.

I was transfixed by the size of his gigantic penile glans and just stared at it neither moving to or away from it. Brad slowly reached out and cupped my head in his hands and gently pulled my face to his pulsating penis.

As soon as my lips touched his penile head, Brad took hold of the upper part of his penis and held it steady. Gripping my head with his other hand, Brad worked my lips around his penile glans in a rotating manner.

I started to cry, Brad said to me 'no sense in doing that just open your mouth and take it in, I promise I want come in your mouth.' My lips were being pushed apart by his rubbery rigid penile glans, spreading huge amounts of his pre-cum across me lips.

I opened my mouth, Brad pulled my head down to his crotch, his massive penile head sliding past my lips and into my oral cavity. I closed my lips around the huge member and whimpering begin to suck on his throbbing male member.

Brad eased his butt to the edge of the sofa and laid back releasing his penis and resting his hand on top of my head. 'YEEEESSSS, that's just how I like it,' Brad said 'them boys were right, you do suck a mean dick.'

My mouth was filling with his pre-cum and my saliva, I opened my eyes and through my tears I could see the mixture oozing down the sides of his penile shaft.

Brad took hold of my head with both his hands and pulled me roughly up from his penis. The exit of his penis unexpectedly caused a wet smacking sound to exude from my lips and his penis.

I looked up as a string of his pre-cum and my saliva hung between my lips and his penile glans. Brad said to me 'I told you I want come in your mouth, but I do want to come in that tight little young ass of yours.'

I looked in panic at the size of his penis and shook my head negatively saying 'nooo, you'll never fit in my...' Brad placed his fingers against my lips saying 'never say never, get out those clothes, I'll fuck you right here on the floor.'

Brad lifted my shirts over my head and removed them, he pushed me over and started to remove his shirt. Once that was done Brad quickly undid his belt and stood dropping his pants around his ankles.

Looking up I cringed in horror, Brad's cock stood out like a hang mans limb, thick reddish black and throbbing, dripping pre-cum. 'Get out of those pants and get on your stomach.

I started to scoot away, Brad caught hold of one of my feet and pulled me back under him. He roughly undid my belt and yanked my pants and under down from my waist. Lifting me from the floor, by them, he tossed them across the room.

I was now as naked as I came into the world with a sex mad grown man set to assault me. Brad seized my ankles saying 'so you don't want to be on your stomach,' as he pushed my knees back towards my shoulders. 'That's fine, I'd rather you be on your back, that way I can kiss you when I want to.'

I tried ti twist my butt away from his probing penis, I only succeeded in helping spread his slick substance over my anus. Brad looked down between my buttocks and smiled.

Brad said 'them boys said your ass hole looked like it was a set of puckering lips. They've fucked you so much, you can't wait for your next dick.' I trembled in fear as I felt the bulky tip of his man hood probing my anal opening.

I begged and pleaded 'Brad please don't do this, I'll suck your dick till you come in my mouth. Please don't do this you'll bust my butt open, please don't.' Brad smiled at me and said 'I'll take my time, I don't want to rip your ass apart, if I o that, I want be able to fuck it when I want to.'

Brad pushed steadily into my speared bung hole, his monumental member slowly parting my outer anal sphincter muscle ring. My entire body violently shook as Brad pressed ever forth, his massive head finally slipping through into my anal canal.

My outer anal muscle ring snapping shut around the base of his huge penile glans. I gasped and cried out in agony as the tremendous male member entered my tender neither region.

Brad immediately dropped his face to mine, placing his mouth over mine to muffle my cry. He let my ankles go, my calves being held by his shoulders, Brad slowly begin to rotate his hips grinding his elephantine sex tool deeper into my rectum.

My inner anal sphincter muscle ring prohibited him from entering farther but only for a couple of seconds. With a powerful lunge Brad burst through my last bastion of defense.

I could feel that humongous male sex tool sliding through my anal muscles till Brad's thighs pressed against mine. Gasping for short breaths I tried to twist my tongue free of his lips. I clawed at his sides and back as he worked the excessive length of his male member deeper into my butt hole.

Finally, Brad released my tongue and nestled his head in the lock of my shoulder and neck. In a gasping voice I pleaded 'Brad...plea...please...take it out...OH...OH...UHUH...MMMMMM...I can't take this...please ssssstttttooooppppp.

Brad just moaned and slid his monstrous penis back and forth filling my rectum and anal canal with his ginormous sex tool. Brad new what he was doing as he worked my butt.

Brad started to whisper in my ear and kiss and suck my ear lobe, occasionally inserting his tongue into my ear. 'Damn, David, them boys were sure right, your ass is the tightest I've ever had.'

He would kiss my lips and lick my tears saying 'tears so sweet, I can live off of them. Tell me you luv me David, tell me you luv me.' I said 'noooo Brad, please get off me, please get off me.'

Brad grind ever so slowly into me saying 'that's what your mouth say, your tight little ass pussy is saying something else. I'm gonna fuck you till you tell me you luv me, so you better say it soon if you want me to stop. If not don't say it, I know you like this real man's dick.'

'NNNOOOOOO,' I cried, even though I could feel the pain turning to lust and passion. I didn't want Brad to know that I was beginning to enjoy his tenderness. I was no longer trying to keep him from kiss/sucking my neck or ear lobe. Nor dodging him when he wanted to kiss my lips.

Sweat was popping from both our bodies, giving way to smacking sounds between us. My feet and ankles was closing around Brads neck as I caressed his sides and back.

For nearly 90 minutes, we had been wrapped up in our sex session, Brad had shot little loads of come into my bung, making my anal canal slicker than when he entered.

Brad clutched me close and whispered to me 'I can't hold out any longer, I'm gonna fill this little pussy with my come. You gonna be my fuck bitch from now on, aren't you David.' I was some what surprised to hear my voice whispering back so seductively 'yes Brad, I'm your bitch, take me when ever you want me, I luv you Brad you fucked me good.'

Brad lunged viciously deep into my bowels and I felt his gigantic cock explode with the strength of a water hose. His come striking the back of my rectum wall like some one stuck a stick out of his cock.

I wrapped my arms and legs around Brad holding as tight as I could as he emptied his sperm into my butt. Brad laid on me for another ten minutes, his cock throbbing and squirting the last of his substance deep into my butt.

Brad kissed my eyes and kissed lips sucking my tongue into his mouth. When he was satisfied that I was full of his come, Brad, eased from my bung. I could feel his enormous cock inching from my neither region.

Once his huge head popped out the air rushed in and expelled itself out pushing out some of Brads juices. Brad looked down between my buttocks and smeared his substance around with his penile glans saying 'damn, you want get pregnant today, we'll have to do it again next week.

Brad stood and gathered his clothes, he wonder off into the back of the house, I heard the shower going. I tried to stand, my legs were to weak to hold me up. Filled with passion and lust, I crawled to the bath room and pulled my self up by the sink.

Steadying my self I took two steps to the shower and got in with Brad, I was so weak I fell to my knees. Brad turned around, I looked ups to see his impressive semi erect penis swaying from side to side.

I gripped it in my hands like I was holding a baseball bat and started to suck his massive head. It wasn't long before Brad was hard again, Brad lifted me to my feet and turned me to the shower wall.

Bending his knees slightly, I felt his huge penis poking through my buttocks. Once his enormous head found my aching anal opening it slipped right in, with out hesitance. I was again impaled on Brad's obscene male member and he took no time in getting to work.

Reaching around, Brad begin to twist my nipples and whispered into my ear. 'Forgive me, but this will have to be quick.' I nodded my head, Brad lowered his hands down to my crotch and lifting my thighs from the front pulled me up to my tip toes.

I did not know that he was not going to be as gentle here as he was on the living room floor. Brad pulled his massive penis back till only the head was still lodged in my anus.

Suddenly with a grunt, Brad started to ram up into me with all his might. I screamed out in pain and fear as Brad savagely had his way. I reached back and took hold of his head as Brad slammed his cock up into me.

My feet oft times leaving the floor of the tub from his powerful lunges. Thankfully it wasn't long before Brad shot another full load of cum up into my butt.

I was hanging on his cock, my hands stroking his head and neck, my legs wrapped around his strong legs. Brad whispered in my ear 'no more today, I'll come get you next week and we'll have more time at my place. Now we've got to get cleaned up and I've got to go.

Reluctantly I released his head and lowered my feet, enjoying the feel of Brad's cock as it slipped from my anal cavity once again. I still didn't have the strength to stand and slid down to the floor of the tub.

Brad finished his shower and than washed me up, he carried me tenderly to my room and laid me across me bed. I laid there my entire body convulsing from the two powerful sex session I just went through.

Brad came back with his clothes as I laid there trembling and smiling at him. He looked at me and said 'damn I don't want to get caught,' I looked at him inquiringly.

Brad climbed on the bed and parted my legs as I laid on my stomach, slowly Brad entered my bung again this time only putting the head of his cock into my anus. I tried to slid back on to it, Brad held me off and worked his cock head around in my anal orifice till he shot another load of come into me.

This time he pulled out from me quickly, kissed my panting lips, rubbed my buttocks and left. I laid there in dreamy lust wondering how it will be when I get to his house.

Brad and I...

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