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The dark elavator

I was working on a inportent computer tech.
when this women send me a pc to pc message with a picture of a women say want to tast me baby.
i look up and she says well how about it and winks i goto get lunch so i goto the elevator but it full.
i dont want to take the red elevator its lights fliker and people say strange things happen in there.
The other one had pantie hoes on and a tight pink skirt and a pink suit with a tie she had red long hair
and big tits they both had big tits and nice round asses she had nice brown skin.
she was wearing red lipstick the othere was wearing black lipstick.
so i was just siting there waiyn to get to my office at the 30th floor when the lights flickerd off and on.
i got scared they noticed and gigled to each other then they started wispering something werd as they looked me up and down
then all of a sudden the lights whent out and the power shut off.
then as 30 minets past all of a sudden i felt a hand goo up my pant legg and started rubbing my ass.
then it was gone then all of a sudden i got knocked on the floor as i got on my ness and got up.
i felt something real long and rhick get shuved in my mouth it started going down my throwt.
i hurd a womens voice moaning saying mmm yes this feels good
then i hurd another voice say suck the cock worship the cock you love the cock deeper and depper
in your mouth and as she said deeper i felt it going deeper in my throwt. \
then i felt some whan's ass hole touch my mouth then a voice said open your mouth so i did \
then a voice said hold it there. Then i felt her push her ass hole open and i felt something hot going my mouth.
She said swollow it i said no then i felt a needle go in me.
I think they wure d**gs cuse from that point i couldnt contral my self as i swollowed every bit of her steemy hot chocolote.
i said y dose it tast so good cuse put pur chocolote deep in her ass so she can make u eat her shit.
then she turned and started sticking her tongue deep in my mouth and down my throwt.
then she said how it feel to eat my shit from my ass hole.i said it tast like chocolote she said that cuse it is.
i filled my ass super full of chocolote just to feel u eat from my ass hole.
then she started sucking mt dick and the other started licking my ass.
as i felt my ass get all wet i suddenly felt her yongue go all the way in my stomic.
your ready she said. for what i said she said to get fucked. i said no im not gay.
she said im not a guy but i got a 20 inch cock. my eyes got real big ass she f***ed it in me.
i felt it as they gave me there name she said im mitsu and the other said im christal christal said say my name load.
as she when all the way in me i felt my stomic and i couldnt feel my abs all i could feel is the bulg of her cock pressing agenst my belly.
as if it was a alien trying to break free i couldnt hold it in any mor o christa;l u feel good mmm yess.
as mitsu was sucking my cock she stared rubing her dick she then told christal to lay down as i was lay on her with her cock in me.
mitsu climbed up and started sucking me then i put her dick in my mouth she lol then i stared sucking then she started peeing in my mouth.
i was abiut to pull her out but she f***ed it down my throwt and started peeing more then christal started cuming in my stomic got big.
it was full of her cum then she start bending over said lick my black ass baby then as i did i felt mitsu f***e it all the way in side she had a 30 inch.
cock i felt like i was going throw up then as christals ass opend i did throw up right in sid her she said fuck me baby.
then i puld my cock out and when right in mmmm yess fuck mmm mmmm yess christal harder jessie harder then mitsu cam in side me.
hen started licking my ass so i pushed all that cum out on her face then she started weatching me fuck chris and masterbaiting.
then i cam and the christal and mitsu stared fucking me in the ass at the same time until they cam in me they said ur all owers now i said i love u.
then the lights turned on ad th wure both real hot shemales after that i whent home the next day i whent to work.
this hot girl named trixy wthig tits big ass was stare my dick down i when to get off erly cuse i want to watch the game.
i hade to use the red elvator agen she whent in with me. she stripid quick im all wet for u she said the it stop and christal and mitus came in.
the striped to and then trixy stared sucking my coc and christal and mitsu started 69ing each other my cock got real hard.
then trioxy bent over and pussh her pussy right onto my cock mmm yess faster she whent then i grabed her and ramed her good oooo ooo yess fuck yess jessie.
trixy started noticeing christal aND MITSU THEN SAID LET ME SUCK UR COCK CHRISTAL PLEASE CHRISTAL CAM OVER and said u want it then ramed it down her throwt.
then mitsu started fucking my ass as i was fucking trixy hunnn huunn hunn yess hunn yess jessie take it hunn hunn im going cum hunn then she filled my ass.
i then started cuming in trixy christal told trixy to puyt her mouth on my ass and then pushed the cum in her mouth but shit cam out to so it whent in her mouth.
then she swollowed christal said bend over then started fucking her ass soo hard trixy shits and then christal cums so much.
that trixy srays cum out of her puussy mouth and asss and eyes then i whent home i ust not like work but now i love it. if u like this story message me

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