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One erotic story

The fire place glowed in excitement when it was greeted with more wood to be engulfed by burning embers and then consumed by flames.
She added another block of wood to the fire and then covered the fire place up so that no spiting ember could cause a disastrous fire.
She then sat down to read her lust fulfilling erotic magazine on her big grey fabricated sofa in her front room. in front of the fire place was a white fluffy rug on black smooth carpet which caressed her feet every time she walked or lay upon it.
But tonight was special she had lit a three dozen candles in her front room and lit several on the staircase and then down her long luxurious hall way through her bedroom, into the on-suit and around her huge bath tub.
She wanted to feel special and sexy for once in her life she felt pathetic good for nothing husband had left her for another woman although a few year ago she became a widower because of his d**g problem she was glad she had left him.
She glanced at her magazine and then realised at how wet she had become looking at naked women she had always fancied having a girl licking her out whilst she was being licked out her nipples started to stiffen under her sexy white see though robe.
she looking at perfectly shaved tight pussy her hand twitched and grasped a pillow the other hand slowly caressed her left breast then her right taking it in turns.
she then started to pinch her nipples taking it in turns hand now grasping the pillow tighter she couldn’t hold back any longer.
she had an amazing orgasm that almost shook her house down she then had to sort out a major problem her clit was now throbbing even more.
she exposed her white lace thong and slid it down her long lusciously tanned legs but on top of them legs was a very sexy pair of white stockings and garter belt.
she had everything planed for a good night as the thong rolled up as it travelled down her legs it then came to a halt when it hit her ankle.
Then she un rolled it and put it aside she was now more horny then ever before she slowly traced her fingers up her feet and up to her thigh.
her clit was throbbing so much her shaved pussy dribbling with joy she had to rub her clit and she almost instantly came she wailed and quivered and squirmed.
Her sexy pussy juice aroma filled the air with lust and desire.
Having another amazing orgasm she knew her thirst was getting greater she needed something inside her so badly she stuck a finger inside sliding up and down with such great ease from her hot wet lubricant.
she needed more so she stuck another finger in this also became not enough to satisfy her erg she stuck three fingers in but then realised she needed her toy cock.
Although she wanted the real thing warm and hard just how she liked it inside her tight little hole.
it was only just 6:30 but the winter had made it pitch black. With that there was a banging on the door she shouted coming and then blushed when she realised what she had just said.
she ran up the stair got her dressing gown on and her slippers she then bolted to the door to see who it was it was one of her college students she opened the door for him.
he then explained that his car got a puncture and that they had closed off the bridge for the night due to short staff she then replied what again and sighed.
he then explained that he had finished his extra assignment and wanted to hand it to her so she could mark it quicker as it was a Friday and he was set it at three and college finished at four.
She then told him to come on in and take a seat in her front room but before you do that you have to take your shoes off.
she showed him to the front room where it was warm and dry as it was pouring it down outside she went upstairs and grabbed him a blanket and shouted down do you want a hot drink with which he replied yes please she then said would you like a hot chocolate and he said yes please.
so she went to the kitchen and made him a drink and then slowly walked over to the front room door she could hear whispers he was saying woo look at these sexy panties and then.
she giggled to her self realising she had left them there and then she heard a deep breath and hear him say these smell great and there moist then it clicked to him that she was masturbating before had came in.
and then he noticed that the wet patch was definitely her cum and there was a slight wet patch on the sofa and a dirty magazine he then quickly placed it all back on the coffee table.
he then had to re arrange his trousers to hide his huge bulge he had often thought of having sex and masturbated frequently over her he also wondered why the whole house was candle lit.
with that she walked in with a wild strut and placed his hot chocolate on the other coffee table next to him.
She then said your soaking wet take your trousers off and t-shirt off in the toilet and here is a blanket you can wrap up in you can put them in front of the fire when you come back.
As soon as he left the room she stared masturbating and then it wasn’t long before she came she thought about how hard he was over sniffing her panties.
She then started to pull her nice thrill thong back up and with that he walked back in and he said oops sorry did dent realise u were changing and then she pulled then right up. He caught a glimpse of her pussy which she had intended to.
He placed his trousers in front of the fire and his top he then sat down quite close to her and finished his hot chocolate.
She asked if had any where to stay the night and he said that he hadn’t any where to go she then said I shouldn’t really let you stay but if you promise not to tell anyone then he could sl**p on the sofa .
She then said right I am going on up to have a bath she then picked up her magazine and walked out and up stairs he then said can I watch tv and she said yes sure you can.
His cock was so hard now he thought it was going to explode knowing she was getting naked masturbating and getting into a hot bath.
he knew he would have to go and see her naked he waited till he heard her go into her room he then crept up the stairs down the hall and then her saw what was underneath the dressing gown his jaw dropped to the floor almost dribbling with excitement .
his eyes traced her feet up them white stockings and she bent over to pulls her thong down he was in ecstasy seeing her pussy glistening with wetness with that she said oops.
he looked at the floor and she had dripped her cum on the floor she then got out of her stockings and blouse and crept into the bathroom.
She then ran her bath and put some bubbles into it she then realised she didn’t put any towels out she shouted hey I forgot my towel you couldent just grab me one and bring it in to me could you he said yes trying not to give off he was peeping.
She then said there in the airing cupboard he went in and got it he then went into the on-suite and gave her the towel and starred her up and down.
she then said you must be starved looking at me like that when was the last time you had some pussy he blushed and said he couldn’t really remember but it had been a long time.
she then said well you may as well make yourself useful and wash her back she then got in and said ouch this is hot but she enjoyed a hot bath especially as he was washing her back.

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