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The Girl

Pam was forty five years old but still had a great figure and her looks. She also was a lesbian and preferred young girls. She taught sex ed at an all girls school where she found many of her lovers. She had been the lover of the school director for a couple years. Most of the female teachers were lesbians so it was never hard to find a nice pussy when sex was a must. Many days she had gone to the director's office and shut and locked the door and undressed her and feasted on her delicious pussy. She loved pulling the stap on out of her drawer and bending her over the desk and fucking her till she came so many times she was screaming. Then she would pull off her panties and sit on the directors face and cum as she let her eat her pussy like she was starving. There was no shortage of pussy or sex at the school.

Today Pam had her eye on a blonde student. She was beautiful with nice round full tits and an ass to die for. Pam asked her to stay after school to go over an assignment that she was struggling with. Pam had unbuttoned a couple buttons on her blouse revealing her large tits down to the nipples. She sat the girl at the table and was leaning toward her showing off her tits as she spoke. The girl kept staring at the large globes. Pam then brushed the girl's hair off her neck and rubbed her shoulders. She kissed the side of her face and whispered to her "You are so pretty. Do you like my tits? You keep looking at them and I bet you want to touch them." The girl blushed but Pam took her hand and placed it inside her blouse over one of the huge globes. She said "Touch me darling. Feel me. Run your hand over my big tit. Play with the nipple." The girl slowly did feel all over Pam's tit. Pam then undid the last two buttons on her blouse and opened it for the girl. She wore no bra and the girl stared at the large tits. Pam held the girl's hand tight to her tit as she gently kissed her cheek and down to her mouth.

Pam pulled the girls mouth to her left tit and the girl licked the hard nipple. Pam moaned "Yes, suck and lick me. That feels so good. Take that nipple in your mouth. Suck it like you are a baby." As the girl sucked on the nipple Pam undid her blouse and ran her hand above her tits. She then slid a hand inside her bra and felt her firm tit and played with her nipple till it was hard. She then slid her hand in the other side of the bra and felt that tit and nipple. She quickly unbuttoned the girls blouse and removed it. Just as fast she unhooked her bra and tossed it on the table. Both hands covered the girls tits as she then kissed her on her mouth and ran her tongue inside. She told her "You have beautiful tits. I need to kiss them for you and taste those sweet nipples." Pam kissed the girl one more time then kissed down to her tits. She kissed each tit then licked them and then took one in her mouth. As she sucked back and forth between each hard nipple her hand went down to the girls knee.

Pam then ran her hand up the girls leg as she sucked the nipples. She found her V and ran her hand over the girls pussy thru her panties. She felt the legs spread just a little and Pam caressed her pussy more. She then eased a finger inside the panties and ran it over her slit. The girl moaned and Pam moved her whole hand inside her panties and fingered her clit. She said to the girl "Does that feel good? Let me make your pussy feel real good." Pam then found her fuck hole and ran her finger around it noticing that the girl was getting wet. Pam then went and kissed the girls mouth tonguing her as her finger slipped inside her cunt. She was wet and warm and very tight. As she kissed her deep tonguing the inside of her mouth her finger began moving and fucking the tight hole. Pam was finger fucking the girls as she came on her finger as she sucked on her tongue. Pam said "You love that don't you. It feels so good to have a finger in that tight hole. Relax and let it all go. Cum all you want." Pam then pushed a second finger in the tight cunt.

As Pam finger fucked the girl, the girl's cunt was soaking wet. Pam stood her up and pulled off her panties. She looked at the young shaved pussy and told the girl "Sit up her on the table. But first let's get you naked. I am going to show you how I will make you feel much better." She removed the rest of the girls clothes and sat her on the table then pushed her back and spread her legs. She ran a finger over the girls smooth pussy and pinched her clit. The as she added two fingers to her hole she began to suck on the enlarged clit. She felt the girl pulse and Pam sucked her harder and fingered her deeper. Pam sucked the clit and the pussy lips and licked her pussy as she kept finger fucking her. She spread the lips and licked her as she felt the girl cum. Pam licked and sucked on her pussy and clit for a long time before she then went to her fuck hole. Her tongue circled her hole and pam then sucked on the hole and tasted the wetness. The girl was so wet and Pam then pushed her tongue inside the hole and began to tongue fuck her. The girl then spasmed hard and Pam felt a gush of wetness which she licked. As Pam tongue fucked the girl her fingers rubbed the clit and Pam then heard the girl scream just as another huge flood of cum coated Pam's tongue.

Pam ate pussy for a good hour as the girl screamed and pulsed coating Pam with cum. She took turns fucking her cunt and sucking her clit and the girl kept cumming loving the tongue fuck. Then Pam grabbed the girls clit and sucked it hard making it double in size. The girl then yelled "Please make me cum. I want to cum more. Fuck me with that tongue." Pam fucked the girl with three fingers hard and deep as her fingers were soaked with cum and she sucked harder on the enlarged clit. Then Pam traded the fingers for her tongue and tongue fucked her cunt deep making the girl scream for more. Pam then reached in the drawer under the desk and pulled out her strap on and stood and pulled it on. She then spread the girls legs and placed the cock of the strap on to her cunt. She told the girl "If you like fucking you will love my toy.
Get ready for a big thrill." Pam then pushed the strap on into the girl's cunt and began to fuck her as the girl moaned and twisted beneath Pam. Pam watched the cock go in and out of the girls cunt and watched how the girl came over and over. She was enjoying being fucked by the nice hard toy.

Pam then told the sexy student "Get on your hand and knees in front of me." As the girl got on all fours Pam then rubbed her ass cheeks and kissed them before spreading them and licking her ass. She licked and kissed the young girls ass and then shoved her tongue in her sweet asshole. She tongue fucked her ass as the girl moaned and let Pam know she liked the ass tonguing. When Pam had her ass nice and wet she stood and placed the toy cock to her her ass. She watched the toy disappear in the girls ass and then began to ass fuck her. This time the girl went wild scraming for more and wanting it harder. Pam smiled as she was delighted she had found a sexy horny lesbian student to fuck. She fucked the girls ass for a while and gave a few light slaps before she pulled the toy out. She cuddled the girl tight to her tits and asked her "Do you want to do this more? Do you want to learn about more toys and hot fucking? Want me to teach you what your sexy cunt is good for?" The girl said she wanted more. Pam then said "Come over to my house this week end. Tell your parents we are going on a field trip and instead I am going to show you how good your body can feel as I lick you and suck you before I fuck you for hours." The girl smiled and her pussy was wet thinking about the sexy teacher she was going to fuck all week end.

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