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Wifes night out

A few years back I was trying to talk my wife into swining. She used to be a wild one when we first met. Alot of nights out drinking, recreational d**gs and of course sex, including multiple partners. But things change when you have c***dren. Unfortunately the sex life took the biggest hit because she wanted to be a good role model...I told her she could do both. She never regretted being wild and she actually missed that part of her life. So it didn't suprise me one night when she came home real late one night......

She was going out with a few friends from work for a girls night out and wasn't sure if she really wanted to go, but I encouraged her to go. Little did I know what would happen that night.

She dressed casually that night, nothing trasy at all. Jeans with a tank top under a nice sweater. Nothing that screamed slutty at all. But when she got home after 5 a.m. all she hd on was the jeans and sweater and her hair was a her purse was her thongs, bra and tanktop..I was mostly worried because I couldnt get ahold of her and she was always home afer last call or before that, but that went away after I noticed her tank top wasn't on...she was really d***k still, so I helped her into the bedroom and onto the bed and then i noticed she didn't have a bra on. I noticed something hanging out of her purse so I went back to look what it was. Thats when I found her tank top and her bra...then I also pulled out her thong. Then I went back into the bedroom and asked her what happened. She started to say she was sorry and started to get upset. She was slurring still because of the alcohol, but I asked her to go thru the night.

Now, while I was checking her purse she stripped and got under the covers so when I got back in the bedroom she was in bed and nude. I pulled back the covers and she had dried cum on her chest and stomach and looking closely it was also on her back.

So again asked what happened and she said they were all out drinking and all but her and her one friend left, so they decided to go to one of my wifes old hangouts. She ran into some old friends (guys of course) and started drinking with them. She said there were alot of shots going around and she knew shes was trashed. The one guy said they were having a small gathering at their house and asked if she and her friend wanted to go and they did.

Once at the house they kept drinking. I asked how many people were there, she said 4-5 guys and her and her friend.
She doesn't remember everything but she said they were playing drinking games and everyone was taking off clothes as part of the game. Next thing she knew her friend and her were nude and two of the guys, and the others were barely wearing anything. And the losers (the girls) hsd to give the other losers (the other guys) blow jobs. So without hesitation they did.

But it didn't stop there, my wife said the rest of the guys stripped and joined in. She said there were hand all over her body and cocks everywhere. She said a few of them were hung and she was getting turned on having them touch her all over. Then one guy got behind her and started sliding his cock in her and she started to get a little nervous. She wasn't sure if she wanted to do this but she said the deeper he went the more she wanted it. Also while this was happening to her the other half of the guys were doing the same to her friend. She look** over, but they had her on her back in the couch fucking her.
After seeing that she gave in completely. The first guy taking her from behind just started pounding her hard and then she felt him cum in her, just as he came the guy she was blowing came also, partially in her mouth and the rest on her face.
Then the guys took the two of them to the bedroom, and thats when she said it got wild. Both girls on the bed next to each other while each of the guys took their turn with them. She remembers having sex with all the guys at least once until her friend passed out from the alcohol, then the guys focused on her. Then two at a time here fucking her. Shes not an anal fan but she said she was on top of one guy and another cam up behind and slid his cock in her ass..she said it hurt like hell, but at the same time she liked it...she liked the idea of being used.and she loved feeling both guys cumming in her. Then after she was DP'ed she said one of the guys that was really big got on top of her and really drilled her while all the other guys held her down...she said that turned her on the most, the guys holding her legs apart and the others holding her arms down while she had a big cock in her, but then he pulled out and put it in her ass....she said she wasnt ready for that, but he just buried it in htere and fucked her til he came, but she said he didnt cum in her, he pulled out and covered her stomach and chest.
Then they all took a break and the guys walked out and her and her friend were on the bed still..she said she fell asl**p ( i say passed out) she woke up when she felt the bed bouncing and saw her friend ad a different guy fucking next to her, then noticed someone waliking towards her. She didn't know who he was, but she said he had the biggest cock she had seen and she said he put his cock by her mouth and without hesitation she sucked him til he was hard. She said once he was hard he was huge and he asked her if she ever had anything as big as him and she said no...he tole he not to worry, that he would go slow and got betewwn her legs, by this time everyone was back in the room...I guess to see if her skinny body could take him. And then she said he started to slide in...she said he was a little thicker that most but not bad, he was very she said it was easy until he was half to 3/4 in her..then she said as he got deeper she kept took a while, but each stroke he went in just a little but he got it all in her. She sait it was the best feeling having someone so deep in her and to feel someone cum deep in her. She said she fucked him twice after that, but she said he really used her the last time taking her from behind and whatever position he wanted her in.

So upon looking closely I looked under the covers and saw her pussy all red and was covered with cum from it dripping out. By this time I was hard as hell so I sripped down oulled back the covers and got between her legs. She looked up at me and asked if I was mad, I said only because I wasn't there and this is what I want us to do. She smiled and I started to slide into he warm wet cum filled pussy...and it felt great. I got all the way in her ans kissed her deeply and we fucked the rest of the morning. I have her 3 more loads, 2 in her pussy and I had to have her ass...It was great...But she was sore as hell the next few days.

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