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My 1st time as a cuckold

i always wanted to see my wife/gf getting fucked by a big cock. maybe the fact that my cock is not quite 5 inches has something to do with it... anyways, i asked my 1st 2 wives to do it with no luck, then i met Bonnie. with long slim legs and 38DD's she was a knockout! after dating for just 2 weeks i confided my fantasy of watching her getting fucked by a guy with a huge cock. she looked at me , smiled, and told me she knew just where to go- a seedy adult theater. i told her that i'd go in 1st, then she could go in. that way nobody would know she was my girl. i took my seat in the 3rd row and looked around. there was about 20 men there, mostly 50-60 yr olds, but a few 35-45 yr olds. a few minutes later, Bonnie came in. all eyes were on her dressed in a short skirt and low cut top. she walked down the aisle and sat in the aisle seat in the 1st row. she hiked up her skirt and spread her legs so the armrests were under the backs of her knees. "My boyfriend sent me in here to get fucked by a big cock! so if you got 8 inches or more come and get this pussy!" 5 guys quickly surrounded her and after a few minutes of Bonnie's sucking , i saw 2 of 'em were about 8 ", 2 were about 9", and one guy had a fuckin' huge cock- almost a foot long and thick as Bonnie's wrists! she sucked on the huge cock as the other 4 took turns fucking her. by the time the 4th guy came in her there were squishy, sloppy noises coming from her pussy. suddenly, Bonnie turned her head and looked at me and said in a loud clear voice, "c'mere honey. get over here and lick my pussy. come and clean the cum out of my hole so this big, fat cock can have a nice clean hole to stretch and fill!" i didn't move , but Bonnie got up and casually walked over to me, put a leg on my armrest and grabbed my head and smashed my face into her sloppy wet hole. "yeah, c'mon clean my hole , honey! you're gonna love doing this, cuz this is what you want! now, eat my sloppy pussy!'

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