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Another Train Journey with a Difference, I am 16

I sat at the back of the darkened carriage, it was cold and had just started snowing, I shivered as I looked out of the window, and then with a sudden lurch, the train started to move and pull out of the station.

There was a couple of men sitting in this section with me, both just in front, not together, as they both sat opposite each other.

I kicked my 'Ugg' boots off and put them on the seat in front of me, something I know was wrong, but what the fuck, it made me feel more comfortable.

The carriage heating was on, so at least my lack of decent warm clothing, wouldn't freeze my fanny or nipples, as a girl dedicated to the throes of fashion, layers of clothing never held sway over stockings and garter belts, or thongs and short skirts.

As we pulled into the next station, we slowed down, and the houses with their brightly lit rooms afforded me the opportunity to peer into them, like some voyeur hoping to see something sexual, a man or a woman, I smiled at my debauchery ans wondered if the men in front of me were doing the same.

Long journeys, especially boring journeys, well actually boredom, made my mind turn to sex, and as the countryside whizzed past, I would immerse myself in some sexual fantasy, like the two men in front wanking off into my Ugg boots and making me put them on, or pinning my legs over my shoulders and humping my fanny, taking turns with me, again I afforded myself another inward smile, now I knew why I loved wearing scanty underwear, deep down I wanted a good r*ping.

We were rocking again as we pulled away from this station, another group had just got on, and by the sounds of it, they were revelers, making a lot of noise and I could hear beer cans being opened with their familiar hiss, and the screech of a woman, then a loud cheer.

I hated these distractions, preferring to immerse myself in my fantasies, removing my boots again and putting my feet back on the seat in front.

The woman at the other end of the carriage stood up and swayed, either she was pissed out of her head, or she was just unsteady due to the train rolling across all the junction points.

But as I looked at her, she was very much a woman, attractive with a full figure, nice legs and slim hips.
She wore a bright red woolen coat, which was open, a short black skirt, and black pantyhose, or like me stockings.

My eyes fell onto her blouse, and as I looked, I wandered if she was wearing a brassiere.
My eyes looked first at her then I counted the heads of the various men sitting where she stood, there were seven men, then a dark mood engulfed me, were all those men going to fuck her.

I found my thighs involuntarily squeezing, as if they had a mind of their own. I was letting my overactive mind run away with itself, some men find it hard to understand girls who can think so bad about matter's sexual, concerning lots of men and a single girl being gang-****d.
In my mind only, I always think about it, and this beautiful woman I was looking at, looked as though she could be a kindred spirit.

I opened my coat and looked down at my stockinged legs, suddenly I could feel my heart beating wildly upon the realization, almost all my legs were in view, the hemline of my own little black number barely covered my stockings, and I looked up again at the backs of the heads of the two men in front.

As I looked I spread my legs, letting my stocking tops and my upper thighs show. this sexually excited me, my heart pumped like crazy, 'My God', I thought upon the realization I was indecently exposing myself, 'If either turned around they could see my indecent posture', and instead of closing my legs, I dared myself and fut a finger inside my thong and touched my wet fanny.

I could not believe what I was doing so daringly and so close to two men, then my peripheral vision caught my movements in the darken window opposite where I sat.
I got both a fright, as if it were a stranger watching me, but I was also fascinated by what I saw, it turned me on, as if I was a voyeur watching a horny sixteen year old girl, entertaining two older men.

I knew I had to stop, this was fucking crazy, I was asking for trouble, but the urge for sex, once again was driving me to the edge, where fantasy and reality became blurred, my fucking hormones had a lot to answer for.

I closed my coat over my legs, but left my under-clothing in the same state bordering indecency, I liked the feeling it generated in my being, at least it would be something to think about before dinner, when I gave myself a good seeing too, yes I was going to have a wank, and why not, after-all I was a healthy girl.

I heard another squeal then another cheer, and like the two men in front, we all looked in her direction, my heart leapt, she was kissing one of the men, but it was not that, that had caught my eyes, her skirt was up, she was indeed wearing stockings, just like mine, some of the men were coping a good feel, groping her legs and pussy, some of the men were kissing her bum, through her knickers, I hoped they would start to fuck her as I watched, she was a fucking dirty slut, and those men she was teasing deserved to get their cocks in her and cum.

My mind was racing away with me, I knew what I was thinking and that I was wrong, but she was the closest to my dirty thoughts, and I wanted to watch her being used by all those men, I wanted her to be me, for them to be fucking and pawing me, as I watched from a far, I wanted to masturbate as she was fucked, then the horror of what I was doing struck home, I had delved under my coat and had started to finger myself, my coat was open and one of the guys in front was looking at me as I did it.

I pulled my coat tight shut, and smiled feebly at him, I had been caught fingering my fanny, I wanted to run, but knew I couldn't, so I braved it, but then as the woman at the other end of the carriage was pulled down amongst the men there, the other guy sitting in front rose and went closer, he obviously wanted to see what was happening, leaving me with the man who was watching me.

I knew there and then the inevitable was going to happen, a man in his forties was not going to pass up on a horny teenage girl having wank in public, on a train, so when he also got up, I was prepared, excited, and resigned.

He sat down facing me, smiled and immediately put his hand on my stocking crossed ankles, and lifted them apart, running his hand up my legs to me knees, then down and up the other.

He came back down on the same leg, grasped the ankle and lifted it over his lap, putting it down, so he now sat between my opened legs.

I was in a state of self sexually induced hypnosis, letting my coat fall apart to reveal the true prize of catching me relieving myself. My thong had worked what little material attempted to hide my modesty, in between my labia, the only part being covered was my swollen clitoris, but that was about to be remedied, as both his hands slowly caressed my stockinged legs as they made their similar journey's towards that sacred part of ultimate bliss.

His fingers both reached their respective stockinged top and touch the warm teenage flesh of my inner thigh, each fingertip like an electric shock, each touch pushing the first closer to my swollen cunt, I looked down as my exposed labia changed color from a bright fleshy pink, to a darkened swollen and crinkled hue of red, I was wetting everything around my cunt, my hips rose and fell in a humping movement, I griped the edge of the seat, leaving him to explore my virgin territory, I marveled and lusted simultaneous, he reached my thong, and tore its feeble protection from me, baring my c***dhood opening, gasping out loud as he entered my unexplored hole, holding steady as I mounted both fingers eagerly, revealing my desire to be taken thus.

'Hot little thing, aren't you', I did not answer, just choosing to enjoy his fingers in my cunt, my bum off the seat and moving up and down on them, I was like a monkey on a pole, both my hands supporting my body weight on the edge of the seat.

I humped as he spoke, 'You wont be needing those, will you', I looked at him through hooded eyes, I was wanting to cum, and I watched him lift my sodden thong to under his nose and breath in my scent, then reach down and put them in his pocket.
I looked back into his eyes and saw the wet mark under his nose, my vaginal secretions smeared under his nose, each breath he took would inflame to posses me more, then suddenly, I felt him pull his fingers from me and I almost screamed, but begged him quietly to put them back inside me.

He smiled at his control, removing his previously inserted fingers and the slime they contained, from my inner body, before delving down and un-zippering his trousers, and taking out his uncut cock, and as I observed it's emergence, I looked at it with a longing hunger, watching it swell to a huge size, and as if by magic, the foreskin peel back to reveal it's huge delicious head.

'At last I was going to be fucked, at last I would now feel a man release inside me',
So many unanswered questions about to be gratified, and as my mind grappled with the about to be answered, he reached forward and pulled my bum to edge of the seat, my knees bending outwards, my cunt being spread, his cock head now touching the lips it was designed to penetrate.

Soon, what was originally separated by many years in age difference, would be connected, and as each inch slid home, even if it was inside a girl, who was now, by her own will, sliding forward, and voluntarily letting her virginal flesh eagerly swallow this massive cock, feeling it closing up behind the bulbous head, as it drove deeper into her innermost soul.

I was indeed the tightest of condoms, as we fucked, squeezing all the warm moist air from between his cock and my tight fanny, now as he moved inside me, my vagina moved with him, such was the suction and the pleasure it afforded me to cling to him, I humped like a greedy bitch, gobbling a cock I had only yearned for a few moments earlier.

'How old are you darling', he whispered into my ear, 'Sixteen', I gleefully returned, knowing the effect it would have on his male ego.

Humped a few minutes more before adding, 'Fuck me, you are the same age as my daughter', and he stiffened more as I suspected he might, 'She will love your cock too', I salaciously whispered into his ear, feeling his response to my comment as a positive, his vigor increasing as he pounded into me.

The girl at the other end of the carriage was also engaging in sex, she had all those men to enjoy and her moaning echoed through the carriage.
Suddenly the guy who had gone forward stood up and looked back at us, seeing my head and upper body bobbing up and down on a cock, he turned and headed back towards us, his own cock sticking out in front of him, bobbing up and down, looking for an eager hole to shag.

'Fucking hell Billy, you lucky fucker, how old is she'?
So my lover is called Billy, 'Claims she is sixteen', he replied, I looked at him with a hint of a smile on my lips, as if to confirm I was 'Up for it'.

He noticed that before adding, 'Yeah she is, looks like she like a bit of the old cock', before adding, 'Like the cum slut at the other end'.

His hand was exploring my bum and soon he began fingering my bum hole, 'This one feels nice and tight' and at that revelation he slipped in behind us as we continued to fuck, and began to lick my asshole.

'You know what Mark, my Karen is the same age as her'.

Mark, my bum licker did not reply, he was too busy pushing his tongue into my bum hole.
'Whats you name love'? I looked into Billy's face, 'Amber', I lied, knowing Amber was a popular girl's name for internet chat rooms.

'Tell me Amber, do you think my daughter would love this'? I felt the naughtiness rise up in my again and started to nibble his ear lobe, 'Karen would love to feel daddies cock in her', and at that he started to hump again with more vigor.

That was when Mark had had enough cleaning out my colon with his tongue, and started to push his cock in my ass, I moaned into Billy's ear and dropped my head onto his shoulder, biting hard into the leather collar as the pain shot through with his penetration into my anus.

'Oh fuck, Jesus, this is one fucking tight hole', moaned Mark as he started to gain some momentum in my yielding rear end.

'Fucking hell Mark', moaned Billy, 'I can feel your cock against mine as you fuck'.

The sharp pain had gone to be replaced with and incredible sense of fullness, and two cock moving out of sync.

Mark clearly was the more mobile of the two cocks banging into me knocking the breath from Billy.

'We need to meet like this more often', Billy remarked, and they both laughed.
'Why not inside Karen', I interjected, that was it, Billy came at the thought of his daughter on the end of his cock.

Mark was next, then we all separated. I never came, to feeling was enough, my experience could wait until I got home.

Both Mark and Billy kissed me and went forward to join all the other action, and I watched as some of the men looked back at me, and waited for them to approach, somehow not really feeling frightened, but expectant.

I closed my eyes and must have dozed off, because the next thing I remember was being awoken, 'Last stop dear', it was the guard, and we had reached the end of the line.

The two men and all the rest had disappeared, then I realized I had dozed off, I had been dreaming, and with a quick check, yes I was wet, but there was no sperm.

I put my Ugg's on, buttoned up, and stepped into the cold air and the snow, making my way to the taxi rank, now I did not trust myself to get home in one piece, I was still horny and the option for a fuck was up to me making myself available to the first man, so I passed the taxi rank, and made my way to town, there was an adult cinema not far from here, I would go there and have some fun.

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