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My Katy 4

‘hi, rae’, she says, her voice deep from sl**p. my solitude is broken and the mood has shifted from my quiet play to a private show. i smile back, locking eyes with her. we look at each other for a few seconds and i moan softly.

‘hi, beauty.’

i continue to watch her. there is so much i want to give her. my left hand continues to tease my mound, my right hand holding my tee-shirt up. katy’s eyes move down to watch. i watch her watching, feeling electrified by her gaze. her smile turns to seriousness and her eyes take on a look of growing desire, softening, seemingly looking inward. she has moved into her own erotic space, staring at my hand as i show her how i pleasure myself. this is such a turn on to me. i slide my middle finger in and out of my wet slit and over my clit, staring at my friend, watching her breath quicken slightly. it is so quiet in the room, just the sound of my increasing wetness as i rub myself a little faster now.

katy moves for the first time, bringing a hand up to her face to pull her black hair off her forehead. her eyes are focused on my play; she wets her dry lips with her tongue, and my excitement doubles. seeing her tongue sends a small shockwave through me; i shudder and i begin to think about where i want that tongue next. i can feel her excitement. i am really charged up now, standing there, showing myself to her, letting her into my world. my entire middle finger slides into my pussy, then out, and again, the sound exciting me more and more. i let my hands fall to my sides, wanting my friend to look at me. she reaches her hand out towards my pussy, but i step back, away, teasing her. we smile at each other and she lets out a little laugh.

‘come here, you little bitch.’

i laugh.

katy pulls the comforter down to her waist, and brings her hands to her small breasts, pinching her nipples and looking up at me. she is pierced with stainless steel barbells and she tugs on her nipples, looking at me and smiling, knowing. i get onto the bed to get closer to my katy. she pulls roughly on herself some more, her nipples hard and red now, then lets go. she looks absolutely delicious.


‘yes, beauty?’

‘come closer.’

i straddle her, my wet pussy touching her warm stomach, and look down at her. she is so beautiful to me.

‘you are so beautiful…’

‘you are, rae…’

her arms reach up for me and she pulls me down, bringing my mouth to hers. we kiss many times, our mouths opening slowly, teasing our tongues into each other. she tastes amazing; her tongue is warm and wet. i love this katy, this warm sensual cat, stretching under me, holding me, sighing. i take her head in my hands, and look into her smiling, moist eyes.

‘you know what you do to me…’

‘i do, rae…’

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