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It had been her first date without a curfew so I had no idea when Janie got home. It had to have been sometime between two AM, when I fell asl**p on the couch watching old movies, and eight, when I woke up with the TV turned off and Jamie's window-rattling snore reverberating down the hall. I went to check on her and the sight of her bare leg poking out from under her comforter made me smile. She was eighteen years and one day old, safe at home and not pregnant. In our f****y, that last point was something to celebrate.

It was an unwanted f****y tradition. I had given birth to Jamie when I was sixteen, my mother had given birth to me when she was s*******n, my grandmother had given birth to my mom when she was fifteen and she wasn't even her first c***d. And so it went, a long string of very young mothers stretching back into the mists of time. Whether it was a blessing or a curse or just a simple function of genetics, the matriarchal side of our f****y tree has always had three things in common; big boobs, raging libidos and frightfully fertile loins. As a result, our fore-mothers had been subjected to strident religious indoctrination, social chastisement, arbitrary punishments, and even quarantine, but they always ended up with a baby in their belly and a disappointed f****y reluctantly committed to helping raise yet another unwanted bastard infant.

Obviously the old ways didn't work.

It seemed to me that the only alternative was to arm my daughter with knowledge. So I started her sex education when she first started asking where babies came from and continued teaching her ever since. I was honest and no topic was out of bounds, even when she started asking me about my sex own life. And when she started getting interested in boys I immediately took her to get contraception. My mentoring may have been a little too thorough since she had developed a reputation as her high school's biggest slut, perhaps justifiably, but at least she was partying on her eighteenth birthday and not getting up early to feed a toddler like I had been.

Excuse me for patting myself on the back, but I was full of contentment that morning for having finally broken the f****y curse.

Janie didn't get up until almost one. I was spending a lazy Saturday doing the crossword and listing to all of my Garth Brooks albums on shuffle when she wandered into the kitchen looking worn. I smiled at her and saw that something was bothering her almost immediately. A mother can tell.

"Good afternoon sunshine. How was your date?" I said, figuring that if something was wrong it probably had to do with her date. She had been seeing some guy named Tom for the last couple of weeks but she had been uncharacteristically stingy on the details.

"Fun," she said as she opened the refrigerator door to find a Coke.

"What'd you guys do?" I asked, trying to sound nonchalant.

She didn't answer right away. She sat at the table across from me and took a long pull on her can of Coke while looking off at nothing in particular. I could almost see her mind working back behind those big, dark eyes of hers; trying to decide how much to tell me. I was willing to let her decide. While it is true we were very open with each other I realize everyone has their secrets and all relationships have their boundaries.

Finally she put her can down and looked at me. From the hard gleam in her eye I knew she had decided to share something big. "I... um, I mean we... had a three-way last night."

Now personally, I'm not a big fan of three-ways. Unless you're truly bisexual you almost always spend a lot of time waiting for your turn and not one man in twenty can properly satisfy two women at once. Besides, every long term three-way I've been in ends up with everybody pissed off at each other. I'd told Jamie all of this years ago when a boyfriend had been pressuring her and another girl to give it a try. She had gone ahead with it only to find out that I was right. That's why I was so surprised she was trying it again.

"Really?" I said, keeping cool about it. "Who was your third?"

"Tom's friend Brian."

Well, I almost spit out my water. A two guy three-way was like a home made rocket ship; apt to blow up and scorch you badly, but totally worth the risk if it holds together. It had been almost ten years since I'd last had two guys at once and I still masturbated to the memories.

"Oh," I managed to say. "Did they use protection?"

"Of course," she said with a roll of her eyes. She frequently grew tired of my lectures on birth control.

"Did it go well?"

Janie smiled. Her relief at having told me without having me lose my cool was palpable and her enthusiasm for her new experience came bubbling through. "Oh mom it was awesome. Both those guys touching me, kissing me, moving inside me... I came so hard. It was like the best sex ever."

"How did they do it, oral and vag or anal and vag?"

"Oral. They wanted to try the other way but I was nervous and told them we could try that some other time."

"So Brian is going to join you again?" I asked, feeling guilty for feeling jealous.

"Weeell," she began with obvious trepidation. "That's the thing."

"What's what thing?"

"Well, Brian and Tom have some friends they want to introduce me to. Tonight. I'm curious, and seriously turned on by the idea, but I'm a little scared."

This little piece of news about knocked me out of my chair. I've always tried to be a cool mother but this was too much for me. "A gangbang!" I sputtered. "They want to get their friends together to gangbang you?!"

"Jeez mom, I didn't say I was going to do it."

"That's really dangerous Janie. You could get seriously hurt."

"Tom's a nice..."

"I don't care. You get that many men together and they start acting like a****ls. What if they decide they want to take off their condoms halfway through? What could you do about it?"

"I'm on the pill too, remember?"

"You know what I'm talking about Jane."

"He said they're all going out to get tested today."

"Sure they are. How do you know they won't just show you some bogus documentation?"

"That's just it. I don't know what that shit..."

"Watch your language young lady."

"I don't know what that stuff looks like. I need someone there who has some experience and can supervise things; someone who can check their documentation and can stop the party if I need help."

"And who exactly will do all this for you?"

"Well, I already said Tom is nice, but you said he didn't count because men are a****ls."

"That's right. They are."

"Well, I guess Tom will have to do."

"I thought you said you weren't going to do it," I said, almost lapsing into a yell.

"I said I hadn't decided yet, but the more I think about it the hotter it seems. Doesn't it sound awesome having all those guys around you, waiting to fuck you?"

"I said watch your language," I reminded her. But she was right. It did sound hot. Frankly, it was a long held fantasy of mine but had long ago put it in the category of 'Things That Never Actually Happened Outside Of Pornography'. Maybe if I had been dating around when I was eighteen instead of potty training Janie I would have had my chance. I had aged well and looked at least half a decade younger than thirty four, but God I was a hot little bitch when I was that age; the guys would have been lining up for a chance to share me.

Suddenly I realized that my mind had wandered off as I thought of men lining up for a poke at me. I looked back to Janie and she had an intense look to her face as she stared into my eyes. "So I guess Tom will have to chaperone," she said again.

My stomach flipped over as I belated realized what she was hinting at. "Oh Janie, no..." I said slowly.

"Come on mom," she whined; sounding like the teenager I sometimes forgot she was. "It's my birthday."

For a long time I just looked at my horny young daughter, my jaw hanging open. Then I forbid her from going, of course. And, of course, she claimed I couldn't stop her since she was legally an adult. Then things got ugly as we had our worst fight in over a year. We both ended up screaming at each other until she slammed her bedroom door and I collapsed sobbing on the couch.

As I started considering my options I realized I was making the same mistake as my mother and grandmother and great-grandmother, on down the line, back to infinity. I knew I couldn't stop her; not forever. I remembered the bone deep horny impulses that used to drive me to climb out of my bedroom window on school nights and sneak off with boys during Sunday school. Heck, I still felt it every day; it was just simpler to act on now. So, with a sinking feeling I realized that the only way out of this gangbang situation was straight through it and the only safe route for Janie was for me to go along and supervise.

So, reluctantly, I knocked on Janie's door and told her I'd take her to Tom's.

As we prepared that afternoon I was glum and nervous at first, but Janie's giggling excitement was infectious. Before long I had caught her feverish anticipation. I treated us both to lunch, after which we got Brazilian waxes, facials, mud baths and colonics. We left the day spa sparkling clean from head to toe, inside and out. I told myself I'd gone through the whole regimen with Janie to lend moral support, but I was already imagining scenarios where I had to step in and take over as Janie sobbed that she was wrong and I was right and would I please, please, please do this gangbang for her because she was so scared, and I'd just shrug and step into a crowd of horny young men who would take me in their strong hands and use my every orifice as a playground while my daughter just shook her head in wonder at my sexual acumen and parental wisdom.

Quite honestly, I was growing hornier by the minute.

Finally we were ready. Janie wore a very short, very tight black skirt and a tight pink halter top that showed of her young, naturally firm breasts and abdomen. I was wearing a tight and short dark blue dress that showed my cleavage to a scandalous degree and exhibited the hard body I'd crafted during my dozen years as an aerobics instructor. Janie wore her long, straight, sable colored hair down, I wore my blond locks the only way you can wear loose curly hair; loose and curly. We looked good. Better than good; we looked stunningly sexy; eminently doable.

And it was time to go.

I drove us there as the day was giving way to evening. We were both quiet and jumpy with anticipation as I drove into the city on unfamiliar streets. As I piloted the car I heard a telltale humming sound from my right and looked over to find Janie with a vibrator up her skirt, head back and eyes half closed as she buzzed herself towards climax.

"What the heck are you doing?" I demanded.

"I'm going nuts over here. I just need to take the edge off."

"Darn it Janie, you're going to have half a dozen guys pushing to get at you in a few minutes, get a hold of yourself."

"Oh mom..." she whined.

I sympathized with her. I really did. I too was about ready to crawl out of my skin from nervousness and fear and desire and a whole host of freaky conflicted impulses. I wished I could've got myself off, if only to settle my mind, but the afternoon just got away from me. But I wasn't about to sit there and drive while my daughter masturbated in the seat next to me.

"I'm serious young lady. You're a woman now and you need to grow up and learn to control your desires."

"Well you don't sound in control of yours," she said in a pout as she pulled the six inch long device from under her skirt.

"What's that suppose to mean?"

"Just that you seem pretty freaked out."

"I'm taking my daughter to a gangbang. How the heck do you expect me to act?"

"Like you won't take out that pepper spray I saw you put in your purse and start randomly spraying people at my party."

Maybe Janie had a point. I was on edge and jumpy. She didn't even know I also had a taser and a handgun in my purse. I considered what she'd said. It was kind of a recipe for disaster. But I was feeling stubborn. "I'll be fine," I said

"When was the last time you even got laid?"

"Gosh. I guess it was four, or was it five, days ago. Some customer at TJ's." I recalled the encounter. It had been at my other job bartending at Tiggle Jitz; a too brief encounter in the back room with a customer who talked a better game than he was able to produce.

"FIVE DAYS? Holy shit mom, no wonder you're on edge. Did you even come?"

"No. And I'm tired of telling you to watch your language."

She looked over at me for a long time then, in a low voice, said, "Come on mom, you need some relief." She reached over and held the still buzzing vibrator against my inner thigh.

"What are you doing?" I said with alarm as I jumped in my seat.

"Come on mom, if you're going to be my safety net I need you chill. Let me help you out." She moved the tip of the vibrator up under my dress. I felt it lightly touch my pussy.

"Please Janie, stop it," I said unconvincingly.

She didn't stop it. She pushed the vibrator more firmly against my vulva and began moving it up and down over the thin fabric of my panties. I began panting, I knew I should stop her, but, as she said, I needed to stay 'chill'.

She pulled my panties to the side and found my clit. She slid the vibrator down across it, along my lips and into my vagina. I gasped as I clutched the wheel tightly. I opened my mouth to tell her to stop, but I couldn't bring myself to speak. Soon she was thumbing my clit as she pulled the humming plastic phallus against the front wall of my vag, hitting the G spot behind my pubis just right. I moaned as we pulled up to a red light and I let my thighs open wider.

"That's right, relax. Let it go," said Janie to me softly as her lips gently kissed along my collarbone.

"Janie, this is..." I meant to say "wrong", but I couldn't. I felt the orgasm welling up from within me now; filling every cell with the trilling power of a****l release. I let my head fall back against the car seat as my breaths started panting out in ragged huffs. Janie's face was down between my boobs now, her tongue licking down along my cleavage. Her thumb circled my clit as the vibrator buzzed inside me. I was so close; just a few strokes away from climax.

An impatient honk brought me back to cognizance and I looked up to see the light had turned green. I slammed my foot down on the gas and we leapt forward as I pushed Janie away from me. I'd almost let my own daughter get me off. What kind of monster was I?

"You want to pull over?" she asked.

"No," I answered.

"But you didn't come. I thought it seemed like you... Hey, that's Tom's building right there."

We pulled up to a very swanky high rise and found a parking spot around the corner. I was surprised this Tom fellow lived in such a ritzy neighborhood. I was even more surprised when the doorman showed us to a special elevator to the penthouse. I had envisioned Janie's friend Tom as another of her college boys, but as the elevator brought us quickly skyward I began to wonder who exactly she'd been dating. However, my stomach was turning somersaults in double-time now, so I couldn't bring myself to quiz her in the few seconds we had before we reached the top.

The door opened and we stepped into a richly appointed apartment with large paintings, full windows and high ceilings. Arrayed before us was a group of men in dark blue bathrobes. They mostly seemed to be in their forties and late thirties. Their eyes bore into us with unconcealed lust.

"I was expecting five or six guys Janie, there's like fifteen men here," I said quietly as we walked out towards them.

"I know," she said. I could hear the nervousness in her voice.

"Is everything well, ladies?" said a dapper man with a gray flecked, old fashioned handlebar mustache and thinning, slicked back hair. His voice purred with a slight Italian accent. He walked up and gently kissed Janie on the cheek.

"Yeah Tom, I just wasn't expecting so many guys," said Janie.

So this was Tom, I thought; an aging pervert eager to hand my naive daughter to his horny friends. I bristled when I realized this was probably a game for these men; enticing young women into this swank penthouse, using them up and tossing them away. I wondered how many other young women had come before my Janie.

"And Tom, I'd like you to meet my friend, Patty," she said, indicating me. I'd asked her to not let them know I was her mother. For some reason I didn't want this roomful of perverts to think I was a bad parent.

"It is a pleasure to meet you," he said smoothly.

"I'm just here to make sure my friend stays safe. I don't want you guys screwing her over," I said.

"Of course Jane will be safe, but, to be blunt, screwing is the entire point of this party, no?" he said calmly. Everyone laughed but me.

"Look," I said curtly. "I want to set some rules here. The safe word for tonight is 'stop'. Not just 'stop', it is any word that means stop or wait or hold on or quit; anything. Also, no pictures, no videos, no recordings of any kind. Thirdly, you're all going to wear condoms..."

There was a moan from the assembled men. Several complained vocally that they spent good time and money getting bl**d tests this afternoon and they'd be damned if they were going to wear rubbers. Tom approached me and gently took my elbow to invite me to talk with him privately. My eyes glaring hard at him, I followed him to the corner of the room where two huge windows met at a right angle and presented a million dollar view of the city as the setting sun reflected on the slow moving river in the distance. Tom handed me a folder with a set of nearly identical papers.

"Would you like to inspect these?" he asked.

I opened the folder and leafed through them. They were genuine alright. One doesn't remain as sexually active as I'd been most of my adult life and not get to recognize a valid HIV test result. I'd even used that lab. I counted through them and there were s*******n separate reports. I did a quick count of the room and counted s*******n men. In amongst them was Janie, shooting me a look of profound irritation.

"I assure you your daughter will be safe," said Tom as I slowly looked over the medical reports again. They'd had the darn things notarized and everything.

"I just don't want her..." I paused when I realized he'd referred to Janie as my daughter. "Did she tell you?" I asked with an air of betrayal. Looking over at her I saw she was sitting on a barstool drinking what looked like a coke and laughing as men gathered around her closely. A big black guy had his hand on her knee.

"No. It is very obvious. You two look so much alike; your mouths, the shape of your faces, your eyes, your, if I may be so forward, exceedingly sexy bodies. She already told me she had no siblings so I deduced the relationship rather quickly."

"You must think I'm I horrible mother."

"No. Quite the opposite. You are a very kind parent to not only permit this, but to chaperone it to ensure your daughter's safety. It must be very difficult for you. If I had a daughter of my own I hope I could be as liberal."

I looked over at Janie again. A man had moved behind her and was kneading her shoulders. The black man's hand had moved off her knee and now rested well up on her thigh. Another let his robe fall open and she reached down to take his penis in her hand.

I handed the test results back to Tom. "Is it really that important that you don't wear condoms?"

"We would greatly prefer it. But it is important to Jane. She's told me she's never experienced many of the tactile facets of, um, let's call it 'primitive' sex. She has fetishized semen as a missing piece of her sexual life. It would probably be best for her if she has this experience now, while it's safe."
This was all news to me. To hear a complete stranger tell me how my daughter was obsessing over cum was like a kick in the gut. Suddenly some of the oddly specific sexual questions she had been asking lately made a lot of sense.

I looked over at her again. Her empty drink was on the bar and she sat holding a cock in each hand. The black man was pulling her panties off her ankles and the man behind her was unlatching the strap of her halter-top. Several of the other men had opened their robes and were stroking their cocks to attention. Her face was lit up with an enormous smile; at least, it was until her eyes fell on me again, at which point her face drooped into a disappointed scowl.

"Fine. You guys can go bareback," I said.

"Excellente!" he said with a big smile. Looking over at Janie, who was now standing topless while two men slid her skirt down her legs, Tom suggested, "Perhaps you should let her know the good news yourself."

The action froze as I approached the group. They looked at me like defendants watching the jury coming back with a verdict. Janie was completely naked now and her face was contorted into a combination of insolence and pleading. I just smiled at her.

"Everything seems in order, you don't have to use condoms," I announced.

The guys all cheered. Janie jumped over to me and threw her arms around my neck to kiss me on the cheek. "Thanks mom, I..."

There was a mutual gasp from everyone but Tom. Janie blushed from head to toe as she belatedly threw her hands up over her mouth. Several sets of eyes darted from me to her, scanning for the resemblance and nodding in confirmation.

"Gentlemen, let's not be philistines. We are her to treat this young woman to a new experience and her lovely mother is here to ensure that she does not get hurt. I suggest that the lovely Ms Graham select a vantage point while we begin, unless of course mother would like to help her delectable daughter deal with this surplus of companionship."

I looked around at them. They were an older bunch of guys than I would have preferred, but they were in good shape. I knew I should keep my cool and stay aloof, but God I was horny.

Janie stepped over and took my hand. My face must have displayed my nervousness because she looked at me with understanding eyes as she guided me over to a deep, shaggy rug partially surrounded by plump leather couches and chairs. The men followed us, settling into the furniture or standing close by as Janie gazed significantly at me. She sank to her knees and several men stepped forward. She opened her mouth. Soon I was standing over her, still holding her hand as I watched her close her eyes and take a cock into her mouth. She began working her face back and forth along its length.

Watching my daughter suck that strangers cock caused my nethers to tingle with uneasy desire. When several sets of hands reached out to touch my body and slide up along the contours of my ass, stomach, back and breasts, a low moan escaped my throat. Fingers pulled down my dress' zipper and the straps were brushed off my shoulders. I had to release Janie's hand as I was helped out of my clothes. Many hands stroked my trembling flesh as they pulled at my panties and fumbled with the latch on my bra. Soon I was as naked as Janie who now worked a cock with each hand while a fully erect shaft pistoned past her lips. I felt pressure on my shoulders as strong but gentle hands urged me to my knees.

Before I knew it I had joined Janie on my knees. The man who had been thrusting into her mouth pulled away, letting her spot me. Our eyes met and within an instant our lips met. I was kissing my daughter with deep full tongued soul kisses that made my heart leap and my soul cringe. There was wild cheering at the spectacle. When we broke our kiss a penis thrust between us and hands guided our faces towards it with steady pressure. We kissed around it, our tongues playing peek-a-boo around the shaft as Tom groaned elaborately above us.

"Merda, I'm going to come," he croaked.

My instinct was taking over now. There was no mother here; no daughter; only cocks and holes that could fit cocks. Without thinking I had reached up and taken hold of Janie's hair to pull her head back with one hand while aiming the quivering dick at her with the other. Her eyes popped wide in surprise. The erection in my hand started pulsing as a heavy load of jism jetted out to hit her in the face, sending droplets s**ttering like a milky explosion as heavy cascades of sperm dripped from her jaw and flowed down over her beautiful heaving tits.

The crowd of men crowed with delight. Several moved forward to playfully slap our faces with their stiff pricks and pump our mouths some more.

Hands pulled me up. I was laid on my back on the couch. Fingers dug at my pussy and probed into my ass as cocks pushed at my face. I opened wide, sometimes taking two at a time as I felt an unseen man settling in between my thighs. Soon he was filling me, thrusting into me vigorously as cocks stretched my jaw uncomfortably.

Somewhere I heard Janie groan in ecstasy over the low murmur of men's voices calling us bitch and cunt and slut as they growled in raspy voices how hard they were going to 'fuck' us and how they were going to fill us with their cum.

I reached out blindly with both hands and they were helpfully guided to waiting penises. I jerked and sucked as I undulated my pelvis into the man lustily slamming into my vagina. The smell of men enveloped me like a fog as they took their turns with me. I found the thread of my curtailed orgasm somewhere deep within me and followed it down into the raw a****l core of my consciousness. I felt it bubbling up and consuming me like a wet flame. I gasped for air around the two dicks pushing into my mouth, sounding like a raging b**st as turbulent waves of pleasure flooded through every sparking synapse in my writhing body. I surged and slammed into the men pressing down on me as my body contorted involuntarily. Then it was done. I was left drained but still the men's plump rods slid back and forth inside of me. Driven ahead by their brutish thrusts I once again began the long climb to the sparkling plateau of sexual release.

The musky pipes pushing at my face withdrew suddenly and I goggled in confusion into the void above me. But it was filled soon enough as Janie's leg straddled my face and her body lowered towards me. With a brief second of moral shock I realized I was tasting my daughter's pussy as it ground into my lips and tongue, but the trepidation was washed away by the sensation of her lips and tongue finding my sex. I worked to return the delight that poured through me from her mouth on my clitoris, returning pleasure for pleasure. I felt balls smacking against my forehead as a fat cock began thrusting to her young body while I lapped and sucked at her greedily. When I felt her body pushing down on me with trembling pressure as her silky juices oozed forth to drip and flow across my upturned face I knew I had made her - my daughter, my little Janie - come.

Janie's fingers teased around my clit as a series of men took turns at my body and her tongue took over in the breaks between. As the cock pummeling Janie's vulva withdrew I let my eyes focus on the form that loomed down to take its place. Dark flesh moved in and an immensely fat and long blue-black rod - almost a dusky purple - thrust between Janie's bare pubis and me. I lapped at it as he roughly rubbed the underside of his member across my face. He withdrew and lined it up with Janie's gaping orifice. Slowly, he entered her. I watched enraptured as inch after unending inch pushed inside her stretching pussy. I raised my mouth to alternate licking at her clit and his balls as he began driving into her with slow but sharp jabs. As Janie's black invader's thrusts crested in intensity, the man in my vagina pulled out to let another have a turn and Janie's tongue once again found me. At nearly the same instant the empurpled dick slapping into her pussy suddenly froze deep inside her and I watched his balls begin rising and falling as he started pumping his seed into her womb. Soon a glossy ring of cum bloomed around the base of his shaft as she was filled past capacity, then sticky streams of jism began course back down his balls and drip out of her body to spatter onto my face. When he pulled out a great gush of sperm slewed forth to drop onto me in a sheet of pearly spunk. At exactly that instant Janie hit my clit just right as another fat cock pushed into me. I came hard; gasping around the flood of sperm that seemed to just keep gushing from Janie's body.

Just as she had suddenly appeared over my body, Janie was lifted up and carried away by a cluster of nude men. Hands reached down and pulled me up too; pivoting me around to place me astraddle the lap of a man who had taken my place on the couch. Obediently I accepted his cock and began riding it with an exhausted rocking motion atop his pelvis. Looking over I saw they had Janie on her knees; a man roughly screwing her mouth while two more worked her anus open with lube coated fingers. Poor Janie, I thought. I knew she didn't care of anal. But I also knew that this was no longer about what we wanted, but what we could endure.

Fingers were probing my ass too. I opened my legs wider and braced for the pelvis punishing invasion. I heard Janie sobbing around the dick in her mouth as fat rod of manhood was slowly f***ed into her rectum. Soon it was my turn. Cocks pried uncomfortably at my body from below and behind as a man kneeled before me to feed me his erection. Soon all thought was drained from my mind as I became a grunting chunk of sexmeat taking three cocks at once. The pain and discomfort began to dissolve away into a weird kind of sick pleasure as they used me. The pleasure continued to grow until I knew I had reached the apex of sensation again. I came in a blinding flash of almost unbearably intense pleasure pumping into me from three orifices simultaneously.

My perception grew choppy. Penises entered me and left, sometimes to use another hole, sometimes to take a turn at my daughter, sometimes to fall back and watch for a while.

I kept coming. It seemed the climaxes grew more frequent as they used me; or was it that time began to lose any meaning in the center of a roiling mass of pumping flesh? Each onrush of pleasure flushed my mind and wracked my body until I was a blank brained jelly. But still they pushed us onwards.

I remember looking over and seeing my daughter sitting with her ass impaled on a reclining man's penis. Two men hovered over her; pushing their meat into her face. Two more had crowded between her thighs and f***ed both their cocks into her tortured pussy. I could hear her cries. Where they of pain? Were they of pleasure? I remember thinking in the depths of my sex-dazed brain that it certainly must be both as she felt five cocks moving relentlessly within her.

Somehow I found myself on the floor on my back. Janie and I rested head to head; mine resting on her shoulder, hers resting on mine. A tall forest of naked men crowded in close, a dozen hands on a dozen dicks stroking slowly as they looked down on us with predatory triumph. Several got down on their knees to hover extra close; their hard, florid cocks twitching as they rapidly thrashed themselves to climax. I raised my head to look at Janie. She was panting. Her eyes were wild. I'm sure if she looked at me she would have described me the same. But she didn't look because the flood came and jumping jets of snaking sperm began to shoot from the cocks of these unknown men to splash against our faces, chest and tits; to flow across our skin, pool in our belly buttons and cake in the shallow depressions in the creases of our tensed and tremulous bodies. We fought for breath as our mouths were flooded and our nostrils covered. We gulped and swallowed as our bellies filled with sperm.

Then it was over. Then men drew back a bit to gaze on their work; a cum-blasted mother and daughter. They urged us to kiss, to drink the jism from each other's flesh. Confused and exhausted we compiled. My mouth moved over Janie's frosted breasts. She moved down to lap at the same orifice through which she'd entered this world, but which now leaked thick ribbons of semen. We crawled weakly at their feet as we continued to slurp at the congealing remains of their genetic slurry, but they were done with us. We looked up at them as they drifted away to go out and do whatever rich, sexually sated men do. Soon they were all gone and we were left alone, laying together in their filth.

"You know what's weird," said Janie, her voice quiet but sounding oddly loud in the cavernous penthouse.

"What honey?"

"I'm still a little horny."

I laughed. "Me too. The air in here is probably saturated with male pheromones."

"Not to mention our hair and skin. And body our cavities; this rug; the couches... Holy shit that was a hell of a fuck."

I let my daughter's swearing pass for once. Instead I asked, "So what are we going to do about it?"

She rose up on an elbow and smiled down at me with lips ringed with a white rind of crusty semen. "I know that Tom has a double headed dildo around here somewhere."

I laughed. "OK baby. Help mama up. Let's go find that dildo."

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