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My First Time

I had just turned 15 and was a freshman in high school sitting in my first period English class. My English teacher was a very young, very attractive young woman, Miss Jackson, who enjoyed wearing her skirts very short. It was the early 70's after all and mini skirts were in style. She was in her mid 20's and I couldn't help but be attracted to her, often day dreaming about what was under that short skirt.

I was in the middle of just such a dream, not paying attention to the time or the fact that I had a huge hard-on. The bell rang to end the class and jarred me back to the real world, only to realize there was no way I could stand up and walk out of class with my cock hard and pushing up past the top of my jeans.

I delayed my exit hoping no one in class would notice the large bulge in my pants and I attempted to cover my crotch with my books and shuffle, hunched just a bit out the door.

It seems as though I was successful in my escape as none of the other students seems to notice me. I hadn't even given Miss Jackson, who was sitting at her desk looking through some papers, a second thought. I shuffled past her and out the door.

After my final class of the day I was heading down the steps from the second floor and Miss Jackson's room was at the bottom of the stairs. She was standing just outside of her door and called out to me to asked if I might help her with something. I replied sure I'd be happy to help her.

She said great, turned and walked back into her classroom. I followed behind wondering what she needed my help with. As I walked into the classroom she turned and closed the door behind us, stating that no one could see what she needed my help with.

She explained that the movie screen in her room was stuck and wouldn't come down. She had asked the school janitor to fix it for her, but the closest he had gotten to the task was dropping off the step ladder.

I can't have anybody see you helping me with this or we'd both be in trouble with the principle, she stated. I'm not supposed to do maintenance work and your certainly not supposed to be helping me do it.

I am showing my classes a movie tomorrow and I simply have to get this screen down, since you seem like a big, strong, young man would you mind holding this ladder while I try to get the thing unstuck? she asked me.

No problem I said, then I volunteered to go up the ladder for her. She said No she couldn't take the chance that I might fall and get hurt. That she would have to be the one to do it. I shrugged and said OK I'll hold the ladder.

She quickly went up the ladder, while I stood behind her holding the sides of it. As she reached the top of the ladder she leaned over to reach for the screen and it was then that I noticed I could see right up that short skirt of hers. She wasn't wearing any panties! Her pussy was starring me right in the face, just a few feet away.....

Hold the ladder tight now, Miss Jackson said, As I give this screen a tug. All I could do was manage a groan of acknowledgement and keep looking at her bare pussy...Needless to say my cock instantly sprang to life and started trying to tear through my jeans to get at her.

She finally got the screen loose and started down the ladder....Now I realized she couldn't help but notice the huge bulge in my pants and panic took hold of me. I groaned and hunched over...trying to cover myself.

Are you OK? Miss Jackson asked. You didn't hurt yourself did you as she took me by the shoulders and straightened me up. The her eyes looked down at my jeans as she said. My you are a big young man aren't you, I thought I noticed a bulge like that this morning as you left class. But it seems much bigger now....

Would you let me see it please? she asked, as she reached for my pants and began rubbing my crotch.

She knelt down opened my jeans and zipper and as my cock sprang free, popped it right into her mouth! I almost passed out and came after just a few bobs of Miss Jackson's head on my dick. She moaned and swallowed every drop....with out missing a beat she said don't worry it will be hard again very soon, now I want you to do the same thing for me.

With that she hiked up her skirt sat down on the top of her desk and spread her legs, pointing at her pussy she said suck me right here.

I think my cock was hard again before my tongue touched her hot, very wet pussy. I licked and sucked her pussy with gusto and after a few minutes she grabbed my rock hard cock saying, See I told you it wouldn't take long. Now I want you to stick this big cock in Miss Jackson's pussy and fuck it good!

She guided my cock into her dripping pussy and grabbed my ass, saying, Fuck me good and hard young man!

Well I did just as I was told and after a few minutes I felt my cock swelling up about ready to cum again. Miss Jackson felt it too telling me, Go ahead and cum but you'd better not stop fucking me I'm almost there. Well I blew another huge load deep in her pussy and my cock stayed hard as I just kept pounding away at her. She moaned laying back on her desk.....

Yes that's it fuck your teacher's pussy good and hard you young stud she gasped. With that I felt her pussy contract around my cock and her juices escaping out the sides and bottom of her pussy, flooding my cock, the desk and the floor with her cum.

Needless to say this excited me on so much I came for the third time! My cock was still hard and I wanted to keep going but, Miss Jackson said, I think we had better stop, before someone hears us.

Taking my still hard cock out of her dripping wet pussy, I started pulling up my pants, not knowing quite what to do or say next.

Miss Jackson straightening her short shirt said, Do you think you could come over to my apartment this Saturday afternoon? I'm getting some new furniture and my room mate and I sure could use some help.....She smiled at me and winked.

Of course I can stop over to help you Miss Jackson. I said, What time Saturday?
.........But that's a whole different story.

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