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A Weekend Away - Chapter 2

Chapter 2
The Women's Bathroom

The meeting hall bustled with chatter of politics, revenue statements, and growth. The raging storm outside was nothing compared to condescending cruelty that filled the smiles of the business man as they appeared interested in each other.

"That's some dress Alice picked out for the night" Julie said to Richard with wide eyes after finishing the last bit of champagne in her glass.

"Well I don't have to tell you what a whore she can be" Richard replied with an exasperated tone.

"If your saying that because I fucked her too thats not fair! We were all d***k and it was your idea!" Julie said to Richard with a laugh.

"Regardless. I only brought her with me to bribe the Innetech CEO. She thinks I want to spend quality time with her but the truth is I know that we aren't going to be able to seal the merger of our companies with the books looking the way they do"

"Damn Richard, I've heard that you would sell your mother to close a deal but pimping out your wife seems over the top! Even for you."

"Well you'll thank me when you see the bonus checks." Richard said to Julie with gleam of self admiration in his eye.

"Actually, I think I'd like to thank you right now." Julie said with a wink and ran her index finger down Richards tie.

Richard knew that he could have any girl in the room but always loved the way Julie teased him. She always had a way of making him work much harder than any other girl and he loved the challenge.

Julie leaned in to whisper into Richards ear. "If you can guess the color of the panties i'm wearing correctly then I'm taking you to the mens room right now and I will suck your cock so hard that this entire conference call is going to hear you scream my name and I will wear your cum on my dress for the rest of the night."

Richard could already feel himself getting hard as he swallowed slowly and responded. "What if I guess wrong?"

Julie smiled. "Well then your taking me to the ladies room and your going to set me on the counter and take my panties off with your teeth. Then I'm going to squeeze my thighs around your neck and your going to lick my clit until I'm cum... Twice."

Richard leaned back and unbuttoned his collar while finishing the last of his own champagne. He looked up and down her body as if it would somehow reveal the answer he was looking for.

Julie was wearing a tight fitting red strapless dress. Her dark hair fell just below her shoulders. He noticed that she paid special attention in finding a shade of lipstick that perfectly matched her dress and deduced that she was more than likely wearing the same shade of red panties.

"Red." Richard replied in confidence.

Julie smiled and leaned back in her chair looking around the room to try to find a moments privacy in the crowded meeting hall. Sure of her self she propped the bottom of her heel on Richards chair in between his legs and traced her finger down her own thigh. She lightly tapped the bulge of his crotch with the top of her foot as she pulled the bottom of her dress up just far enough to show Richard her sheer lace white panties.

"It looks like you lost Richard." Julie smiled as she pulled her panties aside and started to rub her own clit. "And I'm dying to get that tongue of yours inside me."

Richard stood, the erection that was starting to grow in his pants was starting to become obvious as he took Julie's hand. They worked there way to the back of the meeting hall towards the restrooms.

"I hope it's this crowded in the bathroom. I love watching other girls get jealous while you make me cum." Julie said in soft tone as she followed behind Richard.

Julie wasted no time taking control as they pushed through the door of the women's bathroom and threw her arms around Richards neck. They kissed ferociously as he led her body to the sink counter and hoisted her on it. His hands slid roughly across her chest as he pushed down the red dress and filled his grip with her heavy breasts. The matching red lipstick started to smear as she gnawed on Richards bottom lip while running her fingers through the back of his hair. She used the placement of her hands to grip the back of his hair and f***e his head down to her crotch.

"Now take them off with your teeth and please don't be gentle!" Julie demanded in lustful agony.

Richard found the edges of the white sheer panties with his teeth and started to pull. The lace was no match for eagerness and they ripped away like simple petals on a flower. Richards tongue found its way into Julie's dripping cunt and he began to savor every drop.

Julie moaned with pleasure as she leaned back into the mirror and massaged her own breasts. She closed her eyes as shockwaves of pleasure moved through her body and she felt her chest tighten as his tongue started to move faster and faster across the top of her clit. She felt her entire world fade out of focus as her first orgasm hit and felt nothing but the warmth of his tongue in her pussy.

Richard looked up as he heard the flush of a toilet from a stall in the bathroom. A young women exited the stall. Her expression turned to shock when she saw Julie's legs spread wide across the sink counter and Richards face buried inside her pussy.

"I wish I was having that much fun at this lame conference." The woman said as she locked eyes with Julie.

"Well I'm sorry I don't share him very well." Julie said in short breaths as she reached her second orgasm and laughed teasingly at the girl as she exited the bathroom.

Richard rose to claim one last kiss and brag on a job well done.

"Richard, I told you to remove my panties not rip them to pieces!"

"You look better without them any way darling" Richard replied with a wink. "Now lets go out there and get back to work on sealing this merger.

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