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An Angel in the Dark -1

Angel is my friend. She's as young as pretty as daring. She disclosed a favourite fantasy of her to me and I decided to fulfill her dirty dream.

Angel often changes the motto topping her page. Her motto of longing to role play being taken against her will was up only for a few hours. Stiil it lingered on in my mighty mind, which enjoys to be a bit naughty, as much as me.
When I got back to the theme a bit later, she seemed to have already forgotten her favourite fantasy of a few days ago.

Angel accepted my invitation to visit me, as we had become trusted friends here.
As soon as she was inside, we kissed and hugged and I whispered sweet silly things in her ear, while licking her lobe ... In my caressing, I playfully grabbed her hands together behind her back.

Angel hardly even noticed when I locked her wrists in my plush set of handcuffs.
Angel, my dear friend - I whispered in her ear at a voice an octave lower:
Angel, you are in my power now. I can do as I like with you, isn't it?
Angel, it is good that you dressed in my favourite short summer blue polka dot dress, my dear. I love to pull your panties down and get hold of your hot hill.

Angel didn't say a word, as I did as I told. Her breath deep, her mount got hot.
Angel eagerly sank into my sexy spell of warm words whispered while able fingers
flicked her outer and inner love lips, which got more wet and hot every touch.

Angels knees got weak every time she came ... trembling, her legs sexy shaking.
Angel got so weak that she sank on all fours, still feverish from coming.
Angel didn't know that she only got to the start of our sexy two-some.
Angel is a metal-head and guitarist. I played our favorite Jimmy Hendrickx solo.

Angel shall I blindfold you? Or do you like to enter the Dark eyes wide open?

Anyone cares to know how long our hot hardrock love lasted? Sexy solo's don't!

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