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The mall restroom

I was visiting the mall one day after work and as I finished my purchases, I headed to the restroom. I entered and turned to the right to head to the urinals. as I walked past the sink, I noticed a young black man washing his hands. He had a bag with him also. I went about my business and as i was peeing, I noticed the young black man take the stall next to me. I will normally check out the person next to me to see if there is anything showing. as I glanced, I saw a hard black cock sticking out of his pants, but couldn't see the head as he was too close to the urinal. since he was hard I assumed he may be interested. I leaned back to allow more of my cock to show and began to stroke it slowly and turned to see if he noticed. He was looking at my cock and then glanced up at me and stepped back one step to allow his cock to show to me. I was enjoying this and all of a sudden he said follow me to the stall. I was amazed that he was so forward. He walked in to one of the stalls and dropped his trousers to the floor and as I walked in he unzipped mine and pushed them to the floor and then he locked the door. This was happening way faster than I was used to and he went down on me and was sucking my cock to the pubes. I couldn't take it any longer and soon felt him tonguing the lower side of my cock. he went down 2 more times and I shot a load into his mouth and he swallowed it all. he came up and grinned at me and then leaned back against the wall to allow me access to all of him and he spread his legs. he assumed I would reciprocate and he was right. I went down on him and he was pushing my head down as he pumped his cock and balls up into my mouth. I was feeling his nuts and they were huge and hung real nice and low. I was so turned on by feeling and sucking this young man that before he shot, I did again . I realized I was going to cum and grabbed some toilet paper and caught it in the paper. He saw it and he shot five strands of cum into my mouth. I swallowed it all and kept sucking. I then shoved a finger up his ass and he got hard again and I sucked him completely hard all over and then in a few minutes was rewarded with another load. He grinned at me and said do you come her often. I said not often enough. He grinned and said he comes her every Tuesday at 5 and spends time here and in the sears restroom. I kissed him and then we both pulled up our pants and before i finished dressing he walked out the door. another man was ready to enter and was stunned to see 2 of us in there. I quickly dressed and almost ran out of there. I never did see him again

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