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The wanabe hooker and her client

Ok..... so you have sent me out to pick up a blackman and white man
and they think they are coming back for a threesome with me?

Client yep

so the black man i pull is a big bloke with long dreads, the white man is quite a fine boned fashion conscious pretty boy
very chiselled jaw and high cheekbones but with the fullest lips
we get bk tothe room giggling and rather d***k having got a couple of bottles of wine on the way back.. im explaining ive never done anything like this before ..but i just felt like being a little naughty

client continue

the room was in darkness and at first they didnt notice you were sat in the corner on the chair. So i climbed onto the bed with a bottle of wine and said im not sure how this plays out what would you boys like me to do?? and i open the bottle take a long swig from it
as i remove it i dribble a little across my breast and invite them to cum lick it off
i say the first to show me an erect cock gets it licked

client theres a race to undo their belts and zips

and you step up and say ive got one right here?? or are you remaining in the dark for the moment

client i remain in the dark

the black man wins as he isnt wearing any underwear
and has his cock out in a flash stroking it towards my mouth as i lick my lips in anticipation
the white man continues to get his cock out stroking it as he sucks on my nip watching the purple ended hard black cock make its way to my lips

client i hold my breath as i see you wrap your lips round the black cock

my wet tongue working his bell end so u hear his low moan

one hand caressing his heavy smooth balls and the other hand sliding into my knickers
joined swiftly by the white mans hand

client your pussy already wet from the anticipation
client nobody notices as i take out my own cock and start slowly stroking it

who starts sliding my knickers down my thighs discarding them into the dark corner where u still sit watching

client im stealthily leaning down to pick up your panties so that i can suck your juices from the gusset as i softly wank my cock

i use his hand to stroke my clit as i begin to really work on noisily sucking the black mans cock
spitting on it then deep throating and gagging

client can you take it all?
Client i can see his shaft glistening with your saliva

the whiteman still sucking on my tits and watching the noisy cock sucking

client your spit dribbling down your chin and onto your breasts where the white guy laps greedily at it

moves his pussy soaked hand to his cockand slowly strokes it using my pussy juice as lube
the black guy is really worked up now and his rock hard cock is swelling as he continues to try and viciously fuck my throat
you watching his ass pumping

client i can see his cock moving in your throat

i remove it telling him its not time to cum yet and hes being very greedy....needs to learn to share
i pour a little wine on his cock to cool him down and then suck it off
as i tweak his nipples slightly

client i quietly stand up and walk slowly towards you all
they both look round in shock as if to say wtf!!!

i explain im an e****t and im on a trial evening ur my first client
and you have to report back to my employer whether i managed to satisfy ur needs

client i tell them they can either carry on and roll with whatever happens, or they can leave now

but they need to understand that as the client it is you that gets to make the requests and give the orders
althought you may let them have their own little playtimes

client during all this youve not stopped jacking the big black cock in your hand

i pull a case from underneath the bed that contains every sex toy you could possibly imagine

and say to you ive brought these along for you to use if you want as an added extra
i really need this job hoping you will all help me get it

i nod my head in approval at your planning, as my eyes gaze across the varied selection
it looks like anne summers meets a bdsm dungeon

i tell each of you to select a toy that you think would be your favourite
and i will try my very hardest to please you with it

client the toy i choose is a double ended dildo. i give you and the men permission to carry on as you were for the time being as im happy to sit and watch. but before i sit back down i walk up to you, grab you by the hair and give you a deep kiss

client i can taste his maleness, mixed with wine and your sweetness
tasting the saltiness off precum and wine on my lips

client i break away licking my lips as i sit back down
resuming the stroking on my hard cock as i watch and wait, eagerly looking forward to whats going to transpire

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