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Our first hot tub

A neighbor told me about a guy he knew that wanted to get rid of his hot tub, and he didn't want much for it, so I asked my wife if she was interested. We went to take a look at it and she said the base was kind beatup. I whispered to her that we were putting in in the house so we would be making a new base. she said ok, but see if we can get it cheaper. I got it at a better price and we were loading it into my truck. We needed some help, and a neighbor k** came over and helped out and then my wife said your going to need some help. see if he wants to give you a hand unloading it. He agreed and said he didn't have a ride. He rode in the truck sitting next to my wife and I and she was chec king him out the whole ride. We got it to our house and he helped me unload it and we began cutting the base off. I asked if he needed a ride home, and he said he could help as much as I wanted. We got the base cut up and measured the room and doors and we needed to cut some of the fiberglass top in order to get it into place. We trimmed it with a carbide blade and the k** helped me slide it into the back door wall and into the intended spa room. We cut some lumber and got it roughed in and then we began plumbing it. We put a drain in the base and put a faucet on top. We got all the work except for the front base cover done in the first night. I asked if he had to go home or did he want to try it out. He said lets try it out. He was in need of a shower and I set him up with a towel and and showed him where the shower was. My wife asked if he had a suit. I jokingly said it's after 10, no suits allowed and she said that's a good rule and we adopted it. When he got out of the shower, I jumped in. My wife jumped in with me. she said he had a bulge under the towel. I said you have been checking him out since he got in the truck. She said so what. I laughed. We went to the spa and Mark was sitting on the edge adjusting the spa controls. he said he used to use it at the old location next door to him. I said good we need an education. He asked if we had a suit for him and my wife said it's after 10, no suits allowed. he said that's fine with me. he dropped his towel and was sporting a semi that was a good 6 1/2 inches long and still growing. He looked about 17 and my wife's jaw dropped. I got hard and dropped my towel and she followed suit and she got in and sat real close to him and I sat across from the 2 of them. I was very obviously full on hard as I lowered my body in to the steamy hot water and as I lowered myself I saw mark staring at my cock. I apologized and he said no problem I am hard too. He then stood up to show us he was hard and it was all of 8 inches and very thick. My wife said she wasn't hard and Mark said no, but your nipples are. ( I wondered where he got his nerve from , cause we weren't that gutsy when we grew up.) Mark was staring at my wife's nipples and she said no fair you can see my nipples but I cant see your cock. He said if I sit on top you can see my cock but I can't see your pussy. She said ok, fair is fair. she sat on top and he followed suit. Then he stood in front of her and did a circle to show off everything. She said ok, now it's my turn and she did a circle as she stood. He said I like the way you shave your pubes. It leaves most of it showing. She leaned back and lifted a leg and placed it on the ledge. He leaned in and said oh, kewl you are pierced. I never saw one before. Mind if I touch it. She looked at me and I said go for it. He leaned in closer and touched her pierced ring. She shivered as his fingers hit her clit and he rubbed it for a few seconds. she said damn that felt good. He sat down and said he was getting cold. She sat next to him and lifted a leg on to his leg. he got the hint and began rubbing her clit as she rubbed his cock. I excused myself and said I would get some drinks. I made a margarita ball and brought it back, to find them engaged in oral sex. he was eating her pussy and she was holding his head. I just left the two of them and turned on the tv. I was out there while he fucked her brains out. Then she came out and said it was late and she had to work in the morning. I said ok. She said why don't you go back and see if you owe him any money. You should pay him cause his parents will probably wonder why he spent so much time and never got paid. I agreed and went back in and sat down. he said man you guys are so kewl. He was checking out my cock again and asked if I was bi. I told him I can be with the right person. he said I guess I must be the right person cause your hard again. I said I guess I am the right person for you too cause you're hard again. He laughed and said right you are. he then went down on me. I wanted to suck his cock so bad. I pulled him 0out of the water and we were on the ledge somehow balancing as I went down on him. He tasted so good. I could feel his fuzzy pubes rubbing my nose and I was deep throating him and he said oh man i am gonna cum again . He shot a load into my throat and i pulled back to taste it and he shot 3 more in my mouth. I sucked and swallowed it all down and he almost passed out. I said lets go to the f****y room and I went and pulled out a hide-a-bed. I aske3d about his parents and he said they wont care. He often stays out and doesn't call. I laid down and he proceeded to blow me. he took most of my cock in and I came in three strokes. he swallowed too and I laid back gasping for air and was so relaxed. I didn't feel a thing as he spooned up behind me and I fell asl**p. I awoke to a sticky dried up mess on and in my ass. he fucked me while I slept and Peggy came out to see why I was still out there and she joined in and the two of them went to our room where she was sl**ping when I woke up. She missed work that day and mark spent the next 2 days fucking her and and sucking me and me sucking him and eating her freshly fucked pussy.

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