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Hot Sex with Vijaya Aunty
Hi friends this is shijil a 22 yrs old boy, from surat but originally from kerala. I m currently doing my mba from one of most reputed colleges of india. This story is about how I fucked my dream anuty vijaya. She is my dads friends wife she also stays in the same society which I used to stay. Vijaya is a typical mallu girl with huge breast and ass of 33 yrs old mother of 2 k**s, with a figure of 36/32/38.U guys can imagine how big is her ass. I had a great lust for her, from my c***dhood. I had many masturbate session thinking of her. Many times I would feel her bra and panty when ever I would go their places, I had even loaded my cum on them too. I had even touched her body parts several times, but there was no any objection from her. This incident happened in the summer vacation of 2009, at that time I was in my first year bba. Vijaya with her k**s went to her native place, they was suppose to arrive in 2 o clock in morning. So uncle took me to with him to receive them as they had some luggage and its night so. They arrived we greeted each other with normal smile. She was in a green salwar suit. I was just looking vijaya as seeing her after 1.5 months. As there was lot of luggage, we hired two auto in one auto uncle and their elder k**. And in the other one me, vijaya and the younger k**. The k** was standing in the Conner of auto. On way we was having some formal talks about the village. As the road was not good, the bag kept in back seat of auto was going to fall so I kept my arm over it. But my hand was also touching the back part of vijayas neck. I kept my one finger on her neck and slowly rounded my figure, there was no any reaction from her side, so I took it as a green signal and put my whole hand on her neck, and slowly tried to feel her back part. I slowly made a way to her right boobs under her arm, I was succeed in it. And I was succeed in it, I was feeling her boobs, ohhh god how soft it was, I cant explain the feeling I had that time. I was also pressing her boobs. As it was night I was sure that the auto driver can’t see it. After 5 min, I withdrew hand and placed it on the left boobs, it was also a great feeling, and after that I slowly placed my hand on her thigh, I also tried to insert my hand in to her salwar but it was very tight I can’t put in it. When I saw her face her eyes was closed, and she was moaning lightly. My action did not last long as we reached home. After that I went to my home, I was around 4 in morning, I slept but I can’t sl**p, because of what would happen tomorrow. I can’t believe that this all action was in real. From morning I was searching a reason to go to her place. At last I got one and I went. It was around 12 in noon, I was aware that she would be alone, uncle may went to office. And her k** may went to play. She was in kitchen preparing something, she was in nighty, she usually wears nighty in day time. I slowly without making any noise went and hugged her from behind, I was kissing her neck and face, and my hands was on her those sweet thighs and pussy. But for my surprise she pushed me side and told to touch her. I was really shocked. I don’t know what happen to her. She was angry with me and saying she is not such women, and I should focus on study, like that blah blah…she was saying she don’t stopped me yesterday because of her k**. If the k**, tell to uncle then relation with our two f****y would spoil, which she don’t want to happen. I tried my well best to convince her, but she don’t agree, at that time her k**s came and I also came to my home. I was very depressed what happening in my life. Then my routine life started with colleges and friends. In between I used to meet vijaya, but she used to act nothing has happened between us. After two three weeks, I got call from her. Asking me to come to her place, as she has some work with me. I went there, it was around 9 in morning, she would be alone at that time. I rang the bell she open the door, she was in pink saree that, she had just had her bath, her hair was tired in towel. She welcomed me and told in to seat in hall. After a few min, she came with coffee. And offered me coffee, while I was having coffee, we had some normal chats, like studies and all. After that we had a conversation like this “ y u behaved like that to me? “ not answered her, kept I head down. “ I asked u something. “ I love you that y “ what is in me? I m old lady, u should try a girl. “ there is lot of thing in her, where a girl don’t have. “ then what u like in me? “ all “ means??? “ ur body, ur boobs, ur ass and all(I don’t know from where I got courage) After saying this I directly went to her, and started to kiss her face, eyed and all, she was trying to push me off her, but I was not in mood to leave her. After that I started to kiss her lips, she was not responding, I was also pressing her boobs. After 5 min she also started to react to my action, now she was responding for lip kiss too, and her hand around was also moving over my back. Without saying anything, I took her to bedroom. Placed her on the bed, and was standing side by, and enjoying her body. She asked me what are you waiting for, come? I jumped over her. And started to kiss her widely. Her eyes, chicks, neck etc, then we had a lip lock of 10 min, after that she rolled over me. Now she was above me, she also started to kiss me, she then removed my t-shirt, kiss my chest, then she proceed farther and removed my pant, I was just lying in my jockey and she was kissing my things, she then removed my jockey, and directly placed my cock to her mouth, ohhh what a feeling it was, she had a mouth fuck of 15 min, I was about to cum, I told her but she was not listening, after a while I load my whole in cum in her mouth, she drank all the drops of mine, and cleaned my cock. Now I tld her its my turn, she said most welcome, and she layed on the bed on her back. I came over her and started to kiss, her a while, and I removed her pallu, ohh that two melons, pop in her blouse, I pressed her boobs, over the blouse, after a while, removed her blouse with her help. She was in black bra, I then removed the remaining saree, now she was lying in her bra and petticoat. I stated kissing her boobs, over the bra, after that, she asked me to remove her bra, I remove it. Ohh my god what a feeling it was, she had a big black nipple, I took her left nipple in my mouth, and was pressing her right, after a while I interchanged the boobs, after that I proceed farther to her navel and kissed it. Then I removed her petticoat, she was in black panty. I started to kiss her inner thighs, then I smelled her pussy over her panty, then I removed panty, and put in tongue in her pussy lips, she was holding my hair very tightly. She had little hairs on her pussy. After that I had a finger fucked her, first with one finger, then with two, then with three. She was moaning loudly. After that she discharged, I drink her all juices. She then told she cant wait more, and told me to fuck. I then positioned my cock in her pussy, and was rubbing my cock on her pussy, she was telling bad words in Malayalam and asking me to fuck her. I put my cock in her pussy, it was bit tight, after my two three stoke, my whole cock was in her. She was shouting loudly. I also started to fuck her fast. Tap tap sound was there in the room, after a great fuck of 15 min, I was about to cum, I told her I told to load in, as it is not a problem for, I load in her, and layed over her for 15 min. after we got up for the next round, she made my cock ready, but this time I asked for doggy, she was ready, and we had doggy too. With out saying her anything, I withdraw my cock and put in her ass, it was very very tight, she crying but after 3 to 4 strokes my cock was in her, and after a fuck of 10 min I discharged in her. We both lyed there half-hour. And had our bath. And I went to my home. After this we had many many session. I had even fucked her for 15 days continuously. Our relations is still ongoing. I had many session with vijaya’s s****r and her friends. Which I would post later based on the comment. So please guys please comment. 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