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His Girl

Don pulled up to her home. She would be ready and waiting for him. He had called and told her he was on his way. She has been his for over two years now. He controlled every move she made. She craved his body and his attention. The door was unlocked as he told her and he walked in. She was sitting naked in the chair. He said to her "Hello, my pet. I see you have behaved and are naked and waiting for me. Now stand up." As she stood he put a blindfold on her. Then he snapped hand cuffs on her with her hands above her head. He attached them to the hook in the ceiling. He spread her legs and attached them to the hooks in the floor. She was now totally in his control. He ran a hand over her face and down to her tits. He had her tits pierced last year. Each nipple had a hoop thru it which he sometimes attached chains and weights to. She had huge tits and tonight he took the time to bind them tight. He grabbed a nipple and twisted and pulled on it. He saw the pain in her eyes. "Do you like that pain darling?" She replied "Yes, sir. I do." He twisted each nipple again and then bent his head and sucked them before he bit each one.

He then attached a nipple clamp to the pierced nipples and tightened them. "Your nipples look swollen my dear. But I have more for them tonight." He then pinched each one. His hand next slid to her pussy which was also pierced. She had three hoops thru both pussy lips. His name was also tattooed on her right pussy lip. He totally owned her. He walked behind her and looked at her ass. He rubbed his hands over her cheeks. Then gave her five swats. He said to her "I see your ass has healed form your last whipping. You have such a nice spankable ass. It pleases me to spank you. Do you like it when I spank you dear?" She answered "Yes sir. I do." He smiled and said "That is good. I shall do it more often then." He then pushed a plug into her ass. He walked around her and his hand went to her pussy. He rubbed and pulled on her clit hurting her. Then he found her hole and pushed three fingers in her. He finger fucked her for a few minutes then put the fingers in her mouth.

He then told her "I am going to fuck you then take you to dinner. You will wear that tight flimsy knit shirt, no bra and the short skirt and no panties. You will sit with your legs spread so i may finger fuck your cunt thru dinner. Then I will put the plug in your cunt and keep the one in your ass. After dinner you will ask the owner of the club if you make suck his cock to pay for our dinner. If you get to do this and I do not have to pay, I will not punish you, but if he says no and I have to pay, I will punish you severely when we arrive home. I will be very cruel to you tonight."

After he fucked her hard till she could barely walk he let her get loose and told her to go get dressed. When she came out he reached under the flimsy top and pinched her nipples. "I want to see your nipples poking against the material. I want every one to see your huge tits and hard nipples tonight." They then left for dinner and he took her to a sleazy bar that served food. When they walked in every one was looking at the slutty looking pretty girl. They sat in a booth and he immediately pulled her skirt up and told her to spread her legs. His hand then went to her pussy and he felt her up then pushed two fingers in her cunt and began to finger fuck her. He even fucked her as they served them dinner. Then he took a cube of ice from her water and pushed it in her cunt. It made her jump as it was so cold. He smiled and said to her "Isn't that nice in that hot cunt of yours?" He finger fucked her more and let her suck his fingers till they were ready to leave. He then took the cunt dildo and shoved it in her. He told her "Now darling. Go ask the manager to suck his cock in payment for our dinner. I want to see you come back with a mouthful of cum or I shall severely punish you."

She left and he watched her go talk to the manager and then the man took her to the back storage room. In twenty minuts she returned with a mouth full of cum. She was deeply humiliated. He grabbed her cheeks and told her "swallow the cum like a fucking whore. A whore like you is better than a credit card." They got up and left as every man watched her ass. He drove home in silence. When they got in the house he told her to strip. It did not take long as she wore almost nothing. He grabbed a clamp on one of her nipples and asked her "Did you like sucking that cock of that strange man? Did you like being my whore tonight? Did it make your pussy wet? Now bend over. I shall punish you like a whore." As she bent he attached the wire to the plug in her cunt and then pushed the button and she felt the electric shock fill her cunt and she screamed. He gave her two more jolts and then grabbed the cane and began to whip her ass. Her ass was still sore from the whipping he gave her last night and she did not think she could take more. After thrity smacks he pulled her up and whacked each tit and each cheek. "There. Now you have been punished. I am going to get naked and I want you to fuck me till I cum. Pull the plug from that nasty cunt and fuck me like the whore you like to be."

The girl fucked him for over an hour before he filled her with cum. He then pushed her to his cock and she licked and sucked him for another hour. He pulled her to him and told her "Tomorrow the cable man is coming and I want you to fuck him and video it for me. You will wear only a silk robe and when he gets in the door remove it and show him those big tits and that sexy body. Do what ever you have to so he will fuck you. I want it on tape so I may see what a big whore you are. Be sure to suck his cock and I want you to deepthroat him. I know you are a great cocksucker. I want two full hours of hot sex with this cable man." He then got up and dressed and left her standing crying in the front room of her house. She knew she would do a good job for her master tomorrow when the cable man got there. She would get naked and fuck him for two full hours and let her master see the film.

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